The struggle for Burnaby Mountain

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The struggle for Burnaby Mountain

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Dramatic arrest of Kinder Morgan protesters met with defiance and pride (VIDEOS)

Brigette DePape, a Vancouver-based activist, is among more than 14 protesters against Kinder Morgan getting arrested on Burnaby Mountain on Thursday.

Thursday was the most dramatic day in a months-long battle between citizens and Texas-based Kinder Morgan over the company's controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project. 

In a rapid sweep, RCMP arrested as many as two dozen Kinder Morgan protesters on Burnaby Mountain, stirring strong emotions among opponents to the Edmonton-to-Burnaby pipeline.

The arrests were for “civil contempt” of a court order permitting the company's pipeline survey work.  The first wave of arrests took protesters by surprise around 8:30am.

The RCMP stormed in with their vehicles, netting Erin Flegg and five others.  No one had much time to react, according to protester accounts. Their wrists were bound with plastic cuffs, and they were shoved into a police van into separate compartments....

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..view the day's video here.

Sea Shepherd live steaming


..view burbaby mountain updates here


..join the struggle here

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RCMP have arrested at least 24 Burnaby Mountain caretakers and supporters today, as police moved in to remove a long-standing protest presence against Kinder Morgan's pipeline survey crews.

Arrests include
- Sut-lut, a Sḵwx̱ú7mesh elder who started the sacred fire onsite
- Kaleb Morrison and Erin Flegg who have been at the site for months
- Adam Gold, a named defendant in Kinder Morgan's injunction and civil law suit
- A tree sitter who has been camped out on top of Borehole 2 drill site
- Tamo Campos, David Suziki's grandson who has been supporting the site for weeks.

Fourteen of those arrested have been released on civil contempt charges, the other ten remain in-custody.

Kinder Morgan crews, escorted by RCMP, are currently at the clearing and have begun work. The Burnaby Mountain caretakers are calling for an ongoing presence at the mountain, as well at the RCMP detachment at 6355 Deer Lake Avenue.

"We are sending a clear message that the pipeline will not be built on unceded lands without the consent of Indigenous nations and the approval of all those who love these lands," the group gathered has declared.

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UBCIC Stands in Support of those Arrested at Burnaby Mountain

(Coast Salish Territory/Vancouver, BC - November 20, 2014) Earlier today the Burnaby RCMP entered unceded Coast Salish Territories on Burnaby Mountain, enforced an injunction and arrested twenty-four protectors that were there to safe-guard public parklands from Kinder Morgan's proposed expansion of the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

"The Union of BC Indian Chiefs stands in solidarity with those that have been arrested and we will continue to stand in support with those on the Mountain to uphold and defend Indigenous rights, land rights and human rights," stated Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, President of the Union of BC Indian Chiefs. "It is infuriating and beyond frustrating that we are faced with this provocative and heavy handed approach by the RCMP when at this time the City of Burnaby's court proceedings have not even been completed. Kinder Morgan is despoiling the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area to brazenly push ahead with their proposed expanded pipeline in the face of massive opposition."

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip concluded "The Union of BC Indian Chiefs stands with those on the Mountain protecting this area from further development and we call on the provincial and federal governments to reject the Kinder Morgan proposal and to respect the laws and authority of the Coast Salish to protect their respective territories, land, fisheries and surrounding ecosystem from the very real potential and increased risk of oil spills and increased coast tanker traffic travelling the Salish Sea."

Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, (604) 684-0231 or

UBCIC is a NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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'This is going to be a war,' says Burnaby mayor as 26 pipeline protesters arrested (with video)

As pipeline protesters clashed with police on Burnaby Mountain — leading to 26 arrests — Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan said his government was ready for a “war” in the courts.

“This is going to be a war, and it’s going to be one that carries on for a number of years,” Corrigan said of the legal challenges his city has mounted in various levels of court, in attempts to stop Kinder Morgan’s work on Burnaby Mountain.

