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Happy Birthday Magna Carta  -  by Paul Craig Roberts


"Western capitalism is a looting mechanism. A new slave existence is being created in front of our eyes as law ceases to be a shield of peoples and becomes a weapon in the hand of government."


jas wrote:

I think this thread needs a link to these discussions. With Baltimore now, I can't help but see these events as riot provocation, and therefore police state prep.

In defense of black rage: Michael Brown, police and the American dream

What's going on in Baltimore?

Sandra Bland



Canadian Terrorism Trials Reveal Use of Entrapment by Police and Intelligence Agencies  -  by Roger Jordan


"Two ongoing Canadian terrorism trials provide fresh evidence of the state's use of informants and undercover agents to implicate vulnerable and other mentally unstable individuals in alleged terrorist plots..."


'Anonymous' Starts Slow Leaking of Cabinet Confidences, CSE Spy Attempts (and vid)


"...There is info in the PR that's explosive, we think, but we are not providing source documentation on that now or ever. If we did, someone would be in a police party van within 15 minutes,' said a police spokesman for the group.

'Canadian security forces and their Five Eyes partners in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and the US have been extremely proactive in developing and purchasing offensive hacking capabilities,' said a masked anonymous spokesperson in the group's most recent video.

Fortunately for us, Canada has been far more lax in defending its own systems."

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How about a redacted font to give you the sense of the NSA over your shoulder?

A London based Masters student has done just that. RT has a little report on it ...

RT: Would you like to avoid NSA spying on you? Here's what to do.

eta: subtitled "It’s easy - you only have to stop using most of the words in the English language."

The font can be obtained over here.


No. 6: "Be seeing you."


This is excellent.

How to Survive Confrontational Cops (video)


jas wrote:

This is excellent.

How to Survive Confrontational Cops (video)


Great video. I've pulled the whole "Am I being detained? No? Okay I am leaving" when dealing with an irate officer.

Expect them to level all kinds of accusations like you're being suspocious or accuse you of hiding something.  In my case the officer followed me home and parked on the road infront of my next door neighbour for 10 minutes.

If a cop is being polite then I'll be suspicious but


Yes, I'm not sure if all of this applies in the Canadian case, but worth looking into.

One would think police training would more and more be trying to address this kind of behaviour, but the new 'terror management' culture in which this is occurring also only encourages it.

I found an RCMP officer's attitude and manner with me last month in a traffic pullover required great emotional restraint on my part, and a little voice in me told me to defer and be polite. After I had pulled over, he sat in his car for 4 - 5 minutes, not looking at me, not giving me any direction or instruction. Four minutes is a long time to be kept pulled over when you don't know what your offence was. He was running a check on my licence plate, but that's something that could have been done after speaking to me.

It's a small thing, but conveys an attitude that is easily interpreted as power tripping. And it's the power tripping that triggers people. And police know it, and they use it provocatively.




Here is another great video highlighting abuse of authority.


It's a DUI checkpoint and the driver sets off the officers by not rolling his window down all the way. The police escalate including having a dog scratch the guys car while searching, bullshit a false hit from the dog which gives them the authority to search his car without permission. You even hear the police officer grumbling that the man is completely innocent and knows the laws, but that doesn't stop them from searching. At no point do they even ask him if he's had anything to drink.


Liberals Plan Swift Overhaul of Anti-Terror Law


"...A key feature of the replacement legislation is expected to be the creation of a multi-party, joint House of Commons-Senate committee, sworn to secrecy and reporting to the prime minister and through him to Parliament. It would have a full-time staff, acess to the necessary secret information and be tasked with strategic oversight of every government department and agency with national security responsibilities, according to a source familiar with the content."


Terrorizing School Children

Increasingly, institutions such as schools, prisons, detention centers, and our major economic, cultural and social institutions are being organized around the production of violence. Rather than promote democratic values and a respect for others or embrace civic values, they often function largely to humiliate, punish, and demonize any vestige of social responsibility. Violence both permeates and drives foreign policy, dominates popular culture, and increasingly is used to criminalize a wide range of social behaviors, especially among African-Americans.


wrong thread


Was it something that you wrote that you're referring to, or is it my post?  Because if it is my post that you are saying is in the wrong thread, the post is actually about police state issues.  Or are you back to stalking me again.  If so, piss off creep.


