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Europeanrevolution 2011

going down...

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For information about #Europeanrevolution, visit:



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Police kills 22 years-old boy and #Macedonianrevolution starts #protestiram in #Skopje #europeanrevolution

On Sunday, 5th June, during the the political celebrations after the ruling VMRO DPMNE Party declared victory in the general elections held that day – around midnight – , a 22 years old boy, whose name was originally believed to be “#Daniel,” was eventually identified as #Martin Neskovski of Skopje , was beaten and killed by Police. The major suspect is a 33 years old policeman and member of the special police unit “Tigers” who is currently under custody.

Others say that the policeman could be part of the “Alfa Team”, another police unit “known for their ruthlessness and aggressive behavior”, according to .

I was sitting when I saw a police officer, a member of the special forces, chasing a young boy. The boy tripped over a wire and fell,” one witness told local NetPress news agency on Monday 6th June.

Since the event, protests spread all around Skopje, Macedonia capital. According to, “The protesters, who organised the rally via Facebook, called on Police Minister Gordana Jankulovska to take responsibility for investigating the killing of the young man on Sunday night”. The outraged of Macedonia accuse police of excessive use of power and violence as way of intimidating unrest and rebellions in the country....


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Outraged undertake the European Parliament on 22 June #europeanrevolution

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Protesters surprise police and get to establish a popular assembly in the square which is inside the European Parliament building in Brussels. It is the first time that such kind of audatious demonstration happens since the Euro-Parliament is founded.

During the day, Police arrested around 15 people , tear-gassed and beated protestors.

Very illustrative Interview with WLCentral about the events can be found here.



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Two days of rage in #Brussels Part 1. #europeanrevolution #globalrevolution

Quote: While police re-enforcement was arriving, two arrests happened, as well as abusive use of tear-gassing, and violent beatings. A police officer confiscated the portable telephone of a man publishing a livestream of the scene, thus censoring it. In 20 minutes, the march started from Schuman Square to the insides of the European Parliament building. This square, the Euro-Parliament´s inner Square, was now occupied.

Once inside, the police very quickly built a ring around the people who, ignoring them, started a public assembly to discuss the role of safety corps in their current lives and causes of current inequality on human conditions all over the world. When an old woman of around 70, took the megaphone and said that she had a message for the young policemen present there, the crowd opened the way and let her be face to face with the ring of officers. She started a speech which touched everybody in the square, both police and people, saying she dreamed of this moment for all her life.

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Will the Revolution Begin in London?

Is J30 the first step?

Laurie Penny , 27 Jun 2011

‘The revolution is in the mind.’ Those words were scrawled in wobbly spray-paint on Nelson’s Column on March 26, at the end of a day that saw half a million union members and outraged citizens march against government spending cuts in central London. The plan, cooked up by students and activist groups and advertised benignly on Facebook, was to have a picnic party and ‘Turn Trafalgar Square into Tahrir Square,’ as if some sympathetic magic could summon the regime-toppling energy of the Egyptian uprising to these soggy shores. What it turned into instead was a bloody mess.

As dusk fell, 200 police in full riot armor descended on the picnic without warning, cracking heads, breaking limbs and penning hundreds of young protesters in the biting cold for hours, with no water, no shelter and no way out. This is a form of collective punishment known colloquially as “kettling.” Its use at the London G-20 protests in 2009 was recently ruled illegal in a landmark decision by the high court.....

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People are pushing back and fighting for their rights. Good to see. Hope it spreads to North America.

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Sooner, rather than later, hopefully. It'll be interesting to see how Harper responds to popular dissent.

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Call to International Meeting in #Lisbon on #10j #europeanrevolution #globalrevolution

Quote: Their request for a meeting is grounded on the following goals:

“It is our wish to form some kind of collaboration with you to distribute and exchange information and thus making a foundation for a base, capable of bringing into action our mutual wishes of a transformed system.

We believe we can change the world one step at a time, and we believe we can make those steps a little bit bigger, by joining forces.”

(source: email sent by Gandri and Gunnar, 22/06/2011)

We wish to gather all indignant people with common proposals and action that are spread through different movements, in order to create a platform all together and make a general evaluation based on discussion and debate.

