Reclaiming Environmentalism: An Open Letter

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Reclaiming Environmentalism: An Open Letter

Reclaiming Environmentalism:   -  by Derrick Jensen and Lierre Keith

"It is long past time for those of us whose loyalties lie with wild plants and animals and places to take back our movement from those who use its rhetoric to foster accelerating ecocide.

It is long past time we all faced the fact that an extractive way of life has never had a future, and can only end in biotic collapse.

Every day this extractive culture continues, two hundred species slip into that longest night of extinction.

We have very little time left to stop the destruction and to start the repair..."


thanks for this.....I note that the supposed new hope on the horizon, the Green Party´s policy on energy,  *inherently safe nuclear power* ...

I tend to support the cosmic ray theory of climate change, demonstrating that increasing cosmic rays from weakening solar activity causes cloud condensation...which of course helps to explain the horrid cold snowy weather the NE is facing this winter, being in an area of higher humidity...

the experiments used to demonstrate the theory at CERN Switzerland used nuclear induced micro waves...which suggests to me at least that it is human created micro waves that may in effect be more responsible for climate to support thorium or whatever nuclear energy to sustain the capitalist growth model of sustainable development, not to mention the exhaustive growing dependency on EMF technology is exactly what these authors are denouncing...

The greens let alone the social democrats long ago dismissed fundamental structural reform of the system in preparation for easy techno fixes...and in this case a techno fix that may be a far greater calamity then the status quo, as ecocidal as this may be......


I'd advise doing your due diligence when it comes to these two.

Never mind that they haven't a clue what they are talking about, when even the anarchists call you out, it is a sign you might want to go back to the drawing board:

My first question is if they'd be spinning the same line after spending a month in the bush practising what they preach.