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What Nunavut's MP doesn’t know about poverty in her riding but the auditor general found out | Nov 29 2014 | George Lessard | Auditor General: Nutrition North Canada does not verify if consumers benefit from subsidy “There is no indicator to measure whether the full subsidy was being passed on to consumers”
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Bill 6 moratorium on fracking passes in Nova Scotia | Nov 28 2014 | Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians is pleased that Bill 6 -- which places a legal moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracturing -- has passed in Nova Scotia.
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The Revolution will not be fruity vaginas: This week's blog round-up | Nov 28 2014 | Jessica Prupas | Highlights from the blogs this week
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Woeful literacy rates show Aboriginal children deliberately left behind | Nov 28 2014 | Charlie Angus | We continue to see Aboriginal students falling behind and giving up. They aren't the failures. The failure lies with the policies of this federal government.
Nov 27 2014
Are Canadian writers defined by their Canadianness? What is the genre of CanLit even defined as any more? Who should you read? Eliza Robertson answers all these questions and more!
Nov 20 2014
Access to abortion is a right in Canada. While we do have an active anti-abortion minority in Canada, pro-choice people are also guilty of silencing women's choices at times. Why?
Nov 13 2014
Dionne Brand's new novel 'Love Enough' does not disappoint. The constantly moving city is the backdrop to the characters that swirl all around in various incantations of love. What can love endure?

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What has been the biggest success of the Burnaby Mountain protests?

The Burnaby Mountain protests against the Kinder Morgan pipelines have continued throughout the week.

What do you think has been the biggest success of the Burnaby Mountain protests?

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