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What does "solidarity" mean to you?

Ken Burch
Joined: Feb 26 2005

To me, it means

1)Standing with a country or a people against outside intervention(military or political), and being willing, if necessary, to put one's own body on the line against such intervention;

2)Denouncing any attempts to coerce an outcome those people or that country do not wish to see;

And to me, it requires nothing especially does not require silenct acquiescence in actions or practices that go against my values as a leftist, a person who shares both humanist and progressive religious values, or simply a decent human beings.

It does NOT require anyone to defend things in one situation that a person wouldn't defend in others.


That's what it means to me.  What does it mean to you?




Ken Burch
Joined: Feb 26 2005

Dupe thread.  Please delete.  I have no idea why this created FOUR versions of the same thread.  Sorry.

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