“The bigger argument that needs to be fought is: How much can the federal government impose its will on local governments and the ability of people to make local decisions? That’s really the quintessential issue that takes this beyond a merely local situation to being one that attracts interest from municipalities right across Canada.”....


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..with pics

Kinder cops overrun Burnaby Mountain - Protectors arrested

There are still dozens of land protectors on Burnaby Mountain - but they are behind police tape after the RCMP spent the day arresting as many as 24 Burnaby Mountain Caretakers for Kinder Morgan.  The Texas company's crews are now destroying the camp and back surveying for a planned oil pipeline tunnel through the mountain. The Caretakers started camping on the site after Kinder Morgan crews cut down 17 large trees in the Conservation area.  The pipeline plan is opposed by the majority of citizens, area Indigenous nations and even local municipal governments, but is backed by the federal government and the courts....

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Crane truck unloading giant container - drill pad?

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WORLDWIDE CALL-OUT! (please share widely)

Kinder Morgan is trying to force a tar sands pipeline on a community that has repeatedly said that their pipeline will never be built. Kinder Morgan are profiting from devastation of Indigenous lands, and they are willfully contributing to climate change.

We need you to CALL THEM OUT on this injustice.

Show your support for all those presently being impacted by Kinder Morgan's actions, and all those who will be in the future. Send a message of solidarity to the caretakers on Burnaby Mountain, and all those who stand in support of them. Send it straight to Kinder Morgan.


Click here for a list of numbers:

Feel free to call someone close to you, or call the Kinder Morgan head office in Texas. (Or call it ten or fifteen times.)

Corporate Headquarters:
Kinder Morgan
1001 Louisiana St, Suite 1000
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 369-9000

Click here to send an email:

If you live near a Kinder Morgan facility or office, feel free to stop by in person and let them know that their attack on Indigenous lands and climate crimes are not acceptable. Send us a photo of when you do!

Don't be afraid to get creative!

Please tell all your friends. In as many different places as possible.

Let's show Kinder Morgan that the whole world is watching, and that nobody is impressed with their injustice and devastation.



Let's show Kinder Morgan that the whole world is watching, and that nobody is impressed with their injustice and devastation....


first thanks for this work....I will talk to my friends here in Chimaltenango in a few hours.....could some representative body, maybe the UBCIC or a local indigenous group or in coordination with the group on the front lines on the mountain prepare a draught to give to take action? if I can get a few dollars together, maybe we can send a delegation to the Canadian Embassy to forward to the BC Government and the City of Burnaby? I will get back to you as soon as I have the official name of the organization here....

Are the local band representatives officially opposed to the pipeline and in support of the blockade and demanding that those arrested be freed?......

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Friday, November 21, 2014

Despite RCMP arrests, opponents of Kinder Morgan remain steadfast

What: Press Conference at Burnaby Mountain

When: Friday, November 21, 2014, 10:30am

Where: Centennial Way at Burnaby Mountain Parkway, Burnaby BC

Who: The press conference at the bottom of Burnaby Mountain will include:

- Shamentsut Nahanee, Squamish nation
- Tamo Campos: grandson of David Suzuki who was arrested
- Erin Flegg: a caretaker at Burnaby Mountain
- Lynne Quarmby: named defendant in the Kinder Morgan injunction
- Representative of Union of BC Indian Chiefs

Why: On Thursday 24 people were arrested on Burnaby Mountain by RCMP, and Kinder Morgan moved in heavy equipment late at night to begin work after weeks of presence by caretakers opposed to their tar sands pipeline plans.

Burnaby residents, caretakers, and concerned groups say they remain undeterred in the face of these heavy-handed intimidation tactics. Over 70% of Burnaby residents are opposed to Kinder Morgan’s $5.4 billion expansion proposal that would transport even more diluted bitumen and bring even more tankers to the Burrard Inlet. The Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Musqueam have all expressed opposition to Kinder Morgan.

Indigenous rights, climate change, and protection of the lands and waters against corporate greed remain key issues in the movement against the tar sands.

