Montreal demo in support of Haitian asylum-seekers

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Montreal demo in support of Haitian asylum-seekers

(Sunday August 6th, noon, Olympic Stadium) Refugees In, Racists Out! Emergency Demonstration in Support of Migrants and Refugees

Actually, in the press here, there has been a very positive viewpoint on the Haitians leaving Trumpland, with photos of families, cute little kids, a Haitian-Montréalaise nurse clinician volunteering at the Olympic shelter etc. But as we know, there are some very xenophobic groups around such as La Meute and Pegida.

I want to point out that I don't necessarily agree with everything Solidarity Across Borders says; and one need not in order to support these people who are being mistreated by the blowhard to the south...


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Incredible numbers keep coming. We've seen a lot more coming into Manitoba, too, but Quebec gets a lot more crossing. I think we need to ditch the agreement with the US. It clearly isn't working.