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Fidel wrote:

Attawapiskat et al is Harper's Katrina moment, and he's flunking.

Well said. Would you mind if I borrowed this to post on my FB page? I'll give you first-name ("Fidel") credit.


It's your's, Boom Boom. No permission necessary.

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..this post is meant to shed more light on third party management and the role of the government..

APTN Investigates


Divided we Stand – PART 1


Divided we Stand – PART 2

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UN slams Canada for First Nations treatment.



Members on the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, all of them human-rights experts from around the world, questioned why headway has not been made in resolving the disparities between First Nations communities and the rest of the country.The international community has previously shown a great deal of interest in Canada's treatment of its aboriginal peoples, but this was the first time an international body had examined Canada's record since Attawapiskat.


Speaking to the UN panel on behalf of the federal government Wednesday, a senior Citizenship and Immigration Canada official acknowledged that mistakes had been made in the past.

But Catrina Tapley also highlighted the range of programs established and actions taken by various levels of government in recent years to help natives, and the focus on jobs.

"Increasing aboriginal participation in the economy is the most effective way to improve the well-being and quality of life of aboriginal people in Canada," Tapley said, according to prepared remarks.

Right, jobs are the answer to everything. How could we have forgotten that?



Fellow panellist Anwar Kemal, a former Pakistani diplomat who served in Ottawa in the 1980s, noted the "alarming statistics" that show aboriginal people significantly overrepresented in the country's prison system. He also took issue with restrictions on the amount of federal money going to First Nations programming.


"There is discrimination against indigenous peoples that have been in the country throughout all history," added Ion Diaconu.

"This has led to an inherent state of poverty that has not been overcome despite all the efforts the government has made. You need to redouble efforts and eliminate the disparity."

Kaspar Hauser


Kaspar Hauser


sknguy II

There was a judicial review concerning the appointment of a third party manager by AANDC applied for by the community. Here's a CBC story on it.

The judgment said that at no time did officials from Duncan's department raise any concerns about the community's management, prior to Marion's appointment, and no evidence was given to show mismanagement or improper spending. The community was only advised that it was considered to be in default of the funding agreement when it was notified that a third-party manager was being appointed.


...there "seems to have been a lack of understanding" of the community's actual needs and there was "an intention on the part of the officials to be seen to be doing something."

Throughout the decades of budget cutting, staff trimming and downsizing, AANDC has never actually been able to effect all the Crown's legislated duties and responsibilities. It's really always been about saving harmless Her Majesty and damage control. And in Indigenous/Crown relations there's only ever been one side creating the ground rules for those relationships.

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sknguy II

A letter from the United Church of Canada to the Prime Minister regarding Chief Spence. It's quite a poignant letter and contradicts Harper's denials over colonial history. There have been quite a number of letters adressed to Harper already and I do hope they keep coming.


Meanwhile, this charlatan takes a short break from the trough to speak out:

[url= Brazeau: Attawapiskat chief’s hunger strike doesn’t set “good example for young Aboriginal youth”[/url]

Brazeau said he wasn’t sure what Idle No More is about.

Unsurprising. Senator Brazeau is now Idle for the rest of his days.


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God, Brazeau is even more of a prick today than he was before.

sknguy II

Boom Boom wrote:

God, Brazeau is even more of a prick today than he was before.

I have a theory that he and Tom Flanigan are really the same person. It's become increasingly difficult for me to tell the two apart.


Statement from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on the Idle No More movement

Andrea Horwath wrote:

“Too many people living in First Nations communities in Ontario – communities like Attawapiskat – continue to suffer from poverty, and inadequate living conditions, even through their traditional lands are home to a wealth of resources.

“Federal and provincial governments have been big on words but short on actions. Both levels of government need to move forward with meaningful negotiations to ensure that resource revenues are shared with First Nations communities. It only makes sense that First Nations share in the profits made through mining and resource extraction in their territory. This discussion is particularly important now as the province continues to explore the unparalleled wealth potential of the Ring of Fire.

“Access to shelter, clean water and food are basic human rights. Governments must not stand idly by while First Nations suffer. We all must work together to find solutions and that recognize the rights and needs of Ontario’s First Nations communities.”

— Andrea Horwath,
Leader, Ontario’s New Democrats

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Good for Andrea. Now, when's the election?  Smile


Just to back up a bit, I'm sure many of us remember back to the crisis in Attawapiskat, and how it played out in the media.  There was a full court press by the government and the media to portray that crisis as one of the bands own doing through fiscal miss-management.  

