US State Department Warns : 'Don't Go to International Al Quds Day Toronto 2015 Tomorrow!'

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US State Department Warns : 'Don't Go to International Al Quds Day Toronto 2015 Tomorrow!'


United States Consulate General Toronto, Canada

Security Messages For US Citizens: Notice of Planned Demonstration

"The US Consulate General in Toronto informs US citizens that on Saturday, July 11, local authorities estimate that 3,000 Al Quds Palestinian supporters will hold a demonstration directly across the street from the Consulate General located at 360 University Avenue.

The Jewish Defense League publicly announced their plans to mount a counter-demonstration at the same time and location with up to an additional 2,000 protesters.

The protest will begin around 3:00 PM but it is uncertain how long it will last.

The US Consulate Toronto recommends that US citizens avoid the immediate area of the demonstrations from 2:30 PM until 7:00 PM. If you see a large crowd or demonstration, immediately depart the area.

Individuals should avoid photography or joining the demonstrations...."






International Al Quds Day A Global Cause

"Al Quds Day, celebrated around the world by millions, is marked on the last Friday of Ramadan...This year it is  on July 11. Its importance is starkly demonstrated by the ongoing US-Israeli schemes to make Jerusalem (al Quds, holy city) the sole property of Israel, destroy the Muslim sacred Dome of the Rock, and by widespread aggression against all things Muslim, not only in Palestine, but from Libya to Afghanistan.

The UN and other international bodies firmly state that Jerusalem is not the property of either the Israelis or Palestinians, that its status must be established through negotiations making it open to both sides and even the world, by declaring it an international city.

Support for the Palestinian cause is strong in Toronto and despite government refusal to issue a permit to organizers, the demonstration will proceed.

Last year, 5,000 demonstrated, faced by threats from 1,000 Zionists, necessitating a heavy police presence. No other cause unites Canadians around international justice like the cause of the Palestinians.

Organizer Seyed Rivi said 70 organizations took part including the Jewish Neturei Karta and Independent Jewish Voices. 'Our supporters are people who feel bad when they see the pictures and images of what is going on in Palestine. We believe the Zionists are not representative of the Jewish religion.

'We have seven rabbis here in support of us.'

The momentum to support al -Quds Day around the world continues to grow..."


CELEBRATE AL QUDS! Saturday, July 11, 360 University/Dundas  (St Patrick TTC)

Viva Viva Palestina! FREE PALESTINE! Israeli Apartheid Is A CRIME!


"Chants to murder Jews and destroy Israel will be proclaimed throughout the streets of Toronto...We will also illustrate that the Jewish people are the Indigenous people of Israel and that the Temple Mount belongs to the Jewish People." - JDL Canada



And with facial recognition technology they'll know if you ignored their warnings and went anyway.  Just sayin.


This of course made me want to look up Al Quds Day Montreal 2015... I haven't found anything yet, odd.

As if I give a crap about facial recognition. Been "recognised" for decades.