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RCMP stop another suspected terrorist... without C-51 | Mar 26 2015 | Stuart Trew | The Charlottetown Guardian reports the RCMP has arrested Prince Edward Island man they suspect might carry out a terrorist offence. It's somewhat awkward for the government.
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Words to win: George Lakoff frames progressive values and language to win the federal election | Mar 26 2015 | rabble staff | and our partners Canadian Dimension Magazine are excited to announce what will be a landmark event toward a progressive victory in the 2015 federal election.
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Jim Prentice's tepid pre-budget message undermined premier's case for an early election, but so what? | Mar 26 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | To most Albertans, Jim Prentice’s record is more important than his rhetoric! And that, of course, is precisely why they’re not likely to get the chance to judge the premier on his record.
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Why the Woodfibre LNG terminal in B.C. must be stopped | Mar 26 2015 | Emma Lui | On Monday, the Council of Canadians made a submission to the B.C. Environment Assessment Office calling on the B.C. government to reject the Woodfibre LNG project.
Mar 26 2015
Jesse Gilmour explores the father-son relationship in the most extreme of terms. What will a father do for a son, and what will a son ask of a father?
Political Action
Mar 19 2015
Chris Dixon's book 'Another Politics' addresses the challenges, successes and inspirations of anti-authoritarian activism.
Mar 12 2015
Author Lesley Wood sheds light on the dynamics of protest policing and how these will be affected with legislation like Bill C-51.

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What do you think of Harper's plan to extend the mission in Iraq?

The Harper government will present a motion in the House of Commons next week to extend the current military mission in Iraq.

It was revealed by Defence Minister Jason Kenney that Canada's military mission in Iraq has so far cost $122 million.

What do you think of Harper's plan to extend the mission in Iraq?

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