Smoke in the Fire

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Smoke in the Fire


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I saw this show last night on APTN and was deeply moved. Its history of this west coast nation and the story of this great Chief were inspiring.

For anyone looking to understand some of the culture and history this is a great place to either start or increase the depth of your understanding.

Unfortunately I don't see it in the future APTN schedule but if you see it in rerun then don't miss it.


Smoke From His Fire
Director: Kim Recalma-Clutesi & Aaron Szimanski
48 Minutes • Canada • Documentary Short

Adam Dick or 'Kwaxsistala' is the Clan Chief of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation and the last orally trained Potlatch Speaker of his people. Adam came to be known as 'Kwaxsistala', meaning the smoke from his Big House fire reaches around the world. Born to a Clan Chief mother and Clan Chief father, all corners of his world were nobility. This is a story of a young boy and his journey to manhood as the old people worked tirelessly to fill him up with teachings to secure their culture. He was a boy who sacrificed his childhood and play to receive the old people's teachings. Kwaxsistala was born into a time when the Indian Agent was forcing the Clan Chief's to burn their Big Houses, forcing them to give up their regalia and masks, forcing them to send their children to Residential Schools, and coercing them to turn their back on their culture for Christianity. He was born at the height of the assimilation and genocide of his people. Seventy-five years ago the nobility of the Kwakwaka'waka of the Pacific Northwest Coast chose Adam, secluded him from the authorities when his peers were sent to Residential School, and trained him in every aspect of the culture and traditions of his people. Today, caught between two worlds, he is needed more than ever by his people to reclaim their teachings. Smoke from his Fire is a bittersweet story of how a people survived and of hope, courage, and endurance.

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