Arrestees include Tsut-lut, a Sḵwx̱ú7mesh elder who started the sacred fire onsite; Kaleb Morrison and Erin Flegg who have been at the site for months; Adam Gold, a named defendant in Kinder Morgan's injunction and civil law suit, and a tree sitter camped out on top of a drill site. At least three of those arrested, including Tsut-lut, were held overnight for bail hearings this morning at BC Supreme Court.

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iyraste1313 wrote:

Let's show Kinder Morgan that the whole world is watching, and that nobody is impressed with their injustice and devastation....

first thanks for this work....I will talk to my friends here in Chimaltenango in a few hours.....could some representative body, maybe the UBCIC or a local indigenous group or in coordination with the group on the front lines on the mountain prepare a draught to give to take action? if I can get a few dollars together, maybe we can send a delegation to the Canadian Embassy to forward to the BC Government and the City of Burnaby? I will get back to you as soon as I have the official name of the organization here....

Are the local band representatives officially opposed to the pipeline and in support of the blockade and demanding that those arrested be freed?......


Burnaby residents, caretakers, and concerned groups say they remain undeterred in the face of these heavy-handed intimidation tactics. Over 70% of Burnaby residents are opposed to Kinder Morgan’s $5.4 billion expansion proposal that would transport even more diluted bitumen and bring even more tankers to the Burrard Inlet. The Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Musqueam have all expressed opposition to Kinder Morgan.

..and you can contact ubcic here

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Woot! Kinder Morgan drilling truck forced to leave road after road blocked up Burnaby Mountain



Kinder Morgan being blocked at Mountain right now. Professor Lynne Quarby and Burnaby residents have gone past police and up the mountain. They have been told they are in violation of the injunction and now arrestable. Lynne Quarby "I accept the consequences of my civil disobedience."

Another Burnaby resident "Our collective injunction is more moral than the injunction imposed by the state."


Kinder Morgan says drilling is expected to begin soon. CBC reporting they will be working 24 hours a day for 10-12 days straight


I just saw a disturbing (but brilliant) Facebook photo of police pushing an older woman to the ground, but now can't find it. If anyone finds it, please post it here.

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BREAKING: SFU scientist Lynne Quarmby arrested in Kinder Morgan protest at Burnaby Mountain

Scientist Lynne Quarmby --  the chair of SFU's molecular biology and biochemistry department, and face of public opposition against pipeline giant Kinder Morgan -- has just been arrested at Burnaby Mountain.

"The reason we're here in this predicament is because of the Harper government and the 2012 omnibus bill that struck environmental regulations out," she said in a speech minutes before her arrest. 

"The NEB process is a sham...We have a process that does not allow any consideration of climate change at a time that climate change is the biggest problem facing society. The new NEB Act is written as requested by the oil industry." 

"At the end of the day when you're dealing with unjust power, the last resource we have is civil disobedience. It's done with full respect of the rule of law. But also with great responsibility as a citizen," she said.

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Two kinder morgan trucks blocked and forced back in past two hours. Get to the mountain.

Just now: Crew of people blocked #KinderMorgan workers from entering #BurnabyMountain until they turned around.

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Legal update: 24 arrests yesterday, 3 still in-custody with bail hearings at 2 pm. Today eights arrests so far, four released, four being processed for release.

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[url=]Clayoquot Sound 2.0: Burnaby Mountain[/url]

quote]Supported by the City of Burnaby and the broader community, these are not radicals, nor is their position a minority one. Quite simply, they are the warriors of their community, putting their bodies on the line to stop outside intruders from doing harm to the land they love.

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..txs jas & left turn

..incredible video from yesterday

Kinder Morgan Pipeline Resistance on Burnaby Mountain

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If you're going up to the mountain, please try to take transit. You may have to get off one stop or before or one after because Translink isn't stopping at Curtis. (Feel free to call them en mass and tell them how ridiculous that is.)

