Occupy Wall Street calls for General Strike May 1

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Occupy Wall Street calls for General Strike May 1


Spring is Coming

What is #M1GS?

Worldwide, May 1st is traditionally a ‘Workers’ day – a day of Labor Solidarity, and a public holiday. It’s a day to celebrate and march in support of im/migrant rights. In protest against the corruption of the worldwide marketplace, which has led to illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages, high taxes and a penalization of all those who do not own the ‘99%’ of the world’s resources, and in solidarity with the im/migrant movements of May 1st, we decided to declare May 1st, 2012 a People’s General Strike. Instead of calling upon unionized Labor to make a specific demand (illegal under Taft-Hartley), we are calling upon the people of the world to take this day away from school and the workplace, so that their absence makes their displeasure with this corrupt system be known.

Not your usual general strike

Most Occupy May Day advocates understand that a conventional general strike is not in the cards. What they are advocating instead is a day in which members of the “99%” take whatever actions they can to withdraw from participation in the normal workings of the economic system -- by not working if that is an option, but also by not shopping, not banking, and not engaging in other “normal” everyday activities, and by joining demonstrations, marches, disruptions, occupations, and other mass actions. 

This is the pattern that was followed by the Oakland General Strike last November. Those who wanted to and could – a small minority – didn’t go to work. There was mass participation in rallies, marches, educational, and artistic events and a free lunch for all. At the end of the day a march, combined with some walkouts, closed the Port of Oakland.    The mostly peaceful “general strike,” in contrast to later violent Oakland confrontations, won wide participation and support.

Labour isn't coming along

“It won’t happen,” said Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union and one of the first labor leaders to embrace the Occupy movement. “They are not working with the unions in a serious way yet; nor are the unions working with them in a serious way. And it is the wrong strategy.”

“I think the concept is a great one but the reality is very tough,” said Arthur Cheliotes, the President of Local 1180, Communications Workers of America and a stalwart of the New York left.

The United States hasn’t seen a general strike — generally thought of as a moment when workers in a region or metropolitan area, across industries, walk off the job in class solidarity — since 1946, when an estimated 130,000 workers stopped working in Oakland. Other countries with different laws for organized labor – France is a famous example – experience general strikes more frequently, and theirs can be crippling to large public systems like transportation.

Here, however, the 1947 Taft-Hartley act, which sets the conditions between labor and management, protected some labor actions but outlawed general strikes, and make national Occupy calls for a May 1 general strike a very heavy lift.

“We’re public sector workers—we take a day off for a general strike and we’re fined two days’ pay,” said Cheliotes. “I don’t think my members are inclined to engage in that process.”

Even Transit Workers Union Local 100, the New York City subway union with a tradition of being one of the most radical mainstream unions in the country, won’t take a side.

“I don’t think we’d take a position on that,” said Cheska Tolentino, a TWU Local 100 organizer in New York, whose union is still paying the price for a 2005 strike courts ruled illegal.


(Poster by Molly Crabapple and John Leavitt)

Issues Pages: 

" ... we are calling upon the people of the world ... "

Perhaps they should learn some humility. Organize a general strike in the U.S. (sometime this century maybe), and then perhaps the "people of the world" will be persuaded that some U.S. leftists have something to teach them.


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That 1947 Taft-Hartley is a sucky law. They should work at getting it overturned.

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[url=http://socialistworker.org/2012/02/29/strike-call-that-wont-call-a-strike]A strike call that won't call a strike|Socialist Worker[/url]

A general strike might be a bit too far out of the comfort zone for most people in the U.S., where last year, there were fewer than 20 strikes involving 1,000 workers or more, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

No doubt there are many workers who would like to go on strike against their employer and problems at their workplace. But the question is whether they have the confidence that anyone else they work with would strike with them.


The danger in calling a general strike when it likely will fall flat is that this further delegitimizes the strike as a tactic for working people looking to fight back. This is even more likely to happen when a small number of people attempt to disrupt production--through blockades or pickets of workplaces--but haven't made the effort to win support from the majority or even a significant minority of the people who work there.