The meeting will take place in Lisboa, at 11 am on Sunday the 10th July 2011, on the Caixa Económica Operária da Graça (location to be confirmed).

This is just the beginning!


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Will the euro zone debt crisis spread to Italy?

by Jérôme E. Roos on

EU President Van Rompuy has called an emergency meeting in Brussels following fears that the European debt crisis might be spreading to Italy.

Despite having the second highest debt to GDP ratio in the eurozone, second only to Greece, Italy has until now remarkably escaped the kind of trouble that has engulfed its smaller neighbors in the European periphery.

But all of that may change very soon. European leaders are suddenly gripped by fears that the euro zone’s sovereign debt crisis might spin entirely out of control with contagion effects rippling through Italy.

Yields on Italian bonds rose sharply last week following renewed uncertainty about Greece’s second bailout and the surfacing of tensions between Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi and his long-term finance minister Tremonti.

According to a report by the Financial Times:

Market fears drove the spread between Italian and German bonds to a euro-era high of 224 percentage points on Friday, while the yield on 10-year Italian bonds reached its highest since 2002. Bank stocks also fell sharply on the Milan bourse, leading Consob, the market regulator, to consider moves to curb short selling.

“The Greek contagion has caught Italy at a time when the government is losing consensus and is fighting a series of legal cases and corruption investigations,” said Mizuho International, an investment bank, in London. “The risk of a full blown crisis is now very high.”.....

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Call to action: national gathering in Paris on July 14

We are “les indignés”

We gathered spontaneously and peacefully and we are independent of any political party, union or association.

The intimidation and misinformation about us are increasing in order to marginalize us.

In order to stop this unfair system, let’s meet together, let’s get organized to invent a real democracy now!

In response to the call of several cities in France, we invite you to reach Paris from July 14 to 17 to take the square together and affirm our unity and our determination.

Join us on:

  • July 14: National Gathering in Paris
  • July 15: Celebration of two months of the 15M movement
  • July 16-17: Weekend trading and sharing

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07.12.2011 · Posted in Democracia Real Ya!, Europe, European Revolution, Global Solidarity, International, Portugal

quote:  15h55   International Network Group Ontheroad  (International Commission -
Catalunya Place – Barcelona – Spain)

The International comission of Barcelona  was the first one created. It was divided in 4 subcomisions and coordinated through a daily assembly, an n-1 group and a mailing list. The richness of our commission comes from the fact that the members come from many parts of the world and many experiences, from Oaxaca to Sudan, with 4 Italians, 4 Greeks, 6 French, 2 portuguese, etc.
Information: was linking the visitors to the work area, informing, anwering, recruiting and orienting new volunteers to keep tidy the working area. The allowed us to recruit more than 200 translators in one week.

Organised talks and workshops.
Translations: The translated the official documents of the assembly, along with other interesting texts in more than 50 languages. This alowed us to integrate immigrants communities like pakistan or moroccans, and spread the contents of the movement around the world. They also did interpretation during conferences and video streams. International press: They compiled an archive of press divided in three folders: one with international artcles about the local situation, another about international movilisations and another about France, available to visitors in the information table and updated every day. They also compiled a digital archive with all the links along with the communication team....

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Anonymous – Join Us

Michel Bauwens
28th July 2011

A well done video, starting with media snippets of past actions, explaining its nonviolent resistance against the capture of our democracies by an organized criminal class, while the last four minutes explain “The Plan”.

Watch this video:

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If today is Wednesday and you are in #Belarus, join the protest! #europeanrevolution

First published in Written by Claudia Ciobanu.

Hundreds of young people in Belarus take the streets weekly, bonding through social networking sites. They are protesting against the lack of free speech and the iron fist of the regime.

At 7:00 pm every Wednesday, hundreds of citizens from Belarus applaud or make their cell phones ring simultaneously in the country’s main squares. It is the Revolution Through Social Networks movement, created nine weeks ago by a group of students. The phenomenon has grown in the Russian equivalent to Facebook, Vkontakte, creating a new threat to President Alexander Lukashenko’s regime.

