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Thomas Berger, eh!

John Horgan couldn't do better than this to try and block the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

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Ian Anderson needs to at the moment STFU!


Let's see how many right-wing NDP bashers rightwinger Keith Baldrey can fit into a rightwing Global News article, eh!

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Show your support for the B.C. government's action against Kinder Morgan

B.C. Environment Minister George Heyman just announced that Kinder Morgan “cannot put shovels in the ground” on public land, without further consultation with First Nations. [1]

The B.C. government is throwing a wrench in Kinder Morgan’s plans to start pipeline construction this September, and signalling that even tougher actions could be coming soon.

They pledged to join First Nations fighting the federal pipeline approval in court, and appointed a high-powered legal counsel who “literally wrote the book on stopping pipelines” by including Indigenous perspectives. [2]

With the BC government on our side, our chances to stop the pipeline are better than ever. But the government is already facing major backlash from big oil lobbyists and the BC Liberals. In the next few days, they will pull out all stops to convince the government to soften their stance. 

If we want the government to stand firm in their opposition to Kinder Morgan, they need to know voters support strong action against the pipeline.

Will you let the BC Government know you support bold action to defend the B.C. coast and uphold Indigenous rights?