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Welcome to the Activist Toolkit! The Toolkit is a “wiki”, a group of collaborative webpages that members can create and modify. The Toolkit was developed with the support of the Douglas Coldwell Foundation; its purpose is to provide a dynamic online repository of useful guides,articles, images, reviews of web tools and other useful knowledge bases to the progressive community at large. You may think of the Toolkit as a type of online encyclopedia for activists, written from a progressive point of view. Anyone visiting may view and make use of the content on the Toolkit pages.

Like the rest of, the purpose of the Toolkit is to provide independently produced information that will be of use to the progressive community. Content on the Toolkit must reflect this ethos, and the same rules apply to use of the Toolkit as to other forums and/or wikis of


What is a Wiki?

A wiki is software that allows everyone who accesses a webpage to contribute or modify content using a very simple web markup language. Wikis are often used to create collaborative websites. The Activist Toolkit is a publicly viewable wiki; anyone visiting the website can view and use the content on the Toolkit pages. However, it is not a publicly editable wiki; an anonymous browser cannot create or modify content. The process for becoming a contributor to the wiki, though, is very simple (see “User Guide”).


How to use a Wiki

The webpages on a wiki can be created and edited simply by visiting the page in question with a web browser and using the functionality provided by the wiki software installed on the site; this usually consists of user friendly buttons such as "edit" and "save." In order to modify an existing page, a user would visit the page, select "edit," type their changes and save. Changes made to an individual wiki page are implemented instantaneously and can be easily reverted later on.


The wiki-like software being used by the Activist Toolkit is a custom module of the Drupal content management system used by the site. This results in a much more user friendly experience when editing the wiki, as users do not need to know the simple markup language used in most wiki software but rather are using a "What You See Is What You Get" interface. For more on wikis, check out the "Wiki" article page in the Activist Toolkit.


Check out our User Guide, Toolkit Policy, and Moderator Guide.

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