“This is not a traditional movement of Belarus’ opposition. Participants are people that were never involved in politics and that had never protested before”, explained one of the five founding members, Mikita Krasnou. “The citizens of Belarus were looking for new organizers, new representatives”, he added. “Traditional political opposition is also interested in participating in this movement, something that has brought it closer together”, Krasnou added....


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From #AlexanderPlatz in #Berlin to the World


* This is an adaptation based on an automatic-translation of the german-text we received today from our brothers and sisters from Berlin.

Hello everyone,
We are a loose network of politically-critical people who occupy, since Saturday night, the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. With the beginning of the large demonstrations in Spain in mid-May of this year, some of us began to “True Democracy Now!” In Germany for the idea to use. We’ll see you in the spirit of the international 15-M-movement as an open forum, as a kind of public platform. The occupation of the Alexanderplatz is registered as a demonstration and is now tolerated.

We demonstrate our displeasure with a failed social system which is artificially kept alive and leads every day for more poverty, more war, more than exploitation and injustice in the world....


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Democracia Real Ya! announces European level coordination with ATTAC for #15oct #15m #unitedchange

Explicit support for the 15th of October mobilization by the ATTAC Europe network. This will be a day of coordinated action where each national ATTAC group decides what concrete actions they will take for the mobilizations. The following have already decided to mobilize: ATTAC Germany, ATTAC France, ATTAC Belgium (will also organise an action for the arrival of the Indignant March in Brussels), ATTAC Finland, ATTAC Portugal. As well as an action organised by the full European network in Berlin, as was decided in our last meeting in Greece (Tribunal against the Euro-crisis in Berlin with alternative proposals to the current policies). The ATTAC Europe network gives maximum priority to this action, to the actions of the 1st of October, and to the mobilization against the G20 (see below), to be used as milestones in the process of strengthening the joint effort to really work on a European scale in a much closer and coordinated way....

ATTAC is an international organization involved in the alter-globalization movement. ATTAC opposes neo-liberal globalization and develops social, ecological, and democratic alternatives so as to guarantee fundamental rights for all. Specifically, it fights for the regulation of financial markets, the closure of tax havens, the introduction of global taxes to finance global public goods, the cancellation of the debt of developing countries, fair trade, and the implementation of limits to free trade and capital flows.

For more information on ATTAC please visit


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Joint statement by Puerta del Sol Economics Working Group and Syntagma

Posted by carolina on 09/03/2011

The citizens of Puerta del Sol and Syntagma Square express our indignation and invite all the ‘indignados’ in all the squares around the world to join us.

From the USA to Brussels, from Greece to Bolivia and from Spain to Tunisia, the crisis of capitalism is on the rise. A crisis caused by the same culprits who are imposing the reforms to get over it: pumping public funds into private financial institutions while forcing the citizens to foot the bill. Rather than lifting us out the crisis, their structural adjustment plans sink us even deeper in.


To this we say:

* Withdraw the Memorandum. Get lost! We don’t want to be governed by the IMF and the Troika.
* Nationalize the banks. With the rescue packages, the State has already paid more than their stock exchange value just so they can carry on speculating.
* Make the accounting records transparent so the people know where the money has gone.
* Radically redistribute wealth and change the tax policies so those who have the most pay: banking institutions, capital and the Church.
* We demand people’s control over the economy and production.

Considering all these points, both squares declare that:

* The policies of cut-backs that they are applying will not lift us out of the crisis – on the contrary, they push us even further in. They are stretching us to the limit, applying present and future bail-outs which in reality go to the creditor banks and result in serious attacks on our rights, family finances and our national assets.
* We must stand up and protest against these violations. We are the15M movement in Sol and the Popular Assembly of Syntagma .
* Stop adjustment plans and bailouts.
* No to the payment of illegitimate debt . This is not our debt. We owe nothing, we sell nothing, we pay nothing.
* For real and direct democracy NOW.
* For the defence of public interests. Not one sale of public property or services.
* Let all indignados in all the squares join together.

