Columnists June 28
Photo by N Maxwell Lander via Vivek Shraya/Arsenal Pulp Press
June Chua | Artist and writer Vivek Shraya is partnering with Arsenal Pulp Press to offer a deep mentorship and publication to a writer of Indigenous background or a person of colour who is living in Canada.
Podcast June 28
Image: Nathan Fitch. Used with permission
Face2Face | Nathan Fitch and David Peck talk about war, colonialism, family, community, second-class citizens and much more in Fitch's new film 'Island Soldier'.
Blog June 28
Responders pulling a raft along a flooded street in Montreal, Quebec, 2017. Image: Flickr/Exile on Ontario St​
David Suzuki | Despite recent investments, Canada lags behind other G7 nations in flood preparation and climate change adaptation. It's time we recognize green infrastructure as central to flood-prevention efforts.
Blog June 27
Nick Fillmore | The Trudeau government is taking an important first step forward from the cynical Harper era. During the months and years ahead we will hopefully witness the rebuilding of the CBC.
Blog June 27
Kyle Curlew | Everything we post on our Instagram and how we shape our Facebook profile are ways of performing highly curated renditions of identity.
Columnists June 27
Photo: brashley46/flickr
Duncan Cameron | Memo to NDP leadership candidates: please articulate what comes after austerity.
Podcast June 27
The image modified for use in this post is used with permission of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.
Scott Neigh | Sandeep Prasad and Frédérique Chabot talk about the work of Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights.
Podcast June 26
Western Express Highway 2 Mumbai
Piergiorgio Moro, Jiselle Hanna | Shivani Kaul, a labour organizer in India, talks about the ongoing struggle to create fair working conditions in the Indian auto sector.
Blog June 27
 Image: North Point Douglas Women's Centre
Shauna MacKinnon | Premier Pallister rode his bike to Peguis First Nation to honour 200 years of the Selkirk Treaty as "a gesture of reconciliation." This gesture will remain hollow when stacked next to funding cuts.
Podcast June 26
Chromatic Geography exhibition photo: Kelly Okamura
Kelly Okamura | A colourful world has a cost. Kelly Okamura explore dyes at the Chromatic Geography exhibit in Toronto with Kathy Hattori, Founder of Botanical Colours in Seattle.
Blog June 25
David J. Climenhaga | With the potential rise of another party offering conservatism with a human face, one wonders if this will change the political calculus of union-minded Wildrosers and PCs.
Blog June 22
Image: Flickr/Ted Eytan​
Maya Bhullar | GREDA and the Activist Toolkit provide a list of active far-right groups in Quebec.