IF YOU PARK ON THE STREET, please do it at an angle so more people can park. The RCMP are ticketing people who are in the bike lane. Please carpool.

People can still walk up Centennial Way. If you need to drop off food, coordinate with someone so they can pick it up. You can leave it at the bottom of the hill.

Media and anyone at all can still go up to bear witness. You just need to be smart about how you get there, but the RCMP are not stoping people from walking up to the injunction zone.

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"A letter from my grandfather"
To whom it may concern

Tamo Campos is my grandson and I am very proud of him. He is doing what I would have done myself were it not a risk to my position as host of The Nature of Things on CBC.

The world is on a collision course with the things that keep us alive and healthy - the air, water, soil and variety of life. Corporations, especially those with head offices in some other part of the country or the world care little for the interests of local ecosystems or communities, except in so far as they interfere with the drive to maximize profit for shareholders. They have no obligation to protect local ecosystems or local communities. Their sole goal is to make as much money as they can get away with.

All over the world, local citizens and communities are standing up to protect their ecological, social and economic interests against these invading entities that behave like thugs, intimidating with SLAPP suits and using every legal tool, anything to keep on their destructive path while avoiding the important issues like climate change and threat of spills being raised by protesters.

I say all this to set the action of Tamo and others in context. Tamo is fighting for the world that will be left to his generation in the future. I believe what Kinder Morgan and companies like it are doing is an intergenerational crime but there are no legal precedents to pursue criminal charges on that basis.

Before corporations had become so powerful, every generation aspired to leave a better future to their children. That is not on the corporate agenda. I beg you to consider the fact that there are few legal avenues to protest what I believe is criminal activity of corporations like Kinder Morgan so citizens are being forced to participate in civil disobedience. Are we so blinded by the power and influence of corporations that their short sighted agendas are above consideration of their potential of catastrophic ecological and social consequences?

My grandson is taking an active role in the struggle for human rights, social justice and environmental protection, he is not a criminal. He has done this without attempting to ride on or hide behind my coat tails. He is a role model for young people today, inspiring them to get involved in issues of their future. I hope the court will be cognizant of this.

David Suzuki, Emeritus professor, UBC

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jas wrote:

I just saw a disturbing (but brilliant) Facebook photo of police pushing an older woman to the ground, but now can't find it. If anyone finds it, please post it here. this it? after being tossed to the ground she was arrested.



epaulo13 wrote: this it? after being tossed to the ground she was arrested.

Yes, that looks like the one. Thanks, epaulo. I only saw a still so I got the impression she was older.


Thanks to the people so dedicated, and to the people following up through this thread...very encouraging!

I talked to a few of the leaders here in the Maya Central Highlands Kakchiqel Territory.....

They are planning to convoke a Council of Spiritul Guides tomorrow to consider support for the Community of Burnaby in resistance to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline. These are the highest authority here.

First step would be to draught a letter of support and advisory to the Government of Canada.

It must be appreciated that the rights of regional autonomy and respect for the ecosystem are of the highest priorities for the Maya peoples.

So I see these as the key issues. The People must not back down from their democratic rights, their rights to autonomy of their locally elected officials and of course to protect the local watershed.

A genuine democratic system can come to fruition in Canada only when these rights are protected!

I plan to forward the letter to be determined tomorrow, to the Chief and Council of the local Indigenous Peoples, to the City of Burnaby and the elected local MLAs and MPs.

This would be a first step! The letter will be presented of course to the Canadian Embassy.

A follow up will be an official presentation by the Maya Kakchiquel leadership to the Embassy representatives...... 

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..txs iyraste1313


Fourteen arrests as people cross over the police line just now. (2hrs ago)


RCMP Acted Prematurely

Friday, November 21, 2014

From: Lawyer's Rights Watch Canada
Subject: Arrests

Re: Arrest of people protesting Trans Mountain Pipeline conducting the surveys identified by the National Energy Board (NEB).

