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This Valentine's Day, be radical | Feb 13 2016 | rabble staff | rabble wouldn't exist if not for the dedicated followers that support it regularly with their hard-earned cash. That's what we call love. And your love is what will keep rabble going.
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The NDP's campaign disaster was much more than a failure to communicate | Feb 12 2016 | Michael Laxer | It was not a failure to communicate that doomed the NDP, it was what they were communicating.
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Day 12: Jian Ghomeshi reminded me of being molested while crowdsurfing | Feb 12 2016 | Svea Vikander | As former CBC talkshow host Jian Ghomeshi goes to trial for four counts of sexual assault this month, Canada is forced to confront attitudes about sex, consent, and the validity of victims' stories.
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B.C. can't survive four more years of Christy Clark | Feb 12 2016 | Sarah Miller | As people celebrate the victories of the Lower Mainland byelections, it's a good reminder that we aren't too far away from the next provincial elections.
Feb 11 2016
How can the left better challenge austerity measures and capitalism? "The Servant State" suggests we move beyond mere indignation and confront the horrifying reality in front of us.
Feb 4 2016
Step into the family history of Canadian music trio Kate, Anna and Jane McGarrigle and explore quirky family characters and the ever-present influence of music.
trade deals
Jan 28 2016
Canada's FIPA trade deal is lopsided in favour of China and foreign investors. Author Gus Van Harten debunks proponents of the deal and suggests ways the new government can limit FIPA's damage.

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How should the NDP move forward after the 2015 election?

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has released a letter taking full responsibility for the party's dismal 2015 election results. He expressed the desire to remain leader of the NDP and assured supporters he would not make the same mistakes of the 2015 election campaign.

Many have been critical of the leader, but also the party in general saying it needs to renew its strategy and priorities in order to differentiate itself from the Liberals and represent Canada's Left.

How should the NDP move forward after the 2015 election?


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