Join The Global March To Jerusalem : Palestine Land Day, March 30, 2012

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Join The Global March To Jerusalem : Palestine Land Day, March 30, 2012

World VIPs Unite For GMJ

"...The defense of Jerusalem and its liberation are a duty of all free people around the world and we call on all institutions, organizations, and individuals to participate in this duty..

We support the non-negotiable and inalienable rights of the Palestinian People, including their families, to return to their homes and lands from which they were uprooted...

The Global March to Jerusalem does not represent any one faction or political party, but we call for participation by all social forces, political factions and ideologies.."

Join!  Endorse!  Spread The Word Widely! Free Palestine!


IJV Canada Endorses the Global March to Jerusalem

"The Steering Committee of International Jewish Voices Canada has voted to endorse the Global March to Jerusalem, an international non-violent event taking place in Jerusalem on March 30.

THe Global March will unite Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians and Jews in an effort to end the Israeli government's disregard for international law in its continuing occupation of Jerusalem and other regions of Palestine.

It is hoped that the event will be a turning point in the ongoing crisis by forcing the government of Israel to face the marchers' demand of freedom for Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.."


JDL Urgent Meeting to Counter the Hamas-Inspired Global March to Jerusalem

"The anti-Israel cabal are planning a series of simultaneous protest marches for March 30, 2012 in every major city at Israeli Embassies and Consulates.."

more info and meet the local zios


Global March To Jerusalem North America

"Join thousands of Palestinians and supporters from all over the world who will be marching on March 30, 2012 to oppose Israeli apartheid and ethnic cleansing, to demand access to Jerusalem for all people, and to uphold Palestinian rights under international law, including refugees right  of return."

One wonders how the local marches to Israeli consulates and embassies are going to come off here in Canada, since there appears to be practically no media or advance publicity that I have seen. One wonders why, since the Canadian Peace Alliance is listed so prominently as an 'endorser', there is no mention of it anywhere on the cpa website?  If someone else wonders why this is, they can email their questions to the Canadian Peace Alliance at   Given that this is supposed to be an international effort, the Canadian response appears, as is frequntly the case in such things,  to be distinctly underwhelming.

MARCH 30, 2011


They must have at least some clue as to what the majority of the world's citizens think of zionism, just as Harper might have an inkling of what most Canadians would consider fair in the matter.  But just as pipeline protesters and blockade runners are terrorists, and now marchers the world over are Hamas inspired and are therefore terrorists by association before they even take one step forward, no minds will be changed by any of this.  This power can't be bargained with or petitioned to.  It must be left to rot in place and thus deposed and smothered under it's own dead weight, left to rot without a shred of investment by anyone into its sense of self-importance, including it's hangers on and wannabe replicas.


March To Al-Quds Convoy Arrives in Tehran (and vid)

"More than one hundred Asian peace activists from various organizations and committees have arrived in Tehran as part of the global march to Al - Quds.."



'And so, on March 30, they plan to have 1 Million marchers gathering on Israel's land borders, with the aim of converging upon Jerusalem. They are also calling for protests at all Israel embassies and Consulates..'

Friday, March 30, 2012

3:00 - 7:00 PM

Israel Consulate

180 Bloor St West

Toronto, Ontario

due to the complete absence of information on the websites of 'endorsers' regarding the upcoming March 30 local protests, the information was nonetheless discovered instead on the website of JDL-Canada. Please forward the info to those who may be interested. Clearly some 'endorsers' don't seem to be...


Canadian Boat to Gaza - Join The Global March To Jerusalem

"Around the world solidarity actions will also take place to support the demands of the GMJ: an end to the Zionist policies of apartheid, ethnic cleansing and Judaisation of occupied territories..