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 Call of the outraged from Rome to a Big peoples assembly

September 10th: Call of the outraged from Rome to a Big peoples assembly

The Assembly of the indignant from Rome, who arose following the events in Madrid on 15 May 2011 and from which it takes inspiration in terms of objectives and structural organization, announced that…

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Posted by European Revolution on 09/11/2011

Letter from the Indignados of the Bastille in Paris – For Real Democracy Now
to the J14 movement for social justice in Israël

1 We, the Indignados of the Bastille, share your indignation and we support the desire to win social justice in Israël. Against economic predators (whether they are national or international), the time has come for peaceful and legitimate change....

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Acampada in Rome! They took the square.

Our colleagues in Rome sent us a message about the demonstration of last Saturday september 10th, and the camping they built after it.

Hello from Rome,
the march was attended by almost a thousand people, some arriving in the place began to assemble their tents, they were 100-150 people to sleep. In the assembly perhaps crossed the 600 (people). Proposed various committees who worked since Sunday morning: one on 15 October, young people, work, great works (infrastructure) ecology and culture, human rights and disability. It was concluded in the afternoon with a meeting. Upcoming Meetings: Wednesday and Sunday h 19.00. Hugs.

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Clashes in front of Italian parliament after austerity vote

by Jérôme E. Roos on

At least 40 injured and Rome left billowing in smoke after anti-austerity protesters clash with riot police in front of Parliament for over two hours tonight.

After weeks of dithering on the precipice of his own downfall, Silvio Berlusconi tonight survived a crucial vote of confidence, by one of the narrowest possible margins, allowing his government to push through its proposed package of deeply unpopular austerity measures....


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“We are going slow because we are going far!”

On #Sept17, the indignados of Spain joined the indignés of France on a march through the heart of Paris as part of a global day of action against the banks.

Paris, September 18, 2011

Some of them had been walking for months on end, first from cities all over Spain to the country’s capital, and then, after temporarily re-occupying Puerta del Sol, on towards to Brussels. But despite the thousands of miles they already had underneath their feet, the marchers seemed all but exhausted. “We won’t be tired until we reach Brussels,” Oscar told me. It was a testament to the enormous energy not only of the marchers, but of the 15-M movement as a whole.

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French police detain “over a hundred” indignados in Paris

by Jérôme E. Roos on September 20, 2011

About 130 indignados, members of the popular march that is scheduled to arrive in Brussels on October 8, have been detained by French police tonight at 21:30 on the Boulevard Saint Germain in Paris. has contacted one of the detainees, who at the time was stuck in a police van. According to the protester, three cars have been loaded with his companions to be taken to different police stations in Paris....

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100,000 rally against austerity in Portugal — in pictures

by Jérôme E. Roos on October 2, 2011

The Associated Press reports:

LISBON — Tens of thousands of people rallied in Portugal Saturday against the government’s austerity measures, protest organisers said, amid projections that the economic situation was far worse than expected.

Government and private sector workers demonstrated in Lisbon and Porto, following a call by the country’s largest trade union federation to speak out against policies it says threaten “jobs, workers, pensions and social rights.”...

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Thousands hit Manchester streets to protest austerity cuts

Published: 02 October, 2011

Over 30,000 demonstrators marched through the northern British city of Manchester to protest against austerity cuts to public services and pensions.

The rally against the governing coalition was organized by the Trades Union Congress and came as the ruling Conservative Party's annual conference opened in the city.....

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Globalized anger: could the outrage spread to Germany?

2011 is the year of the ‘indignant’: across the world, the youth is rising up against a capitalist system that offers them no opportunities. But what about Germany?

Originally published (in German) by Cicero: Magazine for Political Culture

2011 is the year of the “indignant”. Not only in the Arab world, but in many other countries as well, the young have been drawn to the streets. Despite the differences between them, the insurgents share a basic frustration over the lack of economic opportunities. Even in Germany, it’s starting to simmer, albeit only on the back burner — for now.

