Saganash bill to make laws consistent with UN declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights

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Saganash bill to make laws consistent with UN declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights

The Bill proposed by Roméo Saganash on ensuring that Federal laws conform to the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples

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Great initiative! I wonder just how many laws would have to be written, amended, or scrapped if this ever passed? And I wonder whether provincial NDP governments would be up to the challenge too? Hmmm?

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Meanwhile, Conservative Senator Brazeau and a Con MP were dumping on Chief Spence ond FNs generally.


More on Brazeau:

Brazeau is an asshole and an "apple" - and I don't mean the computer, nor a small, plump person.

Brazeau has been critical of Spence and the Idle No More movement, saying some aboriginals simply expect to live on the taxpayers’ tab.

“To sit back, wait for the government to give me handouts,” he told Tuesday’s gathering. “Maybe be on welfare, maybe drink, maybe take up drugs.”

He later added: "The best way to get our land back, is to buy it back. Just like every other Canadian."


Er, Patrick, the land was STOLEN, eh?

We all know that no white people drink to excess, or take up drugs, and certainly not on the government's tab. Has he ever heard of the Senate, our version of the House of Lords? Or the time-honoured expression, "Drunk as a Lord"?

More seriously, obesity is a very serious problem in many isolated Indigenous communities, as in many other poor communities and neighbourhoods. Access to nutritious food is difficult and very expensive, and for different reasons, including climate change but also the longer-standing deculturation at residential schools and loss of territory, fewer people hunt and fish nowadays.

There are communities that have taken successful initiatives to fight this health problem (there is also a good documentary on this, but I can't think of the name offhand), but they did it their way, and not by being shamed by someone who lives in Ottawa with access to Parliamentary and other Government-sponsored fitness facilities, and access to fresh, healthful food all year long.


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I suspect Brazeau's is the opinion the Conservative government holds about First Nations. There has to be a reason Harper appointed him.


What the hell happened to this thread? Why is Brazeau here??


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My bad. While we were cheering on Saganash, reps from the government (a Senator and an MP) were dissing First Nations. My point is that the government more than likely will kill Saganash's bill because they're racists.