The Ever Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor

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The Ever Widening Gap Between Rich and Poor

    A new study by Oxfam found that the richest 1% of the world's population will own 50% of the planet's wealth by the year 2016! It shows the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor in capitalist countries. This contradiction is prevented from exploding through the following means: 1) an abundant technical capacity that is spent in the production and distribution of waste, planned obsolescence, environmental destruction, military products, space junk, cheap gadgets, low-cost technology, and affordable luxury goods that are spread to the broad strata of the Earth's population, thereby increasing the overall standard of living but at the same time concealing the radical inequality and anarchy at the heart of the capitalist system; 2) the concentration and expansion of the police and military state to protect and preserve the rich as well as an anarchic obsolete capitalist system is accomplished through the monopolization and mobilization of economic, political, and technological power, which is combined with a high degree of governmental intervention in the economy and in the private spheres of human life; 3) the passivity and indifference of the masses is further achieved through the scientific manipulation of private and group behavior, both at work and at leisure, including consciousness and the unconscious, for political and economic purposes by a massive propaganda machine that works day and night in support of the capitalist system (i.e., Internet, TV, news media, mass advertising for the latest and fastest gadgets and technology, satellite radio, Hollywood movies, constant political lies and manipulation, the spread of the so-called "terror" threat, atheist diversion from the class struggle, etc, etc,).


    "THE POET IS JUST THE MOUTHPIECE OF THE GODS" - Nietzsche, Human, All Too Human (1878)


    See how he always tries to make believers look like IDIOTS! He is TOO SMART FOR HIS OWN GOOD! However, Reason gave rise to Atheism so it cannot be defeated by Reason.

    Stronger methods are needed:

    Global neo-imperialism through the expansion of international corporations that are really owned and controlled by the very few, the global banking system that is continuously manipulated, and the so-called "peace and security" of world-wide military alliances between the capitalist superpowers forges the new world-wide class of exploiters.

    YOU ARE THE 1%!

    The capitalist superpowers have become the new exploiting class. Bourgeoisification of the proletariat, or their integration into the capitalist system, occurs through the increase of their commodity consumption. The class struggle is no longer confined to national borders but is now of global proportions. Western neo-imperialism has created vast slave labor forces in the so-called "third world." This new parasitic ruling class exploits and abuses its immense technostructure for private profit rather than for the satisfaction of human needs on an international scale.