Athens, Madrid, Tel Aviv, London and Santiago de Chile: it is not straightforward to put such a diverse series of uprisings in a row, bound as they are to their own separate contexts and divergent realities. But while the peaceful protests on Madrid’s Puerta del Sol seem, at first glance, to have little in common with the riots of British hooligans, the two uprisings are connected through an undeniable fact: in both of them, we see the manifestation of the crisis of our present social system; the identity crisis of capitalism....


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The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal: Soldiers and policemen joined the movement

The movement against austerity doesn’t stop in Portugal and even the soldiers and the policemen have joined the movement.

On Thursday, 24th November, thousands of people went to the streets during the general strike against all the austerity measures that have been taken by the government.

The list of these measures is unfinishable: cuts in the salaries of the public employees, cuts in pensions, cuts in the education and health care, less access to unemployment benefits and other social benefits, increase of the number of working hours.....

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..invalid votes and refusals to vote were more than 300,000 greater than what the winning center right party received.

Occupied Barcelona: The Spanish Election Rejection

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Europe’s theatrical puppetry before an audience of bankers

Talk of a fiscal union and austerity in Italy merely serves to entertain the financial gods by sacrificing the people. None of it will prevent ‘Eurogeddon’.

Europe is getting desperate now. Faced with apocalyptic warnings by analysts and officials that it has “10 days to avert collapse” (only five left by now), EU leaders will convene in Brussels on Friday in yet another bid to end the ongoing eurozone debt drama once and for all. To set the stage for this grand finale, Italy’s unelected government just announced a radical new austerity budget, involving a frontal assault on its own working population....

quote: To understand why, we have to look below the surface of the political discourse. The beautiful words about “Europe pulling together” are a mere chimera; what we are really witnessing is just a thinly-veiled theater play in which governments are launching an assault on their own people in the hope that the audience, mostly made up of wealthy bankers, will revel at the spectacle and reward the cast with a warm applause in the form of reduced borrowing costs....

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Trafalgar Square, London – Remarkable media silence on Congo protests


This evening there was a massive police operation in central london to control a passionate but mainly peaceful protest by up to 1000 congolese people which began in whitehall, spreading to trafalgar square, and with further breakaway groups marching through the west end. mainstream coverage has been minimal.....

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Trafalgar Square, London – Remarkable media silence on Congo protests


This evening there was a massive police operation in central london to control a passionate but mainly peaceful protest by up to 1000 congolese people which began in whitehall, spreading to trafalgar square, and with further breakaway groups marching through the west end. mainstream coverage has been minimal.

today’s protest follows two others this week, with serious clashes between police and hundreds of protestors outside downing street on tuesday, and on thursday evening oxford circus was closed down for a while, and police arranged for an empty train to ferry protestors to seven sisters station for dispersal in tottenham.

but you’d be hard-pressed to find much about these events on bbc or other mainstream media other than a brief report of 143 arrests this evening, with no explanation of the issues other than it being ‘a demonstration over election results’.

well, according to the very passionate voices on the streets tonight, the issue is years of mass rape, genocide, and repression (with UN estimates of more than 5 million, nearly a tenth of the population, murdered in the past decade) and the western states’ support for an illegitimate leader after rigged elections....

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March to Athens arrives to Rome

The International March to Athens has arrived in Rome after having covered on foot over 800 kilometers.

Around 11 am they have reached the limits of the capital and is expected they appear in the central Piazza del Poppolo around 3pm. The group consists of about 40 people from different nationalities who have also a support car and they have collected hundreds of claims in the different assemblies for which they have passed.

From today until wednesday 18th, the walkers will participate beside the organization of Agora Rome in a series of thematic assemblies in different neighborhoods of the capital. Are expected the mass arrival of sympathizers of the movement of indignation from Spain, France, Netherlands, Germany and the UK in the next few days to participate in the Agora Rome, the next step of dignity, a continuation of previous international meetings in Paris and Brussels.

The 15th is called a mobilization on the streets of Rome under the slogan Carnival of the System, according to organizers this is ironic march with festive character to demand the end of the financial dictatorship, recognition of the constituent assemblies and to display the non-violent character of the movement....