Perhaps this is what is intended when some radicals argue today for "disrupting the system" or redefining the term "strike" so that a strike doesn't necessarily need the support of workers involved. This runs counter to what socialists see as the key feature of the strike--the collective struggle of workers to stop production in a workplace, which can break down divisions among them and helps workers see their potential to affect larger change.

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..their calling not just at ows but in europe as well for a decentralization of control over our lives. building a new world inside the old. in the mean time all current structures are being challenged everywhere. this is a brand new time and it is a part of us and we don't know where it's headed. except that if we don't get are act together in a timely way we face disaster and despair to depths where greece will begin to look good. for me and only for me, a long time union man, i say take the lead because i sure as hell don't have the answer.

General strike marks another step forward for indignados


On the other hand, it also contained an emerging form in the repertoire of collective action which has only recently begun to take its first steps, but which, if we look back to the previous general strike of 29 September 2010, appears to be maturing remarkably fast. What we see is that the general union strike is giving birth to another kind of strike: the metropolitan strike, protagonised by the precariat and animated by networks of activists who are constantly learning, aggregating and experimenting with a variety of tactics.

The metropolitan strike goes beyond the old repertoire of transport paralysis, factory paralysis and the collapse of production from inside the workplace to reveal another innovative and dynamic repertoire that is capable of synergistically projecting movement-based politics beyond their traditional forms and achievements: strategically located universities had been occupied since Monday to strengthen transport blockades, a consumption strike which gave people who couldn’t strike a chance to participate, metropolitan picket lines made up of women, youth, immigrants or senior citizens, and black bloc-style anonymity facilitating targeted property destruction (including the a small-scale casino heist) all contributed to the success of 29M. Once again, the tactical richness of a multitude that ignores the institutional limitations of the concerted social action favoured by mainstream unions proved surprisingly effective (surprising, at least, to the ruling elite)....



The evolution of this new repertoire is no easy task. It has yet to be institutionalized or clearly define a common strategy. And the traditional left, after years of focusing on resistance and defensive positions, has on many occasions viscerally and ideologically attacked these types of actions without offering any alternatives beyond those traditional forms of action and representation over which they maintain a certain hegemony. But this matters less and less, and the wave of mobilizations continues to leave a trail of successes in its wake: the 29F and 17N educational mobilizations, the 15O global day of action, the birth of the indignados movement on 15M and the general strike and Bank of Spain occupation of 29S are just some of these landmark moments of its still recent history.

This wave is unstoppable, at least as long as the political regime does not change course, which doesn’t seem likely. In fact, this past summer the Partido Socialista and Partido Popular agreed to shield the regime against all possibilities of change by modifying the Constitution of 1978 to include a balanced budget amendment that was not submitted to public debate or referendum. Despite the indignados’ persistent calls for a substantial modification of electoral law, the ruling parties, obscene beneficiaries of the status quo, are apparently willing to uphold this fundamental component of their dominance for as long as possible.


Why set themselves up to fail? If large numbers of people won't actually be ditching work for the day, it's not a general strike. They're trying to run before they can walk and it won't work.

Jacob Richter

catchfire, I copied and pasted from my post in another board altogether when I stated "worth posting in two forums."  I didn't notice your original thread here.  My bad.

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Weekly Marches on Wall Street Each Friday! 2PM LIBERTY SQUARE

On Friday, March 16, 2012, at 2PM, Occupy Wall Street will converge in the streets once again and launch the first in a series of spring training marches from Liberty Square to Wall Street in preparation for May Day, a day of massive economic non-compliance and strike. These marches will occur weekly and will allow occupiers to practice various street tactics and theatrics. For the first march, participants are encouraged to wear athletic gear, don their game face, and prepare to make the 1% feel the burn!

Organizers say besides growing comfortable employing various tactics with each other in actions, the intention of these marches are to strengthen the community to make upcoming campaigns and efforts, like reoccupation, as successful as possible.

After organizing, training, learning, growing, and working together for the winter months, Occupy is returning back to the basics as done in September: accessible direct actions to strengthen our community and voice our grievances to the 1%. Crimes by Wall Street brought us here and the 99% will continue to drive the message home and make civil unrest tangible.