The arrests of protesters on Burnaby Mountain by the Burnaby RCMP are dangerously wrong and potentially put us all in jeopardy. Deprivation of liberty is the most severe punishment available in our legal system. Police arrest powers must not be used to determine civil disputes or to prevent protests except where necessary to prevent grave harm to the uncontroversial rights of others. In this case the police rely on an injunction made in a lawsuit criticized as a SLAPP (strategic lawsuit against public participation) suit and an NEB order under appeal and made by a process criticized as a sham intended to produce a predetermined result without considering the public interest.

The dispute in this case is between the public and a foreign corporation. Members of the public who are residents of Burnaby and British Colombia (the protesters) are acting in furtherance of their democratic rights, to protect the public interest. Trans Mountain (the corporation) is acting to maintain or increase profits for shareholders. The issue of whether Trans Mountain has the legal authority to conduct destructive activities on Burnaby Mountain in violation of municipal law has yet to be determined. That issue is currently before both the BC Court of Appeal and the Federal Court of Appeal. The City of Burnaby is appealing to the Federal Court of Appeal to set aside the NEB’s order allowing Trans Mountain to carry out the destructive activities and is appealing to the BC Court of Appeal to overturn the BC Supreme Court dismissal of Burnaby’s application for an injunction to prevent those activities. In the meantime Trans Mountain filed a multi-million dollar damage action against the protestors and obtained the injunction upon which the police rely as authority for the arrests.

The right of Trans Mountain to conduct the destructive activities remains controversial and therefore cannot legitimize even a temporary loss of liberty for protesters. The rights of the members of the public to engage in peaceful protests are established and protected by Canadian and international law. The duty of the police is to uphold the law, in this case the rights of the protesters and leave it up to the BC Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Appeal and possibly the Supreme Court of Canada to determine the rights of Trans Mountain.

Gail Davidson, 604 738 0338; 778 772 2232
Gail Davidson
Lawyer's Rights Watch Canada - LRWC
3220 West 13th Avenue
Vancouver, BC CANADA, V6K 2V5
Tel: +1-604 736-1175
Fax: +1-604 736-1170
Skype: gail.davidson.lrwc

Lawyers Rights Watch Canada (LRWC) is a committee of lawyers who promote human rights and the rule of law internationally by protecting advocacy rights. LRWC campaigns for advocates in danger because of their human rights advocacy, engages in research and education and works in cooperation with other human rights organizations. LRWC has Special Consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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First Nations join pipeline protest in B.C. amid more arrests

Friday, Nov. 21 2014

First Nations vowed to stand in unity with protesters as police kept up arrests Friday in a Metro Vancouver conservation area where crews resumed survey work for the proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Shortly after activists announced they would do whatever it takes to stymie the project, a group began marching up Burnaby Mountain in the pouring rain.

More arrests quickly followed.

Charlene Aleck, a Tsleil-Waututh councillor, told a gathering of protesters at the base of the mountain that members of her First Nations band would join the actions aimed at protecting their homeland and waters.

“For the Tsleil-Waututh nation, it is our sacred obligation,” she said to a cheering crowd. “In our shared opposition to Kinder Morgan, we are many people paddling one canoe. Our united opposition and the sum of our collective voices will ensure this pipeline is never built.”....


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David Suzuki's grandson's speech after his arrest for protesting Kinder Morgan


Author J. B. MacKinnon arrested on Burnaby Mountain along with 14 other tar-sands-pipeline protesters

Prominent author J. B.  MacKinnon has just been arrested on Burnaby Mountain, protesting Kinder Morgan pipeline. Hands cuffed behind him with plastic, RCMP guided him into a paddy wagon along with 14 other protesters who were also arrested this morning. Ten women were arrested along with 5 men, including MacKinnon.  MacKinnon is currently being processed by RCMP.  A statement is expected after MacKinnon's arrest procedure is finished....


Although of course its crucial to use the BC Courts, even if to show their utter disrespect for international let alone Supreme Court of Canada law (respecting indigenous rights), it´s also vital to use the Human Rights Tribunal of the OAS, which has a history of case law respecting indigenous rights...

