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Presse-toi a gauche! - March 28, 2017 - 7:06am

Un rare média indépendant et communautaire affichant les événements d'engagement social, démocratique, progressiste ou d'intérêt public : démocratie, droits de la personne et droits sociaux, éducation, environnement, féminisme, socio-politique, solidarité locale et internationale, etc. Ce sont principalement des événements de la région de Québec, mais aussi de Chaudière-Appalaches et nationaux.
Ce média communautaire en ligne permet à toute personne de publier une activité ou un événement (lire : nul (...)

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Pakistan plane crashes with 47 on board

Al Jazeera - 1 hour 26 min ago
Civil aviation authority confirms plane went down in the north of country and police say it is still ablaze.

Shock: The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem

Al Jazeera - 1 hour 46 min ago
Background to the holy wars and the First Crusade's conquest of Jerusalem, a holy city for Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Probe now demands testimony from Choi Soon Sil

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 1 min ago
Choi Soon-sil, who is facing allegations of fraud, refused to attend the hearing citing a panic disorder as the reason.

Britain to deepen security cooperation with the GCC

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 18 min ago
Addressing the GCC's annual summit PM Theresa May said she is "clear-eyed" on the threats posed by ISIL and Iran.

Will police killings rise in Trump's America?

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 20 min ago
Sandra Harris speaks out about the police killing of her 22-year-old son in February 2016.

Don't ditch diversity because progressives failed

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 45 min ago
It is vital to see protest votes under economic pressure but not to the extent that ignores other motivating forces.

Even as the bombs rain on Syria, hope for a better future

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 45 min ago
After five years covering the horrible human cost of Syria's war, Al Jazeera's Osama Bin Javaid is struck by the resilience of the people.

Scores killed in Indonesian earthquake

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 49 min ago
A 6.5 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia's Sumatra island has killed at least 97 people and trapped dozens in rubble.

Is mining to blame for the drought in Bolivia?

Al Jazeera - 2 hours 55 min ago
Environmentalists claim the country's ongoing drought exposes the negative impacts of the mining industry.

La Loi sur la protection des collectivités et des victimes d'exploitation, deux ans plus tard, qu'en-est-il ?

Presse-toi a gauche! - 3 hours 12 min ago

Montréal, le mardi 6 décembre 2016 – La Concertation des luttes contre l'exploitation sexuelle (CLES) souligne en ce 6 décembre, journée nationale de commémoration et d'action contre la violence faite aux femmes, les deux ans d'entrée en vigueur de la Loi sur la protection des collectivités et des victimes d'exploitation.
Cette loi a été adoptée après des années de lutte et de dur labeur de la part de groupes de survivantes, de groupes d'intervention de première ligne et de féministes abolitionnistes de (...)

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Trial to begin of US man who killed black churchgoers

Al Jazeera - 3 hours 24 min ago
Prosecutors seek the death penalty against Dylann Roof, who killed nine black people at a South Carolina church in 2015.

Report: Majority of Arab youth rejects radicalism

Al Jazeera - 3 hours 45 min ago
The new Arab Human Development report seeks to dispel misconceptions about young Arabs in the region.

Liberals hold on to honeymoon gains in national polls

CBC Canadian News - 4 hours 18 min ago

A year after forming government, the Liberals continue to poll above the support they received in last year's election, largely at the expense of the NDP. But might the government be at risk of losing this newfound support with its handling of the pipeline and electoral reform files?

Millions of vehicles with potentially dangerous recalls still on road

CBC Canadian News - 4 hours 18 min ago

Millions of vehicles in Canada, an estimated one in six, have an outstanding safety recall, and auto industry experts say not enough is being done to fix them.

'Danger Report': Real estate pros fret court could break lock on secret sales data

CBC Canadian News - 4 hours 18 min ago

The Toronto Real Estate Board has appealed the Competition Tribunal's ruling that the board must stop guarding coveted sales data. TREB says it's a privacy issue. Critics say TREB is refusing to modernize.

Be afraid: The brains behind Ontario's energy disaster are now running the country

CBC Canadian News - 4 hours 18 min ago

Phasing out coal, a feverish pursuit of green energy, new tax regimes — where have we heard all this before?

'Shocking waste': Federal government spent more than $400K to renovate new office building

CBC Canadian News - 4 hours 18 min ago

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government spent more than $416,000 to renovate a two-year-old office building in downtown Ottawa, including more than $5,000 for 56 coat hooks, according to documents tabled in the House of Commons this week.

Rohingya crisis: Myanmar bans workers going to Malaysia

Al Jazeera - 4 hours 27 min ago
Myanmar's immigration ministry says it has ceased issuing new licences for nationals to work in wealthier Malaysia.

Angela Merkel: Full-face veil must be banned in Germany

Al Jazeera - 4 hours 31 min ago
German leader seeks her party's support ahead of election, promising tougher refugee policy and calling for a veil ban.
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