Raise the Rates: Rally and March on the McGuinty Government: Toronto : April 15

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Raise the Rates: Rally and March on the McGuinty Government: Toronto : April 15


Rally and March on the McGuinty Government

Thursday, April 15th, 2010
Allan Gardens Park (Sherbourne and Gerrard)
*free meal

-Raise Welfare and Disability rates by 40%
-Stop the attacks on the Special Diet
-Defend Public Services

In 2003, the Liberals were elected on the promise of ‘change'. Those empty promises have done nothing to end poverty. The reality is that poor people in Ontario are worse off than we were 15 years ago. And now, things are
about to get even worse.

Governments responded to the economic crisis by giving billions of dollars in bailouts and tax cuts to failed corporations and banks. Now, they plan to make us pay that bill. A massive round of social cutbacks is being prepared in Ottawa and at Queen's Park that threaten an even bigger
explosion of poverty and suffering. By the end of March all three levels of government will be setting their budgets with priority being on reducing deficits by cutting social spending. Housing, social assistance,
childcare are all under threat, and neither the health nor the well being of poor people will be a 'line item'. If anything, our right to a decent income and our services are on the chopping block.

Already, the first attacks have happened. In Toronto, the cost of riding public transit is being pushed up. People on Welfare and Disability Supports who desperately need the Special Diet money are being robbed of this vital income. In the wake of an inflammatory Ontario Auditor's
report, we are seeing escalating harassment and criminalization of people on Social Assistance.

People on Social Assistance live on rates that are shamefully inadequate. Since the 1995 cuts by the Harris Tories, these rates have been reduced in real terms by at least 40%. People are forced to choose between paying the
rent or buying food. A health crisis in this province is looming as a direct result.

If we let the government write our future, it will be bleak. We are calling on poor and working people in Ontario to organize and fight back.

We won't pay for their crisis or their deficit. We demand the right to a decent income and a future free of poverty. Raise the Rates by 40% Now!

Join us on April 15 and fight for the right to decent income!

*See Video from February 25th Action:

*Download the poster and outreach materials soon at www.ocap.ca

*Contact us if you would like to see a Raise the Rates film screening,
discussion, or event in your neighborhood or at your organization

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
www.ocap.ca 416-925-6939


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