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Welcoming Syrian refugees to Canada, we cannot turn away | Nov 28 2015 | Dennis Gruending | We must welcome Syrian refugees to Canada until there is a political resolution to the civil war. We cannot turn away. This is a marathon and not a sprint.
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New board in. CEO out … just another day at Alberta Health Services! | Nov 28 2015 | David J. Climenhaga | The official departure of Vickie Kaminski in January will mean the start of the search for the eighth Alberta Health Services CEO in as many years!
Doreen Nicoll's picture
Closing the gender pay gap is long over due | Nov 27 2015 | Doreen Nicoll | April 20, 2015 was Ontario's Equal Pay Day. This illustrates how far into the current year women must work in order to earn the same amount men earned the previous calendar year.
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Climate change calls for bold new B.C. Climate Leadership Plan | Nov 27 2015 | Stephen Hui | Here in British Columbia, will the government do its part to keep the global temperature rise below two degrees Celsius?
Nov 26 2015
As hope for more humanitarian immigration and refugee policies in Canada grows, we need to look back on our history of helping refugees and how far we still have to go.
Nov 19 2015
The historic battles for women's rights are well documented, so why are we still fighting the same fights? If we truly want progressive change, we need a new revolution.
Nov 12 2015
Dr. Pamela Palmater has brought a critical analysis and discussion to issues facing Indigenous populations in Canada like no other writer of her time. Her new book is an absolute must read.

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How can Trudeau best implement a climate action strategy in Canada?

The Paris climate conference begins Monday, November 30 and Justin Trudeau and crew will be in attendance.

Canada's environmental policies have been... not great. How can they get better?

How do you think Trudeau can best implement a climate action strategy in Canada?

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