In the case of the rights of the electors of Burnaby, it´s interesting to remember that Toronto municipal law overrode our Charter Rights re freedom of speech and assembly...(though I never did get their exact wording)

And here the rights of an international corporation and the NEB has rights over municipal law?

What is vitally important now is to establish a politics that enshrines regional autonomy into the constitution. This is really the only form of genuine democracy we have, at the municipal level.

(Not just opposition to the pipeline, but to guarantee the rights of a People to decide on what is to take place within their jurisdiction!)

I also would strongly suggest that the municipality of Burnaby as well as the Indigenous Nations engage in a process of referenda, to strengthen their positions. In the case of international indigenous law, this is the first step in a process to guarantee Indigenous autonomous rights over their territory and natural resources.

A majority vote by the Indigenous Nations would put them in a stronger position to call on all indigenous Nations to come to their support, to help enforce their rights.

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Burnaby Mountain November 21

This video edit was put together by film maker IJI. They have asked us to share it for them.

The video captures events that transpired November 21 on the unceded Coast Salish Territory, commonly known as Burnaby Mountain. Currently the City of Burnaby and Vancouver, the Mayors of Burnaby and Vancouver, the MP for Burnaby, the majority of Burnaby residents, and all nations whose territory the mountain resides on are opposed to Kinder Morgans project. However RCMP are working in large numbers, 24 hours a day acting as Kinder Morgan's (a Texas based oil companies) personal security. Many residents of the area have already been arrested, and the arrests are continuing. Get up to Burnaby Mountain and stand in solidarity with those fighting for the land. You do not have to put yourself in an arrestable position by being on the mountain - there are designated protest areas, if you wish to remain in them you can. We hope to see you there.

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Court Support for Burnaby Mountain Defenders Monday, November 24 at 9:00am in PST


This Sunday, we're packing all the gear, food, and firewood we can collect, and shipping over to the mainland to support the Caretakers at Burnaby Mountain.

Buy tickets here to reserve a seat

*** Our friends who are standing up to Kinder Morgan need our support! ***

Meet us early on Sunday to pack onto the Action Bus. Return trips are available the same evening for those who can't stay on the hill.


Spirit Square 9:30am
Uvic Bus Loop 9:50am

7:00pm Ferry

Please buy your tickets through the link provided. If you can't come, but would like to help subsidize a ticket for someone who can't pay in full, please do so.

Buy tickets here to reserve a seat

Thank you for your support. See you on the bus!

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..this is interesting. along with a video of arrests (go brigette go) this story raises/links the issue of the anti-terror legislation coming from the harper gov.

Op-Ed: Burnaby and activists join battle to protect Burnaby Mountain


Elsipotog in Solidarity with Salish Land Defenders

..this pic i found in a florida paper

..and this one from regina

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reports from friends on facebook are that 10 more people have been arrested on Burnaby Mountain, including two moms and 11-year old daughters.

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There's a mass rally happening now on Burnaby Mountain. I unfortunately didn't find out about it in time to attend, looks like the plans for it were fairly last minute.


Reports are now saying that the mothers were arrested, - their daughters were merely "apprehended".  Maybe the lawyers here can illuminate?

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Battle on the Mountain November 21 News Conference


Demonstrators rally at Kinder Morgan offices near the Port of Seattle (pics)

Activists from around the Pacific Northwest gathered at Seattle’s Harbor Island, home to the Kinder Morgan offices. The rally was held in solidarity with the protests in British Columbia, as residents of Burnaby Mountain have recently been arrested during protest of a pipeline built across indigenous land. Chief Rueben George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation spoke to the crowd of nearly 100 demonstrators.  Having just been in the heart of the protests on Burnaby, words of appreciation were spoken to crowd as Chief Rueben George thanked them for their presence. According to activist and community organizer, Carlo Voli, the protestors made their way past the lone guard and into the Kinder Morgan offices, delivering their message in person.