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March to Paris 2012 – For a new constituent assembly!
Call to all French citizens
We will walk with one main objective: to be open to all in order to create a convergence in a common fight and in order to support  the idea (among many others) which consists in ​​creating a constituent assembly  A statement of precise claims is being currently written, and it will be presented during the marches and discussed during the citizens meetings which would be organized by theme.
Faced with the current system, both economic-social and environmental, that has forgotten the human and the living , our duty is to have a collective response and assert our demand for change. This response will manifest through our ability to come together and converge towards a common ideal. This citizens’ initiative requires the participation of all citizens, groups, associations, etc. We need to create an event that concentrates the largest number of people in Paris with the objective that the ones who should represent us, be obliged to hear and listen the voice of the people.....

                                                                   March to Paris 2012 – For a new constituent assembly!

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#Agoraroma International Communicates Part.1 (9 to 13 of January)

United in the Agora Rome construction  

The general assembly last night in the piazza of San Giovanni was massive and participatory. On a night where low temperatures were protagonist the main subject where logistic affairs, then working groups such as cooking, action, communication, art, childhood and others were created. Working groups are opened to the cooperation of citizens and therefore has been established a series of regular meetings where those people interested in the Agora Rome can attend and bring their ideas to the community. It’s remarkable to point out the participation of Caracalla’s Assembly because it has been a well known encampment in the Italian capital. Day by day the involvement of Caracalla with walkers and supporters of the movement in San Giovanni are giving shape what already has become an enriching event.

On the other hand, the encampment is increasing with the arrival of people who have traveled to Rome from Finland, Greece, Belgium, France and Spain among other nationalities. The General Assembly take place and can be followed live from Piazza San Giovanni at 9 pm at the regular streaming channels from Agora Rome and March to Athens....

epaulo13 epaulo13's picture will find a sopa warning on this site. just scroll down and close it.
#15MGlobalStrike – “The pitchfork movement” – Sicily paralyzed
Today is the third day of protest in Sicily. The island is almost paralyzed.
In the island are protesting truckers, farmers, fishermen, craftsmen associations and merchants. Students are organizing demonstrations in solidarity, occupying roads and harbours. In Gela they close the entrance to the refinery, threating the port operations. Hundreds of trucks are at Villa San Giovanni harbour trying to ship to the big island with tons of goods (fruit vegetables and dairy supplies) will soon putrefy because the trucks cannot reach the shores of Sicily island. This stop is having a price on Sicily in terms of loss in their economy. The stocks of fuel are scarce and in many areas of the island are over, same for food, with empty shelves in supermarkets and some smaller business are already closed. People are starting to fear the food that comes from the black market. Truck inventory is escorted by the police....

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Catalan police as protesters inside demo in Barcelona!

On Saturday afternoon over a hundred thousand people participated in the rally against the cuts the Catalan government. The demonstration was called by trade unions, the Catalan Social Forum, 15M movement and other groups.

The curious fact of the demonstration was to see dozens of mossos march in the demonstration with family and friends. Some wearing the cap service and others with signs announcing their presence at the demonstration.

This confirms the Catalan police openly participated in activities against the present system of government. It is a fact that the demonstrations in Barcelona can see cops protesting with posters, banners, flags, etc. and at the same time, riot police guarding public buildings. A double moral difficult to understand from the perspective of the social demands.

The participation of the Catalan police union has also recently declared that efforts to resolve the crisis may be more forceful, the police remain unresolved as education and health sectors have seen their benefits cut provocating seriously damage....

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More than 300,000 people today in Lisbon in the largest demonstration in 30 years.

More than 300,000 people today in Lisbon, in what has been the largest demonstration in 30 years.
O Terreiro do Paco became the agora of the people in the powerful demonstration of their struggle against exploitation. The workers in Portugal have shouted loudly and clearly and have shown their determination and fighting spirit in the defense of the right to work, the recovery of the purchasing power of wages, and for a developed and sovereign country.A demonstration in which, beating the resignations and the false fatalism,  has been affirmed the fight as an essential and decisive factor in the defeat of right policies and the building of a Portugal with future.

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Next steps after the Rome forum

Over February 10-12 European Alternatives organised an important three-day transnational forum in the Teatro Valle in Rome with over forty organisations from eight European countries. Here is our plan for follow-up.

