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For Rachel Notley the hard part starts now | May 6 2015 | Karl Nerenberg | Rachel Notley will no doubt be mindful of what happened to the Bob Rae NDP government in Ontario five years after it won a majority victory. But Notley may have assets Rae lacked.
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Pinch me! Am I dreaming? Canada's 'most conservative' province elects an NDP majority | May 6 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | Last Sunday, Rachel Notley urged Albertans not to repeat history, but to make it. Last night they proved they were up to that challenge and elected her NDP to a majority.
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Why the Metro Vancouver living wage is not enough for single parents and how to fix it | May 5 2015 | Iglika Ivanova | The living wage since 2012 is no longer sufficient for a single parent with one child in Metro Vancouver. After years of being frozen, B.C.'s low-income subsidies are in urgent need of an increase.
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Abe Rotstein, a giant of Canadian political economy | May 5 2015 | Mel Watkins | Abe Rotstein was known for his constant challenge to conventional wisdom, his beautiful writing and his devilish puns.
Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below
Apr 30 2015
We need solidarity across unions, industries, and workers. And as 'Solidarity Unionism: Rebuilding the Labor Movement from Below' argues, unions must look to new forms to do it.
Apr 23 2015
Paul Dore's 'The Walking Man' blends reality and fiction during a journey of self-discovery after a particularly tumultuous year. Dore opens up about the books and his hopes here. Hold on, reader.
Apr 16 2015
With an upcoming election, George Lakoff's wisdom on political framing has never been more relevant for progressives in Canada. Read this excerpt.

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What will happen in the Alberta election?

What's going on in Alberta, right?! With the Alberta election on May 5 drawing close, many polls are predicting an NDP minority government. But will the PCs have a last minute resurgence?

What do you think will happen in the Alberta election?

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