David Suzuki at Kinder Morgan protest on Burnaby Mountain on Sunday. His grandson Tamo Campos is to his left. Photo by Mychaylo Prystupa.



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IN SOLIDARITY with Burnaby Mountain Defenders, from Toronto!

Today a bus full of friends, families and supporters of immigration detainees went down to the Toronto Immigration Holding Centre to call for an overhaul of unjust arrest and detention practices.

For more on the day's protest please visit:

It was a truly powerful coming together of people from all walks of life, demanding systemic change for the betterment of our communities. (Sound familiar?!)

En route, everyone took a moment to express full solidarity with the Burnaby Mountain Defenders. They see you, Burnaby! And they are following your incredible resistance.

.....'s a movement

Adults, kids cross police line at Kinder Morgan protests


Women from the Klabona Keepers, a group from the Tahltan Nation in northern B.C., announced to the crowd that they were going to cross the police line. They crossed a wall of about 20 RCMP officers and were detained. The keepers are involved with blocking Imperial Metals’ Red Chris Mine who are trying to open a new mine. Imperial Metals is responsibile for the Mt Polley disaster.


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PHOTO ESSAY | Burnaby Mountain Land Defenders

November 22

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On Burnaby Mountain, Confronting the Gorilla

Kinder Morgan has been on my mind a lot lately and, when I woke up at four o'clock Friday morning, it was there, waiting: an 800-pound gorilla with greasy hair that lumbered across the border from Texas and is squatting now on Burnaby Mountain -- close enough to crowd me out of bed. Gorillas are lousy sleeping companions at the best of times, and this one doesn't sleep. Who has time when one's stated goal is to ''continually leverage our large footprint of assets and actively pursue expansions, joint ventures and acquisitions so that we can further increase . . . distributions and . . . dividends.''....

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Burnaby Mountain: Latest wall of opposition against tar sands

By Harsha Walia | November 4, 2014


Tar sands exports fuel U.S. military

Though there has been a focus on pipeline and tanker projects providing infrastructure to export tar sands to Asia, little attention has been paid to tar sands exports to the U.S. Activists Maryam Adrangi and Syed Hussan write, "Over half of Alberta's tar sands oil goes to the U.S., making Canada the single largest foreign supplier of oil to the United States."

The U.S. Department of Defense is the world's leading single buyer and consumer of oil. With the growing U.S. military industrial complex and its never-ending War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, demands for imported oil have increased. The U.S. Energy Policy Act explicitly designates tar sands production to serve the fuel needs of the U.S. military....


Not a lawyer. But as long as the police are told, or it is apparent, that the girls are daughters of the mothers being arrested... or even simply in the womems' custody at that moment, the police have to take responsibility for them.

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20 more people stood up for our future today on Burnaby Mountain. Here are four. Notice the relaxed postures and happy smiles that come with acting in accordance with one's convictions. I was honoured to be there for them and others on their release at the Burnaby RCMP detachment. I would be proud to call them friends for life. Discussions on civil disobedience and its consequences ongoing each day, 10:30, at the foot of Centennial Way (@ Burnaby Mountain Parkway) on the Mountain.


Another inspiring day as people continue to show their resistance to the Kinder Morgan pipeline. As has become a ritual here, local citizens gathered at the bottom of the hill and marched up to violate the injunction order and express their contempt of the court that has sided with a multinational corporation over the community. Spirits were boosted again when a contingent arrived from Victoria on the Social Coast bus. Then there was an inspiring rally hosted by Beyond Boarding, after which several of the speakers crossed the line in a united message of solidarity. Altogether close to 20 arrests. Into the evening a more festive mood emerged as sparklers were lit and some had fun with mirrors reflecting the police lights back at them. Even now late into the night there remains those keeping a vigil as the KM machines drone on ceaselessly.

.....'s a video of the speech.