The Canadian Boat to Gaza calls on all Canadians of conscience to join GMJ, or support it in any way they can"


March 24: March To Jerusalem: Fundraiser for Eva Bartlett

"Eva Bartlett (sometimes referred to as 'Canada's Rachel Corrie') is hosting a fundraiser to raise money to enable her to participate in the Global March to Jerusalem. At the event, Eva will give a powerful presentation of daily life in Gaza as she witnessed it during her tour serving as a human shield for Palestinians in Gaza. Please attend

Sat. March 24, 2012

2:00-4:00 PM

Beit Zatoun House

612 Markham St, Toronto


IDF Gears Up For Global March To Jerusalem,7340,L-4207629,00.html

"The IDF is gearing up to a possible storming of Israeli borders as part of the Global March to Jerusalem set for Friday, March 30. Israel has issued a clear warning to Arab states and the Palestinian Authority against allowing the march. Over the weekend, the London-based-al-Sharq-al-Awsat newspaper reported that Israel sent a warning to the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Hamas in Gaza and the Palestinian Authority following the Nakba and Naksa day events. Israel demanded that they not allow marches on its borders which could escalate the situation in the region.

Meanwhile, Israel's Higher Arab Monitoring Committee is planning on holding the annual Land Day events this weekend. Palestinian flags will be the only flag to be flown and it will be flown at all events. They have decided that this year's events which will take place on Friday will be commemorated under the heading 'Save The Lands and Prevent Judaization of Jerusalem.' Thousands are said to take part in the main parade in Dir Hana in the lower Galilee.

Monitoring Committee chairman Muhammad Zidan told Ynet that 'the subject of lands has been very sensitive and important and we must continue in our struggle against land expropriation in the sector. 'Land Day reminds us of the martyrs who have fallen and deserve to be remembered,' Zidar added: 'We have demanded that the police not enter Arab towns,."


Thousands Of Moroccans Hold Massive Anti-Israel Rally

"Tens of thousands of protesters have held a massive anti-Israel rally in Morocco's capital city of Rabat, demanding the liberation of Al Aqsa Mosque. The demonstration was held in front of the Moroccan parliament and is said to be part of the 'Global March to al-Quds (Jerusalem), which is scheduled to commemorate the Palestinian Land Day on March 30.

Protesters set Israeli flags on fire, calling for the freedom of the Al Aqsa Mosque from Israeli occupation. The protest also forced an Israeli diplomat attending an international conference in the city to leave Morocco immediately amid high anti-Israel sentiment..."


The Global March to Jerusalem

"..The march will unite the efforts of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews and all citizens of conscience in the world to put an end to Israel's disregard for international law through the continuing occupation of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestinian land.."


The Canadian Peace Alliance, listed as an 'endorser' of the Global March to Jerusalem, has not thought it necessary to make any mention of GMJ on their website. Nor is any mention made there of Canadian solidarity actions. No wonder the national peace and anti-war movement is in such a moribund condition. After much searching elsewhere...

Toronto Solidarity With Global March to Jerusalem

Friday, March 30, 5-6 PM, SW Corner Bloor and Avenue Road - Across from 180 Bloor W,

In Front of the ROM.

Viva Viva Al Quds! Viva Viva Palestina!


March To Jerusalem: A Look From Beirut

"The first Global March to Jerusalem will take off in dozens of cities across the world following a noon prayer on Friday, March 30. The street action planned in Lebanon is expected to be the most politicized. RT correspondent Nadezhda Kevorkova follows the preparations for the event in Beirut..."

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NDPP wrote:

The Canadian Peace Alliance, listed as an 'endorser' of the Global March to Jerusalem, has not thought it necessary to make any mention of GMJ on their website. Nor is any mention made there of Canadian solidarity actions. No wonder the national peace and anti-war movement is in such a moribund condition. After much searching elsewhere...

Toronto Solidarity With Global March to Jerusalem

Friday, March 30, 5-6 PM, SW Corner Bloor and Avenue Road - Across from 180 Bloor W,

In Front of the ROM.

Viva Viva Al Quds! Viva Viva Palestina!

The Boycott Israeli Aprtheid Campaign (Vancouver) considered organizing an action in solidarity with the Global March to Jerusalem, but we ultimately decided against it, not because we don't think it's important -- it is -- but because we were involved in a lot of other Palestine work in March, and could not find time to meet and organize it.