The schedule is as follows: Meet at 2 PM in Liberty Square for sign making and a short march tactics training. At 3 PM occupiers will march to Wall Street and descend on the New York Stock Exchange to counter the closing bell with “The People’s Gong.” Following the march there will be a potluck dinner at 60 Wall Street.

Join Occupy Wall Street for spring training!

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6 Ways to Get Ready for the May 1st GENERAL STRIKE


We are getting ready. Planning is already underway in dozens of cities. Labor organizers, immigrants’ rights groups, artists, Occupiers, faith leaders, and more have all joined in the discussion to get ready. Now, all we need is you. Keep reading to find out how you can get involved!


Now, in response to call-outs from Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy Chicago, Occupy Oakland, and other General Assemblies and affinity groups, the Occupy Movement is preparing to mobilize a General Strike this May 1st in solidarity with struggles already underway to defend the rights of workers, immigrants, and other communities who are resisting oppression. Dozens of Occupations in cities and towns throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia have already endorsed May Day. Here is just a taste of events in the works for New York City:

  • 8am-4pm: Midtown action staging zone in Bryant Park.
  • Disruptive actions in midtown all day! Hit the 1% where they live and prevent them from getting to work. Let's make this a Day Without the 1%, as well!
  • Family friendly, free food, a really, REALLY free market, skillshares, workshops, lectures, art, fun and more!
  • 4pm: March to Union Square for solidarity march
  • 5:30pm: Solidarity march from Union Square to Wall St.
  • 7pm: March to staging area for evening actions

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..i post this to show how strong occupy is this moment.
Wall Street: #Occupied

For the first time since our movement against economic inequality and political corruption began, Occupy Wall Street is literally occupying Wall Street. As of 3am eastern time, over 40 Occupiers are sleeping on Wall Street near the corner of Broad across from the New York Stock Exchange. Everyone angry at the greed of the financial system is encouraged to bring a sleeping bag! Follow on Twitter: #SleepOnWallSt, #SleepfulProtest. Update: Just before 8am Eastern, NYPD arrived with zipties and informed the protesters they had to be out of the way by 8. Occupiers are engaging with stock traders, tourists, workers, and other folks in the financial district and plan to hold an assembly in Liberty Square later.

Background: On March 16, we attempted to peacefully re-occupy Liberty Square (formerly Zucotti Park), the small park just south of Wall Street that had become home to Occupy Wall Street exactly six months earlier. The NYPD had other plans. They attacked us once again. When many homeless Occupiers were left with nowhere to go, many went north to Union Square in midtown Manhattan. Union Square, which has been a central point in popular struggle in New York City for over a century, quickly became an important hub for the Occupy movement as well.

As an excuse to arrest and harass Occupiers, the NYPD began enforcing a midnight park closing rule for the first time in history. In response, Occupiers developed a new tactic: Sleeping on sidewalks directly in front of banks. Rather than allowing the NYPD to muddy our message by re-framing the narrative as ¨police versus protesters,¨ we returned to the banks for our real battle: the 99% versus the 1%. The police merely enforce the system; Wall Street is our real enemy.

On April 6, NYPD gathered once again for the nightly ¨eviction theater¨ only to find Occupiers had moved to the sidewalks and erected a sign declaring their legal right to do so. When police moved in arrest them, Occupiers on livestream read the law permitting sleeping on sidewalks as political protest. In Metropolitan v. Safir, the U.S. District Court covering New York City ruled that ¨ the First Amendment of the United States Constitution does not allow the City to prevent an orderly political protest from using public sleeping as a means of symbolic expression."

The police backed down. The tactic quickly became a model for other Occupations. Occupy DC can be found sleeping outside of a Bank of America near their old encampment at McPherson Square, while Occupy Philadelphia have taken their message and sleeping bags to Wells Fargo on Chestnut Street, near occupied Independence Mall.

Now, the tactic has been applied to, finally, occupy Wall Street.

These bank protests are part of the latest wave of the spring resurgence of Occupy leading up to a major day of demonstration and a General Strike on May 1st. From the Chicago Spring to recent attempted re-occupations in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and many other places, as long as banks keep taking our homes and receiving massive public bailouts from corrupt governments, we will make our discontent known by making our new homes right in front of them.

