An Invitation: From Copenhagen to Toronto 2010 - Get Ready for June G8/G20 Meeting in Toronto

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An Invitation: From Copenhagen to Toronto 2010 - Get Ready for June G8/G20 Meeting in Toronto

An Invitation : From Copenhagen to Toronto 2010

"The Group of 8 Leaders and the G20 leaders are meeting in Toronto from the 25th - 27th of June."

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PM Expected to Schmooze Elite Crowd at Davos

"This is a year of extensive activity on the world stage for Harper, who is host of the Group of Eight Summit. Harper will welcome G-8 leaders - from the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and Russia - in Bracebridge, Ont., in June, followed by a meeting of the Group of 20 nations in Toronto...

This years Davos gathering will try to look beyond the recession and focus on 'Improve the State of the World: Rethink, Redesign, Rebuild.."

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Reject, Refract, Regurgitate

If you're on Facebook, join the group Resist Toronto G20 Summit 2010. I'm sure there will  be many protests leading up to and during this ick-fest of oppressors.



Afghanistan, Iran to Top G8 Foreign Ministers' Meeting:

"Canada is putting global security, including the volatile Afghan-Pakistan border situation at the top of the agenda for next month's Group of Eight foreign ministers' meeting; the Canadian Press has learned...

He [Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon] said there will be 3 major topics under discussion - the porous Afghanistan-Pakistan border used by Taliban fighters to evade NATO forces, Iran's nuclear ambitions and strategies for dealing with 'vulnerable states'..

Cannon also touted his relationship with his US counterpart, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, saying: 'I get along marvellously well' with her."


Canada Eyes Seat At UN's Big Table

"The likely membership of Germany, Brazil and India would put Canada on the most muscular (UN Security) council in recent times, alongside the Group of Twenty players...

Since the Harper government announced it was going after a council seat it has campaigned in New York and world capitals with the slogan, 'accountable, reliable, effective'.

Security Council wrangling over major issues in recent times has detracted from its sweeping powers over war and peace - including the ability to invade or punish countries violating international laws and to authorize the International Criminal Court to launch war crimes investigations of world leaders.."

and this will all be put right once Canada's back to flunkying at the UNSC?


Police Visiting Toronto G20 Activists: 'Intimidation and Harassment' Claimed

"Toronto - Activists protesting the G20 are claiming that numerous visits by police in recent weeks have involved intimidation and harassment.."

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That is the norm in Canada.  The RCMP just did the same thing in the lead up to the Olympics.  If you are politically active and oppose imperialism you get visits by the secret police and your friends and relatives get interviewed so everyone gets the message.  Gotta love democracy if only we could find an example of.

They came for the anti-imperialist activists and I did nothing because I wasn't an activist has a nice ring to it.

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G8/G20 sites:
 the Community Mobilization Network:
the People's Summit:
I'm also keeping people up to date from the Facebook site if you want to join:!/group.php?gid=284064558762


Attempt to Dictate Protest Site Angers G20 Activists:

"Activists planning to protest next month's G20 summit (June 26-27 Metro Convention Center) said yesterday they will continue to organize demonstrations at various locations throughout the city, despite plans by officials to confine protests to a 'designated speech area' in downtown Toronto.."

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From May 20 to 22nd, the leaders of the world’s richest research
universities will gather for the third-annual G8 University Summit. The Vancouver Community Mobilization Network calls for all those who oppose the agenda of free trade, privatization, and market deregulation that the G8/G20 stands for to mobilize against this spectacle of greed and global inequality!


WE ATE THE G8 TEACH-IN: Thursday May 13th 7PM-9PM. Take Back UBC Robson Square! Students and Educators share their experiences of resistance to the corporate school system, and explore alternative education models.

8PM-3AM. 459 East Hastings.

WE ATE THE G8 PEOPLE’S SUMMIT: Saturday May 15th 10-2PM. SFU Harbour Centre. Day of workshops

THE PEOPLE'S STREET SUMMIT: Friday, May 21st Vancouver. Vancouver Art Gallery 3PM: March. Canada Place 4PM Bringing their Summit to the Ground! Join us for a rally in opposition to the G8 University Summit. While the university is with the elites, we will be on the streets!


on US Kerry-Lieberman climate change bill:

"Friends of the Earth president Erich Pica said, “The bill would hand billions in giveaways to corporate polluters, including the oil, coal, nuclear and agribusiness industries, while creating a risky new subprime carbon market for Wall Street traders. All this is in exchange for pollution reduction goals far weaker than what scientists say are needed.”

I am really glad Wall Street derivatives trading in pollution and credits is critiqued.

Hopefully mechanisms can be described further, and more Canadian environmental groups understand and critique the mechanisms.

I still get a sense that many 'green' groups here think market creation of carbon credits can support environmental projects.

They don't see past the initial funds provided for those credits/projects, nor what happens to the credits beyond the initial offsets.

Everyone knows the obvious - that a carbon credit will cancel out a pollution permit.  More total pollution occurs if offset projects are ineffective or over-rated.

Few consider what might happen when credits in the derivatives game are bundled, leveraged, hedged against, swapped, reverse swapped, and otherwise manipulated in combination with similar manipulations of currencies, interest rates, insurance rates, fossil fuel and 'green' corporate derivatives values. 