European leaders seem unable to imagine social and economic alternatives to the European crisis, and merely insist on austerity measures and cuts to social spending, driving Europe further into recession.

We belive it is now time for European citizens to take coordinated action, and show that an alternative way out of the crisis - one based on participation, solidarity, and democratic control over the economy and finace - is possible. For this reason over February 10-12 European Alternatives organised an important three-day transnational forum in the Teatro Valle in Rome with the participation of over forty organisations from eight European countries (information on the forum).

The Rome forum follows another important transnational meeting organised by European Alternatives in the European Parliament on November 30, which paved the way to the Rome meeting (information here).

We are now working on a clear follow-up to make sure a transnational political process is started over the coming months. Here are the main points of conclusion:

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Movements are planning European mass protests against policies of pauperization

The 400 participants of the Action Conference from February 24th to 26th in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany, have decided to call for days of protest from May 17th to 19th against the crisis dictatorship of the European Union. We resist the disaster that is applied to Greece and other countries, against the impoverishment and denial of rights of millions of people and the practical abolition of democratic procedures resulting from the decisions of the Troika consisting of ECB, EU and IMF.

The days of protest in Frankfurt directly succeed to the International Action Day on May 12th and the anniversary of the first assembly in Madrid on May 15th. We are therefore sending a visible sign of solidarity to those people in Europe who have been and are resisting against the debtocracy of the Troika and the attacks on their livelihood and their future. Simultaneously, protests are being organised in the US against the G8 Summit in Chicago.

The choice of Frankfurt for the protests results from the role that the city has as headquarters of the European Central Bank (ECB) and of powerful German and international banks and corporations.

On May 17, we will occupy parks and main squares of the city to create spaces for discussion and exchange. On May 18, we will block the running business of banks in Frankfurt and turn our anger about the Troika's policies into action. We will gather for a large demonstration on May 19 and visualise the broad base of the protests. From many countries and regions of the world people will travel to Frankfurt and participate in the days of protest.

The success of the protests requires a mobilisation that is actively supported by as many as possible: the Occupy movement, the initiatives of unemployed and the crisis alliances, trade unionists, Attac, the environmental and peace movement, migrants', youth and students' organisations, anti-racist, anti-fascist and left groups, activists of various local struggles and the Left Party.

The period of mobilisation includes the European action day on March 31st and international Mayday, as well as collective bargaining struggles in Germany that have our solidarity.

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International solidarity against the Crisis-headquarters of the Troika forces


We would like to discuss the following ideas for actions:
After the demonstration at the EZB construction site on March 31, in the frame of the European day of action, May 1 will be a common day of protests, in solidarity with the trade-union members.
Also taking place on March 31 there will be a preparatory meeting in Milan, in order to intensify the international coordination of the next global action days from May 12-15, 2012. These global action days will also take place throughout all of Germany. With the wind of the global protests against our backs, a multitude of actions will take place in Frankfurt and worldwide. Let’s block the financial sector of Frankfurt, like the Occupistas did in the Oakland harbor. The goal will be to focus our numbers on resolute actions, in order to create an unmissable sign of solidarity. Together, determined, in solidarity, we will be successful! Let’s then benefit from the momentum we gather in May and continue to strike against the banks as well as the German government!

The specific date of the blockade in Frankfurt (sometime between May 12-31) will be determined at the Action Conference. After the blockade, the protests will hopefully become a permanent fixture in Frankfurt through the rest of the summer. The Action Conference will begin on Friday, February 24 at 19.30 with an evening event, and will end on Sunday at 13.00 with a common plenary session.

With the help of workshops, plenary sessions, working groups, talkshows, and mumble-conferences, we will come to an understanding, and begin to plan and organize ourselves. Let’s do it! Let’s discuss, argue, think outside the box, and devise something new. Finally, let’s follow through on our words, with action!
The European Action Conference will be held in the University buildings of Frankfurt-Bockenheim.

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 statement on the German Finance Minister

How can Schäuble lecture us on Europe while, behind the pro-European rhetoric, austerity is really tearing the continent and its people ever further apart?

