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The Payday Game


Because the choices are binary they are rarely palatable. But what shocked me – and has surprised the theatre – is the capacity of perfectly decent, liberal hipsters on London’s south bank to become ruthless capitalists when seated at the boardroom table.


Sincerity is a longstanding issue with the given politics.  The given politics is such that it cannot avoid attracting a certain element within society, offering them the space to flourish and succeed if they would only conduct themselves with the right frame of mind.


I think the whole point is that it isn't a certain element that we can point fingers at and assign all the blame. Though I know "liberal hipsters" is just another version of fascists to some.

It is most of us, given the right circumstances.


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Guardian wrote:

Why does the state ram-raid the homes of small-time drug dealers, yet call in the CEOs of the banks whose employees commit multimillion-pound frauds for a stern ticking off over a tray of Waitrose sandwiches? Answer: because a company has limited liability status, created by parliament in 1855 after a political struggle.

I think this article has good insight into the place of regulation and nails the essential flaw in our system that has caused the planet to be ravaged. If the Koch brothers were not covered by the Corporate Veil their wealth would already have been disbursed from environmental law suits. 

I say who cares about a religious veil, the Corporatre Veil is what is killing us all.