Slumberjack wrote:
Was it something that you wrote that you're referring to, or is it my post?  Because if it is my post that you are saying is in the wrong thread, the post is actually about police state issues.  Or are you back to stalking me again.  If so, piss off creep.

wtf????????? i've never fkn stalked you so stop with the personal attacks.

i posted something about 24 sussex in this thread mistakenly. so i removed it and put it where it was supposed to be.

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Here's a similar piece in the Star.

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RCMP need warrantless access to online subscriber info: Paulson

Police need warrantless access to Internet subscriber information to keep pace with child predators and other online
criminals, says RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson.

The top Mountie said Wednesday that a Supreme Court of Canada ruling curtailing the flow of basic data about customers — such as name and address — has "put a chill on our ability to initiate investigations."


The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police revealed in August that government officials were mulling just such a scheme — though it's not clear exactly how it would square with the court ruling.

The chiefs said a discussion paper spearheaded by the Department of Justice was presented to the federal, provincial and territorial cybercrime working group of senior officials.

The paper outlined three legislative options for allowing access to basic subscriber information:

  • An administrative scheme that would not involve court approval.
  • A new judicial order process or a tweak to the existing regime.
  • A judicial order process for subscriber information with a greater expectation of privacy and an administrative, non-judicial one for less sensitive subscriber data.


Terrorism: From Canada to France False Flags Fly High Over Retreating Liberties


"There is really nothing new about false flag terrorism. It serves to create an enemy where none previously existed..."


Security or Surveillance: Privacy vs Anti-Terror Security in Digital Age


Panel discussion with Julian Assange, Ray Mcgovern and others discuss the surveillance state


This is What the US Government Uses to Spy on Your Cellphone


"Cyberhawk, Yellowstone, Blackfin, Maximus, Cyclone and Spartacus - These are the names of surveillance devices the Obama administration uses to spy on American citizens through their cellphones.

The Intercept obtained the catalogue from a source within the intelligence community concerned about the militarization of domestic law enforcement. One device is capable of spying on 10,000 mobile phone users simultaneously, to identify their location, wiretap and catch SMS-messages..."

And you may assume C-51 Canada has similar capabilities


Canada Developing Arsenal of Cyber-Weapons


"Canada plans to take steps to 'strengthen' its cyber-warfare arsenal, according to documents released by the Department of National Defence. The documents are a rare public admission from National Defence that it is developing offensive cyber-weapons..."


Rule By Thieves: One Week in the American Kleptocracy


"On Tuesday, March 7, hacked information about the surveillance state was met with a collective shrug by the public, a sign of how indifferent the citizenry has become to living in an electronic concentration camp..."

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Activist’s protest against practice of ‘carding’ derails Toronto police board meeting

A meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board came to an abrupt end Thursday afternoon when journalist and activist Desmond Cole admonished board members for failing to destroy carding data, then stalled the proceedings by refusing to leave the speaker’s chair.

Cole had been making a public deputation about the controversial police practice of “carding” when he announced that he would launch an immediate protest if the board did not agree to put stricter constraints on police access to the data collected through the “illicit” practice.

“It was never your information to take in the first place,” said Cole, who is a Toronto Star columnist.

“I plan to stand here in protest until you commit today, here and now, to restricting the police having our information going forward.

“You want to ruin another generation of children’s lives, and I’m not going to allow you to do it,” Cole continued, rising from his seat and raising his fist in the air.

When Cole was asked to leave to let the meeting continue, he refused, prompting a 10-minute adjournment.

Soon after, the board reconvened to cancel the remainder of the meeting.

Uniformed police officers then moved into the meeting room at Toronto police headquarters and escorted Cole out — “intimidation” Cole said was telling, considering he was protesting how police follow racialized people throughout the city “and their response is to send more police.”....


Desmond Cole's suggestion was not welcome.

Thanks, epaulo. I gather Desmond Cole's suggestion to destroy racist harassment data was not welcome.