Major financial interests can manipulate markets to bring down entire countries and regions that don't hand themselves over on a platter, and can destroy environmental initiatives similarly. 

Environmental groups that refuse to grapple with the issue of derivatives gaming ignore the current root cause of eco-destruction.

An environmental movement which avoids grappling with derivatives gaming, and the 'trade' deals and 'regulatory' clauses which entrench the rights of gamers, will find its efforts at protection rolled back.

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Thursday May 13th 7pm-9pm
Take Back UBC Robson Square!

Food, warm beverages, childcare, and bus tickets will be available.

Students and Educators share their experiences of resistance to the corporate school system, and explore alternative education models


>>> JANE BOUEY on the impacts of recent funding cuts on public education
in Vancouver
>>> ANDREA MORGAN on the (un)sustainable university: rethinking food, land
and community
>>> DUSTIN RIVERS on teaching language and anti-colonial education in
indigenous communities
>>> MYKA ABRAMSON on the G8 and G20, the Olympics and the Future of Public
>>> SUMAYYA KASSAMALI on the G8 University Summit, UBC and the G8, and
global summit resistance
>>> ANTHONY MEZA-WILSON on emancipatory education: a vehicle for social

Join the We Ate the G8 Teach In on Facebook

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Free workshops to build resistance!

Saturday May 15th
10:00 am - 2:00 pm
SFU Harbour Centre
515 West Hastings Street

[ full schedule is below ]

Followed by Action to support False Promises on False Creek
Rally for affordable housing
Science World (By Main St skytrain station)


Occupation, Globalization, and Displacement
[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 2290 ]

A workshop that will explore the specific processes of the G8 and direct complicity in empire-building, militarization, corporate globalization, mass displacement and creation of poverty, destruction of the land, and restrictive border policing. This workshop will also discuss ways to resist the G8 and similar institutions from an anti-capitalist, anti-colonial, and anti-oppression framework. Workshop will be facilitated by No One Is Illegal Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories

Emancipatory Education
[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 2280 ]

Everyone has some experience with education. Did your experience liberate you? Come prepared to share in this participatory workshop where we explore the possibilities for education as a vehicle for social transformation. We will have some conversations about emancipatory vs. totalitarian schooling, education and the global market economy, and community grassroots initiatives for education. Hopeful you will walk away with a head brimming with ideas and some connections to help make educational change an inevitability in your community.

Does Capitalism make you Sick? Health Inequalities and the Drive to
[ 10:30 - noon, ROOM 1510 ]

Join organizers from the Alliance for People's Health in a popular
education session on understanding the economic roots of our ill-health. Share your experiences with health care and the social determinants of health. Educate yourself about the trends towards privatization in health and social services including the recent BC government attacks on welfare and disability. Envision and learn about grassroots approaches to educate, organize and mobilize our communities into action.

Localizing Resistance to Trade Agreements
[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 1510 ]

An interactive workshop on developing new strategies to challenge neo-liberal trade agreements. New strategies are aimed to empower local community based organizing against trade agreements, something that is often difficult for campaigns that focus on the decisions of national or provincial governments. The current economic crisis and increasing public awareness of environmental and climate concerns provides an opportunity to re-examine campaigns against trade agreements.

Street Tactics Workshop
[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 2290 ]

An overview of the different strategies used by demonstration to prevent harm on their side and improve chances to achieve their goals. A rough overview of maneuvers used by anti-globalization protests on the east coast to protect themselves and overcome police forces.

Uprooting Journalism
[ 12:15 - 1:45, ROOM 2280 ]

The Vancouver Media Co-op invites you to a discussion about bringing journalism back to the grassroots. Questions to be explored include what kind of skills do people want and need in order to work as rebel reporters? How can the VMC nourish our movements and foster horizontal communication? What tools, techniques and tips do media makers and activists have to get our issues into the media? VMC collective members will also introduce our programs this summer, including hands-on video and radio opportunities, stories to cover (including the G20 in Toronto), and upcoming investigative journalism workshops.

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Bringing their Summit to the Ground!

Join us for a rally in opposition to the G8 University Summit.

Friday, May 21st
Vancouver Art Gallery 3PM: March
Canada Place 4PM
Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

Endorsed by:

Check Your Head, City Wide Housing Coalition, Comuna of the Popular Indigenous Council of Oaxaca (CIPO), Delta/Richmond Chapter of The Council of Canadians, East Vancouver Abolitionists, Food Not Bombs,, Justicia for Migrant Workers, No One Is Illegal -Vancouver, No One is Illegal-Toronto, Oil Sands Truth, Pink Resistance, Purple Thistle Centre, The Rational on Coop Radio, Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group, Siraat Collective, Social Justice Centre - UBC, Student Environment Centre - UBC, Teaching Support Staff Union ? SFU, Toronto Community Mobilization Network, VANACT, UBC Colour-Connected Against Racism, Vancouver Seattle Womyn's Action Network, Vancouver Status for Women.

To endorse this rally or for more information email


Militant Resistance to the G8 in Vancouver

"On May 21 delegates from universities across the world gathered at the Pan Pacific Rim Hotel for the G8 Educational Summit, a notorious closed-door meeeting known to be geared towards the commercialization of education and research.."

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G8/G20 Communiqué blog on rabble to keep activists up to date on activist happenings for the upcoming G8 and G20 Summit protesta in late June in Huntsville (G8) and Toronto (G20) Ontario:


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