David Suzuki gives fiery speech on Burnaby Mountain to Kinder Morgan protesters

..and the link to the story


"It's mainstream thing. But it's a clash between two world views. But unfortunately the one world view represented by Kinder Morgan is all-powerful economically and politically. People are desperate and need to put their bodies on line," Suzuki said.

When a reporter from Sun News asked if he would comment on whether people should bring children to the Burnaby Mountain event, Suzuki said it's people's choice. He paused, looked at her more closely and said, "Who are you with?"

"Sun News," she said. 

"I'm not talking to you," he said, indicating he'd long ago had enough of Sun News's reporting style.

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SFU professor one of 60 arrested on Burnaby Mountain

November 22


Tyee Poll: Who Is to Blame for Rising Tensions on Burnaby Mountain?


November 27 could be Collapse day for the North American energy industry...would be nice to put the finishing blow to bankrupt Kinder Morgan...that would be a useful strategy?

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A group of women including Suzuki family members and Tahltan Nation arrested on Burnaby Mountain



UBC warns international students not to protest

On a day when two 11-year-old girls were arrested for civil disobedience (though police later claimed the girls were “escorted away” and not arrested) and David Suzuki climbed Burnaby Mountain to loudly lecture police officers for arresting his grandson, the University of British Columbia found itself at the centre of attention.

An email sent by a university employee has raised questions about whether UBC crossed the line in urging students not to join the expanding Burnaby Mountain protest against the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

Sent by an employee in the Faculty of Forestry at UBC and addressed to international students, the message included the following passage: “We wanted you to be aware of the serious repercussions which could take place for any student who is here on a study permit and who is arrested. It would mean an immediate end to your studies at UBC and could also mean immediate deportation since this would be considered a criminal conviction.”

The email, which was leaked online by a UBC student, had many observers questioning the legality and factual accuracy of the message.....

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Della a 74 year old grandmother has acted her conviction to civilly disobey the court injunction protecting Kinder Morgan

..... early nov this campaign re faces began

#KMFace photos mock Kinder Morgan claim that facial expressions are a form of "assault"

..from yesterday on bby mountain

Baby KMface on the mountain

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..i found this tactic of voluntarily getting arrested takes a bit of getting used to. it’s very ghandish and doesn’t really stop km workers from proceeding with the drilling. what it is doing though is building community. a very diverse community. the coming together of first nation and canadian citizenry. the coming together of multi generational, multi racial and multi economic strati. the tactic is brilliant..imho.

..there are a few reasons, i’m thinking, that allowed for this tactic to happen. the first is that this is just a survey and not the actual pipeline being built. so this is practice for if and when that building will ever take place.

..another is that there are court challenges pending from both first nations and the city of burnaby. from what i understand both offer a solid basis that as in the case of the first nation challenge the neb process would have to begin again from scratch. this time with consultation taking place. and the other from the municipality having the right to say no to the project under the constitution. both would produce delay and delay would prove to be a death toll for the project via greater vancouver.

..and the final reason is that violating the injunction is a civil matter and not criminal. so there is no need to stop the survey work by using methods that move it into the realm of criminal. and it appears that folks are willing to risk fines. all this has opened space for almost anyone to participate.

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..having said the above there is this.

We will gather at the mountain, and those who wish to be arrested will walk together and cross the police line. This is history in the making. Be there.When will protests be happening on #BurnabyMountain this week?
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Saturday. 10:30am.

We will gather at the mountain, and those who wish to be arrested will walk together and cross the police line. This is history in the making. Be there.

Burnaby Mountain Updates has all the information you need on what to bring, where to meet, and how you can show support if you can't be there in person.


Tom Mulcair

What's your reaction to the protests underway at Burnaby Mountain against Kinder Morgan's proposed TransMountain Pipeline?

I'm not surprised, because that's what happens when you remove the public from the public consultation process. It's almost as if the companies are cruising for a bruising, they seem to not get it, they don't understand that in this day and age, the public has to be on side.

So how would you improve the pipeline approval process?


The economic, the social and the environmental have to be looked at at the same time. That's the essence of sustainable development.