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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Trans, and Gender Non-Confirming Contingent for May Day NYC

When: Monday, April 16, 2012 - 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Where: Audre Lorde Project: 147 West 24th Street, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10011

via the Audre Lorde Project:
Let's talk about the History of May Day and the intersections that we as LGBTSTGNC People of Color face with the May Day demands of jobs, legalization and stopping deportations!

SPANISH INTERPRETATION AVAILABLE. Interpretación en español está disponible.

MAY DAY 2012: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Two-Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming Contingent!

Since founding the Audre Lorde Project has been building an organizing space for LGBTSTGNC immigrants of color in New York City. Within these communities, we have prioritized our work with undocumented folks, low wage workers, and trans and gender non-conforming immigrants of color because we know these are some of the most vulnerable community members in this time and that a true immigrant rights movement will not be successful unless it is these very community members that are leading the way. As LGBTSTGNC immigrants of color, we want to share some of our positions with the broad LGBTSTGNC community, as well as the immigrant rights movement in the U.S.

The Audre Lorde Project, FIERCE, Queers for Economic Justice, Streetwise and Safe and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project have united to organize and form a LGBTSTGNC contingent in May Day for solidarity, support, and visibility. Come join us as we rally and march for immigrant rights. Our movement becomes stronger with each and every one of you!

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May 1st: Occupy the Golden Gate Bridge


called for by the Golden Gate Bridge Labor Coalition

Unite in solidarity with Golden Gate Bridge workers and the international call for a general strike on May Day by blockading the flow of capital to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District on the morning of May Day!

The following resolution was passed unanimously by the Occupy Oakland General Assembly on Sunday, April 15:

If any of the unions on the Golden Gate bridge declare a strike or shutdown action on May Day, we will act in solidarity with these striking workers and the international call for a general strike on May Day, by blockading the flow of capital to the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. This will be accomplished by a collaboration of pickets and direct action which will shut down all modes of transportation from Marin to San Francisco.

Time: 7am
Location: Golden Gate Bridge SF Toll Plaza
Bus pickup locations:
6am 19th and Telegraph Oakland
6am B. Manning (Justin Herman) Plaza San Francisco

Endorsed by:
Occupy Oakland
Occupy SF
Occupy San Francisco Action Council
Jobs With Justice

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#M1GS 101

WTF is M1GS? What are the caravans? 4 winds? There’s too much happening – how do I get involved? I don’t have a car. What’s the point? Yeah, I’m hearing this all day long. So here’s your handy 101 guide to getting involved, complete with links.

#M1GS stands for May 1st General Strike. Occupy LA called for a General Strike back in November. It was approved by the GA, and all the other Occupations took up the call, along with those unions in contract disputes, unions not in contract dispute who want to participate without going against Taft-Hartley, The Black Riders, The Brown Berets, and various other radical left organizations in and around LA.

How are we going to have a General Strike if folks can’t ‘officially’ strike? By calling in sick to work. By school walk outs. And by disrupting the flow of Capital on Mayday. This isn’t that hard to do. Mayday is a big day for immigrants rights in LA. Marches happen all day long. People are used to taking the day off to march. It’s what you do on Mayday. And this Mayday will be no different. Except we’re not just going to march from point A to point B, to protest against the injustices immigrants have to endure in this country. We’re going to converge on downtown LA from four distinct points: NORTH, SOUTH, EAST and WEST with the intent to shut this city down in order to clearly and forcefully articulate the voice that the establishment continues to ignore, our voice which proclaims: we have had enough. We have had enough of being treated like dirt because we are im/migrants, we are brown, we are black, we are poor, we are women, we are queer, we are workers, we are students, we are young, we are old. The 1%’s deliberate oppression and fostering of divisions in order to maintain their iron grip on the government and finances of this country must end.

So what happens on the day? You need to locate a Wind near you on OccupyMay1st.Org. Each wind will be comprised of caravans of moving vehicles – MAYDAY MOBILES. These will be decorated cars, vans, bicycles, skateboarders, rollerbladers – anything and everything. We need to reach CRITICAL MASS with a variety of vehicles, and we need folks to commit to bringing their transportation along to a chosen wind, and giving people rides on the day. Each wind will start in the late morning, from about 10am to 11am, park somewhere nearby, and converge on foot to 6th and Main Street in downtown LA at around 2.30 / 3pm, for food and a secret direct action.