And playing to that on Canada's highest rated political blather show, Evan Solomon's "Power and Politics" Evan gave the podium over not to experts in housing, or Native people, but to know nothing Turd Polishers from the P.R. community.  Some of whom made sure to allude to stereotypes that racists hold near and dear to their black little hearts.

And Evan Solomon countered none of it, not during the three days or was it a solid week, of coverage devoted to the issue.  

Later, when the news broke that the band did not engage in any fiscal miss-management,  Solomon devoted a whole 15 minutes to correct the slander he so willingly fascilitated.

Evan Solomon, the Devil's Cabana Boy.

Just thought I'd throw that out there. 

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And to follow up on Tommy's excellent diatribe, it's the Indigeneous folks themselves, Chief Spence, the Idle No More movement, that have brought attention to this on a (now) global scale.

Politicians, including the somewhat useless comment by Horwath, are not leaders in this, nor have they ever been. If we learn nothing else, let it be that.


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Well, last week he (Evan Solomon)  kept Greg Rickford, John Duncan's flunky, on the hot seat,  and made him squirm. He did a great interview with Shawn Atleo. Aside from that 'year end' nonsense, last week was a good one for Solomon. He even got the GG to admit he will not meet with Chief Spence, and that he is shilling for Harper on overseas trade junkets. Quite an accomplishment.

ETA: and last week on P&P Tom Flanagan - who gave us Harper -  outright endorsed Martha Hall-Findlay for the Liberal leadership.


Attawapiskat: You Want to Be Shown the Money? Here it Is. Chelsea Vowell

I was never concerned about "the money." I knew all along that our corrupt stooges in Ottawa couldn't manage a lemonade stand if their lives depended on it. Harper is just another runofthemill old line party stooge who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.

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Mismanagement at Attawapiskat?

"To those of you who might be concerned about the alleged financial mismanagement of federal funds at Attawapiskat, I have just one thing to say"


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De Beers decision to dump sewage into Attawapiskat played role in current housing crisis

[In 2005] “What is currently known is that De Beers discharged a load of sewage into the pumping station. This might have precipitated the overloading of the pumping station, thereby causing sewage backup,” said the engineering report.

The engineers also noted that the federal government was informed of the problems, but Ottawa did little to try to fix things, according to a follow-up report by different engineers with First Nations Engineering Services.


Taking a second look at the Attawapiskat numbers

 Should Toronto be put under third party management? That community has been running a deficit for years, and the combined total of all government spending (federal, provincial and municipal) is $24,000 a year for each Torontonian.

 Attawapiskat, on the other hand, which is only funded by one level of government — federal – received $17.6 million in this fiscal year, for all of the programs and infrastructure for its 1,550 residents. That works out to about $11,355 per capita in Attawapiskat.


Costs of living in northern Aboriginal communities are considerably higher than costs in the rest of Canada.  A bag of apples in Pikangikum is $7.65 (versus the Canadian average of $2.95) and a loaf of bread in Sandy Lake costs $4.17 (versus the Canadian average of $2.43). (Source: Canadian Association of Foodbanks). In Attawapiskat, 6 apples and 4 small bottles of juice currently costs $23.50 (Source: CBC).


"Should Toronto be under third party management?" lol! Hey those are good articles, rr and Maysie. Should be pinned or something.


Watch Alanis Obomsawin's new documentary on life in Attawapiskat for free until Friday, January 18

[url=]The People of the Kattawapiskak River[/url]

sknguy II

That's a film where you can do nothing but take in its story. Thanks anvils.

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Diamond mine hit by second Attawapiskat blockade

About a dozen Attawapiskat residents launched a second blockade on an ice road leading to a De Beers diamond mine Sunday.

The blockade, which began Sunday evening, forced a convoy of several empty fuel trucks back to the De Beers Victor diamond mine which sits about 90 kilometres west of Attawapiskat in northern Ontario.....

A separate blockade ended Thursday.....


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De Beers ups pressure on Attawapiskat Chief Spence to end diamond mine blockade

ATTAWAPISKAT–De Beers is pressuring Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence and her band council to bring an end to a four-day blockade of a winter road leading to the company’s Victor diamond mine in northern Ontario.

In a letter delivered to Spence on Tuesday, the law firm retained by De Beers says the company would be seeking an injunction against the blockaders Wednesday morning.

“As the leaders of the community, we urge you to use best efforts and to take appropriate steps to ensure that this unlawful activity cease immediately,” says the letter, signed by Fasken Martineau lawyer Tracy Pratt....

De Beers ups pressure on Attawapiskat Chief Spence to end diamond mine blockade


OPP Meets With Attawapiskat Diamond Mine Blockaders While Band Awaits De Beers Response

"A court date is scheduled for February 21 in Timmins, Ontario to hear arguments on an injunction obtained by De Beers late last week against the blockaders.."

