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Never mind the 'Fuddites,' Alberta needs Bill 6, although it needs fixes | Nov 30 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | When the legislative dust has settled, Alberta farm children are still going to be able to do their chores without having to be covered by Workers Compensation.
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After Paris, a view of the Bataclan | Nov 30 2015 | Michael Keefer | Michael Keefer surveys his personal memories of the Marais district in Paris -- and also the sometimes violent history of the quartier.
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Photo essay: 25,000 march for climate justice in Ottawa | Nov 30 2015 | Jesse McLaren | 25,000 marched to say that climate solutions and climate justice are 100 per cent possible.
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#BuddyUpTO provides safety buddies for Muslims and/or any woman fearing harassment while travelling | Nov 30 2015 | Krystalline Kraus | Buddy Up Toronto is an expanding network of average men and women offering to travel in tandem with people who feel unsafe.
Nov 26 2015
As hope for more humanitarian immigration and refugee policies in Canada grows, we need to look back on our history of helping refugees and how far we still have to go.
Nov 19 2015
The historic battles for women's rights are well documented, so why are we still fighting the same fights? If we truly want progressive change, we need a new revolution.
Nov 12 2015
Dr. Pamela Palmater has brought a critical analysis and discussion to issues facing Indigenous populations in Canada like no other writer of her time. Her new book is an absolute must read.

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How can Trudeau best implement a climate action strategy in Canada?

The Paris climate conference begins Monday, November 30 and Justin Trudeau and crew will be in attendance.

Canada's environmental policies have been... not great. How can they get better?

How do you think Trudeau can best implement a climate action strategy in Canada?

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