It’s really important people commit to a wind, not just the convergence block party / action, and while we love folks who show up on the day, giving us a concrete commitment now would make us very happy activists. You can locate the East, South and West Wind Planning Teams on facebook, or look at the routes and times on OccupyMay1st.Org. While Occupy San Fernando Valley is coming from the North on May 1st, they will be using the Metro, and we still do not have caravan details for the North planned out, so we’re looking for a group who want to take this on.

After the convergence, our Mayday group will join the Southern Californian Immigration Coalition March at 4pm. This march should end at approximately 6pm, giving folks an hour to enjoy music, eat some food and cause financial disruption before having an Occupy LA hosted General Assembly at 7pm.

As we draw closer to M1GS, times and locations may change. Keep checking OccupyMay1st.Org. But whatever happens, we’ll need you and your Mayday Mobiles. If you’d like to be involved in legal support on the day, please email occupylalegal@gmail.com

If you are unable to participate in M1GS, but would like to help with a financial or other contribution, our WePay donations page is here, and we are always grateful for loans / donations of food, water, phones, radios, PA systems, trucks, plain black t-shirts / hoodies, bullhorns, mobile hotspots, battery packs for livestreamers and whatever else you can think of!


..from the M1GS South Wind Caravan

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May 1st Blockade Called For New York Bridges, Tunnels, and Ferries — Commuter Delays Expected


NEW YORK – On May 1, 2012, autonomous direct action groups within Occupy Wall Street, as a part of the global mobilizations for general strike and economic non-compliance, will block one or more Manhattan-bound bridges or tunnels to protest the shameful opulence of the 1%. Working and unemployed people across this country have seen no improvement to their lives in spite of all of the chatter about a recovery from the Financial Crisis of 2008. We don’t care what Obama or Romney say because only working people —domestic laborers, rank and file union members, undocumented workers, restaurant, retail and chain-store workers— can solve today’s problems.

Last fall, when Occupy Wall Street blocked the Brooklyn Bridge for several hours, we were acting within a long line of protest in New York City that stretches back to the so-called Fiscal Crisis of 1975, which much like now, was a bank led assault against working people. In the summer of 1975, striking hospital employees, including doctors and nurses, blocked the Brooklyn Bridge. The bridge was even blocked by thousands of laid-off police, the very people who act as the guard dogs of the 1%. More recently, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Holland Tunnel were shut down during protests of the shooting death of Sean Bell. But this May 1, we will create the biggest shut down the city of New York has ever seen.

We are announcing these blockades now as a fair warning to the rest of the working people of New York and New Jersey who are considering joining the strikes and mobilizations of the day: the city will be shut down, so enjoy the day without the 99%!

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May 1st Public High School Walkout Called by Occupy High


Dear New York City,

We, the students of public education, are here to inform you about the injustice that is taking place in our school system:

* The privatization of our school system
* The budget cuts
* Lack of appropriate leadership
* Malicious closings/phasing out of schools against the communities’ wishes.
* Cell phone policies
* Overcrowded classes & abuse of SAFE rooms
* Over policing of our schools and the criminalization of our youth

We feel that these issues are setting our students up for failure, and we DEMAND a change! We believe that trying to control our schools is just another symptom of the blatant racism in our country similar to the government’s response to the senseless killing of Trayvon Martin.

Because of this, our first action will be a mass student walkout on May 1st at 12pm to Fort Greene Park. We will be holding teach-ins, teen summits & other peaceful events.

Please add your name to our letter and support us in our struggle for our education.


Student Leadership Paul Robeson HS

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Occupy Toronto: Subway Mic Check


Toronto — 17 April 2012.

Getting ready for May Day 2012, Occupy Toronto takes to transit to spread the word! Join Occupy Toronto and the 99% as we celebrate May Day - the International Workers' Day.