So while the Attawapiskat Cree reportedly have no funds for the blockaders to travel to Timmins for the court date, here is Fasken Martineau Dumoulin's VERY WELL FUNDED Aboriginal Law Practice Group...

here is their VERY WELL FUNDED Counsel: (looking very guilty as he should)

here is their VERY WELL FUNDED Strategic Advisor: (and Trilateral Commissioner)

here is a sample of their VERY WELL FUNDED fine work:

and onwards and upwards, 770 lawyers, all VERY WELL FUNDED...

I wish the good people on the De Beers Diamond blockade lots of luck. It's a fixed game. They'll need it...And perhaps they're wondering  where all those so recently round-dancing supporters are right now...?


Sovereignty is the Answer - Canada is the Problem


Chief Theresa Spence, Attawapiskat and International Indian Treaty Council File Urgent Action Request with UN Human Rights Body

"The legal fight against Canada's omnibus Bill C-45 and its environmentally focused companion, Bill C-38 has gone international, with an appeal to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights..."


Further to #76: 'It's a fixed game'...


Attawapiskat Blockade 'Smells of Coercion': Judge    -  by Ron Grech QMI

"The ongoing blockade outside the Victor diamond mine is not a First Nations protest but an act of extortion, a Timmins Superior Court judge declared Wednesday. Judge Robert Riopelle said the men spearheading the blockade were not fighting for constitutional rights, land claims, treaty issues or anything that would benefit the community of Attawapiskat.

'There are 'individuals with private financial interests holding a large multinational corporation to ransom,' said Judge Robert Riopelle. 'It smells of coercion.'

Riopelle felt there was sufficient basis for the OPP to lay criminal charges against the six demonstrators who have precented access to the mine site since Feb.11..."

Judge Riopelle certainly sounds like he's leaning towards De Beers' side doesn't he? Perhaps they have better lawyers? To explore this question further see urls at #76 above


Politicians Urge End To De Beers Diamond Mine Blockade

"Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats are calling for the blockadeof De Beers Canada's diamond mine to end. Both MP Charlie Angus (NDP Timmins) and MPP Gilles Bisson (NDP Timmins -James Bay) fear the blockade of the winter road to the Victor diamond mine could cost the region hundreds of jobs.."

Howard's obviously been working the phones...(see #76)

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Diamond mine ice road blockade shifts to Attawapiskat River

A nearly three week-long diamond mine ice road blockade was moved to a section crossing the Attawapiskat River while seven of the individuals involved in the protest prepared for a court appearance in Timmins, Ont., Friday.

The blockade moved to the ice road section that crosses the river in hopes of subverting an injunction against the protest. APTN National News was told the blockaders believe the reference to the word “road” in the injunction does not include sections that cross water.

The injunction applies to anyone “interfering with the immediate and non-obstructed access and use of the South Winter Road,” according to the injunction document.

The move “surprised” the OPP Aboriginal liaison officers in the community, APTN National News was told....


De Beers has been hit by two blockades so far this month. The company has now lost 15 of the 20 days it had expected to use the ice road for fuel deliveries and the shipping of machinery and replacement parts too heavy to fly in, according to a spokesperson for the company.

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"...A strong OPP presence is headed to Attawapiskat First Nation today. Sources report to NetNewsledger that ten Ontario Provincial Police cruisers, wtih four officers in each unit are heading into the community today..."

That can't end well.

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Attawapiskat Ice Road Blockade is down. Protesters voluntarily abandon the blockade.

The Attawapiskat Ice Road blockade is down. Ontario Provincial Police revealed Saturday afternoon that the South Winter Road, the road that connects to the De Beers Victor Diamond Mine, has been re-opened.

“The protestors appear to have voluntarily complied with the Superior Court Order without further incident,” said the OPP news release....

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Thanks for the update.


OPP Headed Into Attawapiskat Road Blockade

"...A strong OPP presence is headed to Attawapiskat First Nation today. Sources report to NetNewsledger that ten Ontario Provincial Police cruisers, wtih four officers in each unit are heading into the community today..."


Jonathan Kay: Attawapiskat Protestors Hurting First Nations With Lawless Blockade of De Beers Mine

"...Large risk-averse companies won't invest in areas of the country where the local population doesn't respect Canadian laws - or even local band chiefs. "

"lawless blockade" says Al Capone Canada/De Beers...ROTFLMAO!


