AUPE fined for "illegal" strike - wildcat strike continues

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Hurtin Albertan
AUPE fined for "illegal" strike - wildcat strike continues

The labour action started last Friday when 2 workers at the Edmonton Remand Centre were suspended after voicing safety concerns at the new facility.  As a response to this, the remaining workers at the Remand Centre walked off the job in a wildcat strike.

A court order to return to work was issued on the weekend, after ignoring this court order the union has since been fined and will continue to be fined for each day the so-called "illegal" strike continues.

Many other AUPE staff have also walked off the job in sympathy with the ERC staff, including court clerks, other corrections staff, many of our sherriffs, and some probation officers as well.

As a member of the AUPE myself I have nothing but the best wishes for my brothers and sisters in the union, and hope for a successful resolution to their safety concerns.

Hurtin Albertan

Link to the AUPE website:

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