Mic Check!
This is Occupy Toronto:
Documented or undocumented : Paid or unpaid :
We are Workers : We are Students :
We are Families : We are the 99% :
The 1% carry out war : Throw us in prisons.
Make us poor : Destroy public services:
Attack unions : And poison the environment
They deny us freedom and dignity :
So We Fight And We Resist :
On May 1st - International Workers' Day :
Join us at 4pm at Nathan Phillips Square :
For a rally and march
To respect Indigenous sovereignty :
Insist that no one is illegal :
To fight austerity
To end imperialist wars and aggression :
To build people's power : and
to move beyond a system that is unjust, exploitative and destructive.
On May 1st : Say no to : Work, School, and Shopping : Banking and housework :
Join us In a day of action : On May 1st :
We will reclaim the streets of Toronto
And we will ReOccupy.
Thank you for listening!


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This May Day, Occupy Wall Street is rising up in solidarity with the immigrant rights movement. Years before #OWS, May Day was revitalized in the U.S. as a day of mass mobilization against the unjust, racist U.S. immigration system. On May Day 2006, the May 1st Coalition helped organize the largest protest in NYC history, bringing hundreds of thousands of people to the streets in a march stretching over 26 city blocks. This year, as we gather as a unified front for economic justice in a Day Without the 99%, they are leading the struggle to UNIONIZE, LEGALIZE, and ORGANIZE.


via the May 1st Coalition:

Dear Brothers and Sisters

We bring you excellent news and a message from the May 1st Coalition.

On this May 1st 2012, there will a unified celebration. We immigrants have united with the most important unions of New York, the working class along with Occupy Wall Street. This has come about after long and intense debates, at which point we concluded an agreement to realize a single act on May 1st in historic Unión Square.

This agreement and example of unity was proposed to all the delegates at the National Conference and to the peoples, States and Counties of this country.

Also, given the incapacity of Congress and its two chambers, the White House and the corrupt political system of the United States, we propose on May 1st to transform our multifaceted forms of organization and struggle into one center of PEOPLE’S POWER, consisting of union power, of social power, including those from the countryside, in the sweatshop factories, and throughout the poor neighborhoods, all as an alternative to capitalist and imperialist power.

We demand LEGALIZATION for the 12 and perhaps 20 million undocumented immigrants which will in turn allow the youth to pursue higher education. Furthermore, no youth should be obliged to enter the Armed Forces and sent to fight imperial wars.....

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Occupy Guitarmy Poster

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Bay Area Nurses Announce May 1st Walkout

4500 nurses in the San Francisco Bay Area will walk out of work on May 1st to protest more than a hundred cuts to health care services and RN standards planned -- despite massive profits -- by their hospital chain, Sutter Health. National Nurses United, which represents thousands of nurses with affiliates across the U.S., has long been an ally of Occupy Wall Street, even assisting with first aid at Liberty Square since October, 2011. NNU will also join occupiers and other allies in Chicago on May 18th for a massive march against austerity, war, and the global 1%.

For more information on May Day, please visit our directory of over 120 U.S. cities to find out how you can show solidarity with nurses and the rest of the 99%! See below for the full press release from the Bay Area nurses....

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OWS Weekly Marches on Wall St: Final Friday #SpringTraining Before May Day

Friday, April 27th at 2PM in Liberty Square, the Final Spring Training is here!

It's been 6 weeks of training in street tactics. We've learned how to creatively move and communicate together as a unit, and disperse and swarm to reach a target. Along the way, we've built a community of trust by practicing together. And we've rung the People's Gong, a call to action, six consecutive weeks in a row.

Join us for the final Spring Training: Training Day. We will do a dry-run of May Day's Pop-up Occupation activities in Liberty Square - forming picket teams to target corporations and banks in the Wall Street area. Pacer teams will conduct training on how to do picket lines while in front of targets. We'll do a final convergence before heading over to ring the People's Gong.


  • 2:05PM Spring Training Recap and Selecting Picket Teams
  • 2:30PM Picket Teams Send-off & Training at Sites
  • 3:30PM Re-converge at Liberty Square (Formerly known as Zuccotti Park)
  • 3:45PM Move to Wall St Ring the People's Gong
  • 4:30PM March back to Liberty Square

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..you've already got them failing. in fact they define their own standards. they are very astute. i suggest watch and see what comes out of this. watch see how it is organized. learn from it.