We were the main organizing force behind the Gaza Children's Art Show -- though some other groups were also involved -- and we also organized two events in conjunction with Israeli Apartheid week. We usually meet every two weeks, but went almost a month between meetings -- first because folks didn't want to meet the week that folks were puting in lots of volunteer hours on the Gaza art show, then because we had difficulty finding a meeting date that enough of us could meet (we have about a dozen or so members who attend meetings). We didn't get to meet until this Wednesday, and we couldn't organize anything in two days.

The Canadian Peace Alliance hasn't really ever done work on Palestine as a national organization afaik. I also believe that Vancouver's Stopwar Coalition, with which I'm also an active member, is the only peace/anti-war group that meets regularly -- we have about ten active members and usually get half to three quarters out to meetings.

Stopwar fully supports the Palestinian struggle, but we don't see it as our job to be a coordinating group for Palestine solidarity in Vancouver. We're more concerned with the ongoing Canadian presence in Afghanistan, the "Peace and Prosperity, Not War and Austerity" campaign of the Canadian Peace Alliance -- which includes opposing the Canadian governments spending on F-35s and warships ect., and the threats of war against Iran.


Breaking News; Israeli Forces Open Fire on Palestinian West Bank, Forces on Alert on Lebanon, Syria Borders,

Israel Begins New Air and Ground Assaults on Gaza

Press TV will broadcast continuing coverage of events in Palestine and the Global March to Al Quds (Jerusalem): Watch live:


'Dear CIJA'

"Dear CIJA (The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs)

Thank you for announcing the BUYcott of Israel products to counter the 'March on Jerusalem'. This is a great idea!...

Other non-Jewish colleagues of mine will be coming from Hamilton and Caledonia (where anti-Israel groups have helped foment the lawlessness in that tortured community...)"


Colonialsim and Genocide from Caledonia to Israel - Settlers Supporting Settlers

From Six Nations to Palestine  - Resist and Defend!


[url= dies as Palestinians mark Land Day[/url]


Israeli troops have shot dead a Palestinian man in northern Gaza after a day of protest which saw thousands of people rallying to mark Land Day, a medical spokesman said.

Israeli security forces also fired rubber coated bullets, tear gas and stun grenades to break up groups of Palestinian demonstrators in the occupied West Bank on Friday.

At least 121 people were injured in clashes at the Qalandiya checkpoint on the outskirts of Jerusalem, mostly from tear gas inhalation, medical sources told Al Jazeera.

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Pictures do say a 1,000 words.

FFS. When do we grow up?


Palestine Unity, International Support Stops Israeli (and vid)

"A distinguished political activist says Palestinians must unite together with support from the international community - and stop Israeli aggression on their lands. Press TV conducts an interview with Kholoud al Hussein and others..."

good discussion of 2-state/1 state issue


Death and Mayhem On Land Day (and vids)  -  by Mazim Qumsyeh

"The attempts by teh Zionist manipulated media to hide and ignore the brutality of the apartheid regime is backfiring. More and more people stopped seeking news vis these corporate outlets and started to get news directly via blogs, live feed, email etc.."


Marwan Barghouti Placed In Solitary Confinement in Israeli Jail After Call for Popular Uprising

"Imprisoned Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti who last week called on Palestinians to commence a popular uprising against Israel, has been placed in solitary confinement in Hadarim prison, and denied his rights to see visitors. Barghouti, who also called on Palestinians to put an immediate stop to negotiations with Israel, made the remarks before Land Day last Friday, when thousands of Palestinians protested to mark the death of six Israeli Arabs in 1976,

The imprisoned Fatah commander, who is serving five life sentences, sent the missive stating that 'The Palestinian Authority must stop all coordination with Israel - economic and security - and work toward Palestinian reconciliation,' an unusual turn for the Fatah leader, who called for a complete halt in peace negotiations with Israel..."