Montréal parents challenge school's disrespect for Indigenous culture

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Montréal parents challenge school's disrespect for Indigenous culture



I found this heartwarming:

[url= angry Montreal teachers wore headdresses on 1st day of school[/url]


A Montreal borough school has infuriated some parents after handing out construction paper headdresses on the first day of classes.

Two teachers at Lajoie elementary school in Outremont were wearing First Nations headdresses and giving paper ones to the children to wear, according to parent Jennifer Dorner.

Dorner posted about the incident on her Facebook page and the post has already been shared hundreds of times.

"In our family, we teach our children about cultural respect, we teach them the importance of honouring Indigenous cultures," Dorner posted.

"We teach them about privilege and the history of genocide in our country."

She told CBC News that she has asked the school's principal for a meeting, accompanied by one of her Indigenous friends.

Gina Guillemette, a Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board spokesperson, told CBC News that the headdresses were worn so children would know which "family, or class, to go to."

The school board apologized "if the activity offended anyone". Otherwise not, I guess.

A big shout out to these parents! Change is in the air.




Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo's picture

Teacher:  "Hey, we should do the Sorting Hat, like from Harry Potter!"

Other teacher:  "Ya!  But make it more Canadian!"

When I was a lad it was all dry.  "You're in room 12, Mrs. Johnston".

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Good to hear. I am start investigating the best way to get to the bottom of workplace discrimination when it comes to First Nation workers. So far, all good intentions haven proven useless in preventing racism from rearing its ugly head.