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NYC Full Schedule of Permitted and Unpermitted May Day 2012 Actions


The May Day 2012 Solidarity Rally and March is being organized by an historic coalition, including:

  • Alliance for Labor Rights, Immigrant Rights, Jobs for All
  • May 1st Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights
  • Immigrant & Community Organizations
  • Occupy Wall Street

See below for our growing list of NYC endorsements:

AFSCME Local 371 (SSEU)
AFSCME Local 372 DC 37
AFSCME Local 375 DC 37
AFSCME DC 37 Retirees Association
American Federation of Musicians Local 802
Anakbayan NY/NJ
Answer Coalition
Centro Guatemalteco Tecun Uman
Coalition for a District Alternative
Coalition for Public Education (CPE)
Committees of Correspondence
Community Development Project at the Urban Justice Center
Community Farmworker Alliance
CSEA 1000
CWA District 1
CWA Local 1180
CWA Local 31003 The New York Newspaper Guild
NABET-CWA Local 16
Domestic Workers United
Filipinas for Rights and Empowerment (FiRE)
Freedom Socialist Party
Frente Unido de Inmigrantes Ecuatorianos
Greater NY Labor-Religion Coalition
Green Party of NYC
Green Party of NYS
Guyanese American Workers United
Honduras USA Resistencia
IBT Joint Council 16
IBT Local 808
IBT Local 814
IBT Local 210
IBT Local 272
Immigrant Workers Movement
Immigrant Solidarity Network
Industrial Union Council New Jersey
International Action Center
International League of Peoples Struggle
International Migrants Alliance
International Socialist Organization
Jersey City Peace Movement
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice
Jornaleros Unidos de Woodside
Kurland Group
Labor Network for Sustainability
La Fuente
La Pena del Bronx
Labor for Palestine
Left Labor Project
LIUNA Local 10
LIUNA Local 78
LIUNA Local 79
Long Island Workplace Project
Make the Road New York
May 1st Coalition
National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON)
National Domestic Workers Alliance
New Immigrant Community Empowerment
National Immigrant Solidarity Network
New York Broadcast Trades Council
New York City Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO
New York City Labor Against the War
New York City LCLAA
New York Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (NYCHRP)
New York Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador
New York Communities for Change
New York Immigration Coalition
New York New Jersey Regional Joint Board, Workers United
New York Taxi Workers Alliance
NYS District Communist Party USA
NYS Nurses Association
Occupy Sunset Park
Occupy Wall Street
Operation Power
Organization of Staff Analysts
Pakistan USA Freedom Forum
Philippine Forum
Radical Women
Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York
Retail Action Project
School of Americas Watch (SOA Watch)
Senegalese Workers Association
Sisa Pakari Cultural & Labor Center
Take Back the Future TWU Local 100
UAW Region 9A
UAW Local 1981 National Writers Union
UNITE HERE Local 100
United Federation of Teachers
United NY
Veterans for Peace Chapter 3 NYC
Workers United, SEIU
Workers World Party
Writers Guild of America, East


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The Free University of NYC

This May Day, a coalition of students and faculty from Brooklyn College, Columbia University, the CUNY Graduate Center, Eugene Lang College, Hunter College, New School for Social Research, New York University, the Occupy University, and Princeton University are collaborating to produce a “collective educational experiment” to be held on Tuesday, May 1st from 10am to 3pm. The action is in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street’s call for a General Strike and a day without the 99%.

This day-long Free University is being conceived as a form of education strike in which we, a city-wide coalition of students and faculty, will simultaneously withdraw our labor from an increasingly privatized, securitized, and exploitative educational system and redirect our energies towards a vision of what education could be. The May Day strike and Free University will intervene in a dysfunctional, inequitable, and inaccessible system and will offer instead education that is open, free, and accessible to all. It is a strike against all forms of oppression and the perpetuation of class, racial, and gender inequalities within the contemporary universities. It is a strike which demands an educational system that actually serves the public’s needs and desires. It is a strike against the rising and unmanageable burden of national student debt. And above all, it is a strike which envisions a world in which students, educators, and the wider public may become decision-makers in their collective future.....


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