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5th Community Mobilization Network Open Planning Meeting for G8/20 Resistance in Toronto: April 8

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Fifth Community Mobilization Network Open Planning Meeting for G8/20 Resistance in Toronto

8 April, 2010
6:30pm (meeting expected to run 2 hours)
2nd Floor, 519 Church Street
519 Church Street Community Centre

Community based organizers and activists from across Ontario and Quebec are invited to an open planning meeting focusing on Toronto's response to the G8/G20 Summits on 8 April, 2010.

We will be updating on schedule, handing out posters and flyers and talking logistical details.

The Community Mobilization Network is organizing the community based outreach, independent media, convergence for the days of action leading up to and during the G8/20 Summits in Ontario (June 25-27,2010). Our previous meeting had over 150 people present.

If you are unable to attend but would like to participate in one of the committees, get more information or host a G8/G20 related event, email

If you haven't done so already - join our announcements list email and the facebook group

Also, our new website is going to be launched any day, keep visiting



Current Plans

21 - 24 June 2010: Themed Days of Resistance (Build Up)

June 23: Climate and Environmental Justice
June 24: Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-Determination

DEVELOP AN ACTION JUNE 21-22: Gender Justice, disAbility, Migrant Justice and an end to War and Occupation, email

People are encouraged to host meetings, film screenings, panel events, performances, marches, rallies, direct actions in cities across the world that fit in to these themes. Please let us know what you are planning -

25-27 June 2010: Days of Action

In opposition to the G8/20 and with a will to transform, people across
Turtle Island are organizing community-based days of action

25 JUNE: Community Day of Action. Free the Streets! 2:30pm. Allen Gardens 26 JUNE: March/Rally - presently being organized by labor unions and NGOs
27 JUNE: Day of Action

The Community Mobilization Network is not organizing these actions. Instead it is the networking space to coordinate different interests and ideas. If your organization, community or group wants to organize on one of these dates and want to connect with others, email

A People's Summit is also being planned on 18-20 June 2010. Check it out at