Timmins Judge Slams Ice Road Blockade With A Dire Warning to Protesters

"A De Beers spokesperson said he was pleased with what transpired in the courtroom. 'We are pleased to see that obviously the judge sided with the argument we brought forward.."

Nor does it hurt to have Howard Hampton and Raymond Chretien on your team either..


De Beers wins, with a little help from their Fasken Martineau Dumoulin friends including 'Strategic Advisor' Raymond Chretien and 'Counsel' HOWARD HAMPTON...

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..repression. a not so veiled threat of violence.

quote from #83

It was at a court appearance in Timmins on Friday that Ontario Superior Court Judge Robert Riopelle let several of the blockaders know that he was fed up with the fact that his first injunction against the blockade had been ignored. Riopelle declared that the grievances and concerns were not valid reasons for creating a blockade.

Judge Riopelle stated he intended to extend the court order indefinitely and that those who ignored his order would be going to jail.

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In Canada you have the right to protest until a state appointed judge tells you stop. After that it has nothing to do with the original protest and becomes a matter of contempt of court.  In this country they send grandmothers to prison to die, when they defy a settler judges order.

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Just guessing here: the community of Attawapiskat and those who have problems with DeBeers (probably everyone) have the upper hand here, whatever that prick judge has to say. First, it's their ancient First Nation territory. They can wait this out. Is the province of Ontario ready to keep those 40 OPP officers from the south there indefinitely? (maybe DeBeers is underwriting the cost of keep the 40?) I doubt those 40 officers can resist the will of a determined community in the long run.

I wish I knew more about what this story is about, but from what I can gather, there are serious problems with DeBeers according to the community of Attawapiskat. I'm thinking maybe Charlie Angus will raise this in the House at some point. Has Debeers been approached with some form of arbitration between the company and the community to work this all out?


ETA: I lived and worked in a FN community just northwest of Hearst in the 1990s before moving here. The FN community had negotiated, decades ago, with a forestry company to work in their territory, but I believe the agreement included hiring a high percentage of workers from their FN community. While I was there, the workers walked off the job one week because the company's manager said something highly offensive to one of the  FN workers, and the access roads were then all barricaded. This lasted a while until the company apologised. I think as a consequence there were very hard feelings towards the company from then on.


Charlie Angues went with De Beers (#79)

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De Beers Considers Lawsuits After Attawapiskat Blockade

"Ormsby said it's too early to put a number on how much the lost productivity cost De Beers and noted civil lawsuits to recover lost revenue are still a possibility..."

More De Beers big bucks for Counsel Howard Hampton? (see #76)


(Once upon a time before he switched sides to the mining industry and Fasken Martineau Dumoulin...)

NDP Leader Howard Hampton on Mining Rights (and vid)

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DeBeers picking on a tiny FN community - yeah, that will go over well! I can just see the massive confrontations such a stupid move would bring.


We'll see...for now only the usual buzzing insects seem the least bit interested


Levant: Latest Stunt From Spence A Total Waste (and vid)

"Theresa Spence, the Indian chief who has run the Attawapiskat Indian band into the ground has a new trick up her sleeve..


If this were some lucrative corner of Africa, mercenaries would have been called in by now to deal with the problem once and for all, which is not to say that the OPP won't eventually get around to doing what they're being paid for.  Here, the media is a double edged sword in terms of the way expropriation is normally conducted in other places, despite the persistent regurgitation of pro-corporate propaganda.  Were such genocidal tactics to be deployed in Canada and subsequently escape into the public unconsciousness, it would viewed by the corporate lie and those who follow it as merely being injurious to PR.  Deprivation though, along with constant harassment combined with legal threats to expropriate everything serves toward the same end if given enough time to accomplish the work.  A list should be complied and published of every location in Canada that retails merchandise expropriated by De Beers.


And the NDP alumni seem to be all over this situation, as if they were handed a file to sort out on behalf of the paymasters.  Their participation in trying to wear down the continued resistance of the Attawapiskat people represents a dangerous prelude to singling out the leadership as recalcitrant, acting against the wider interests of the people.  This is being staged all the way toward an aggressive takeover and criminalization of resistance.  In the minds of the general Canadian public, if ‘socialists’ are being rebuffed in their efforts to peacefully resolve the situation, then naming the resistance as criminals and enemies of the state is the next obvious step in the logic of domination.


Eagle Watch: In Search of the Common Denominator - Could This Be Fasken Martineau's Game Plan?

"...The Attawapiskat Anishinabek and all Swampy Cree are vulnerable to encroachments....If De Beers cannot provoke resistance, they may very likely create a pretext. Watch out people. Study the papertrail, especially where it involves money. Who is manipulating you inmto a desperate corner??"