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Stop saving the Queen. She's the worst. | Dec 22 2014 | Scott Vrooman | The monarchy's defenders say it's an important symbol. That's true, it's an important symbol of the worst of modern human history.
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Never mind the Mudville Nine: Nothing has changed, nothing ever will, that is all! | Dec 22 2014 | David J. Climenhaga | Construction of a long-promised new cancer hospital for Calgary will just have to wait. Low oil prices, dontcha know?
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Giving to charity is not enough: How to make a difference this holiday season | Dec 22 2014 | Iglika Ivanova | Poverty is not a problem that can be solved by soup kitchens, food banks and Christmas toy drives any more than a leaky roof can be fixed by mopping the puddles off the floor.
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Teens minding their own business not cool with being used as proof of post-racial society | Dec 22 2014 | Anne Theriault | The two teens caught on camera (without their consent) by 'The Blind Side' woman, Leigh Anne Tuohy, give their side of the story.
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year in review
Dec 18 2014
Book reviews! Get your book reviews here! We reviewed numerous books in the book lounge this year and here are a few of the standouts.
Dec 11 2014
Harperism has been sweeping Canada! You know that blend of neoliberal politics, mixed with swift denial and blatant lies. How did we get here, and more importantly, will we ever get out?
Dec 4 2014
Kinder Morgan. Enbridge. Keystone. TransCanada. These companies and Big Business threaten our planet. What will you do about it?

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What is the Harper government's biggest transgression in 2014?

Peter Mansbridge and Stephen Harper sat down for their annual chat on Wednesday Dec. 17, and we learned some hard-hitting truths about politics in Canada like apparently Canada's emissions are going down, and we need to protect Big Oil.

This all leads to the biggest question of 2014: What is the Harper government's biggest transgression in 2014?

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