Collettivo Prezzemolo


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General Strike – Report from Lisbon


Yesterday was a strange day. the general strike was called by the unions (the CGTP) to protest against the austerity measures. they organized lots of gatherings and marches all over the country. many workers went on strike, although not as many were in the streets.

In Lisbon there were three marches, organized by the unions and social movements, and as a result the city was completely paralyzed for all the day. probably social movements and unions need to be more united, but as you know is a long process and we are doing our best :)
In Porto the protestors “welcomed” the prime minister on his visit to the university chanting “IMF out of Portugal” and he had to run inside the university. One protestor was arrested by police in plainclothes, accused of “throwing carrots”....

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…umsGanze!-TV goes M31


EUROPE: M31-member …umsGanze! has released their Clip for March 31st. It’s entirely in English, and might be useful in other countries, too. M31 – The Movie will be re-released in English this Sunday.

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Resisting Financial Dictatorship – Reclaiming Democracy and Social Rights ! Political declaration & coordinated actions – JSC 2012

With some thirty organizations (unions and social movements, national or European – see “Who are we?” ), we organised on March 29 & 30, 2012, besides the EU Summit our own spring conference, in order to voice the political and social agenda of the European peoples.

Where we come from
1. Last year, the JSC fixed its diagnosis of the crisis. It highlighted the systemic nature of it: financial, economic, social, ecological and political. This crisis shows the failure of a development model and of two decades of neoliberalism. The JSC also denounced the neoliberal character of the response of the governments. European demonstrations (like that of 29/09/2010) could not until now reverse the balance of force. So they must continue. This is not our crisis, and we don’t have to pay for it.

Our diagnosis today
2. Last year we experienced an acceleration of the crisis in Europe. European summits are multiplying, but utterly fail to achieve their stated objectives, namely to “restore confidence in financial markets” and resolve the crisis in the Euro area. A second banking crisis is looming in Europe; austerity policies jointly conducted in all countries are about to provoke a comprehensive recession, and in Greece and other countries, even in a depression. Public debt, unemployment, poverty and inequalities are increasing at an alarming rate.
3. The lesson derived by the European leaders, is not that austerity policies are socially destructive and economically suicidal but that austerity policies do not go far enough. Over the past year, European leaders are working on the project of “economic governance” and are showing an unprecedented institutional activism. Adding successive layers, European leaders plan to make austerity stronger and more irrevocable. After the discrete adoption of the “Six Pack”, introducing the reversed majority vote, the “golden rule” fiscal principle, part of the “Two Pack”, is being adopted in the greatest silence . Two hazardous treaties, related to one another are being ratified (the Treaty on the European Stability Mechanism and the Fiscal Pact). This hardens the fiscal rules and procedures adopted or to be adopted and makes them even more stringent.
According to Mrs Merkel, “the purpose of the Fiscal Pact is to insert a permanent debt brake in the national legislations. These brakes will have an eternal validity and binding! “. The President of the Commission President, J.M. Barroso, speaks of a “silent revolution”....

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What to do ? Our alternatives
8. The JSC requires to stop austerity policies – at the contrary, social rights and public services must be enhanced as a development model – and to follow a different approach to the debt issue. The adoption of austerity policies in times of great economic crisis is the worst political choice. It causes enormous social suffering without making any response to the economic problems that caused the crisis.
9. We believe that the very principle of debt repayment must be questioned. In any case, it cannot take precedence over state sovereignty, the well-being, and the preservation of the environment… as is currently the case in countries subject to the dictates of the Troika and the IMF. We call in all European countries an audit of public debt under citizen’s control to assess the part of the debt which is illegitimate and whose load and reimbursement should not be supported by the citizens. In the most indebted European countries, we demand to first stop the hemorrage of debt service, with possible suspension of payments or other solutions in the interest of the peoples.
10. The debt question poses in an acute way the question of tax justice. We demand : a concerted European tax strategy in favor of the citizens : increasing corporate taxes and tax on higher income; a tax on wealth; a taxation of all financial transactions to raise revenue and curb speculation; a coordinated fight against fraud, tax evasion and corruption.....