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Alberta's shattered Tories have a tougher task ahead than the ‘inexperienced’ NDP | May 30 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Even if the NDP eventually fails in Alberta, the way is not clear for the battered PCs to return to power.
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Overcoming rape culture will be a lot of work. But we're not starting from scratch. | May 29 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | This is the seventh, and last, article of the Sexual Assault Prevention month series. There is a very long list of ingrained prejudices that must be acknowledged, challenged and replaced with respect.
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Peter MacKay, who killed the old PC party, will leave politics | May 29 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Seeking support to win the PC leadership race in 2003, Peter MacKay promised that there would be no merger with Stephen Harper's party, the Canadian Alliance. Months later, he engineered a merger.
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When talking about women's underwear, why the hell would we include men? | May 29 2015 | Raluca Bejan | Apparently women's lingerie is still the path to feminist liberation. Only this time thongs are out and full-bottomed underwear is in.
May 28 2015
What led to the Nova Scotia NDP's fall from power in 2013? In this revealing text, Howard Epstein suggests the path to defeat was set well before the party's 2009 victory.
May 21 2015
Can spoken word change the world? Sun Belt are hoping so as their new genre-defying book 'Cabalcor' takes a deep look at the ramifications of the tar sands.
Indigenous Rights
May 14 2015
In spring 2013, after years of actions against the threat of fracking in New Brunswick, the Elsipogtog First Nation became the focus of resistance. Read Miles Howe's account of this action.

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Why is Harper looking into the expansion of the Canadian Pension Plan now?

The Harper government announced this week that it is looking into expanding the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP).

Previously, the Harper government had voted against an NDP motion to expand the CPP in 2013, citing loss of jobs, extra costs and economic hardship as its reasons, and instead favoured tax-free savings accounts and a new pooled registered pension plan.

Why is the Harper government looking into the expansion of the CPP now?

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