BC Liberals Leadership Race which started May 10, 2017

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BC Liberals Leadership Race which started May 10, 2017

So far we have seen, the very angry with the election results right-wing V Sun, shove Kevin Falcon's name, who Christy Clark defeated for the Liberal leadership, in their lead article on Page 1 the day after their chosen one lost the election.

Now here's another possibility in Jordan Bateman, as his right-wing, screw the workers philosophy, fits right in with the Liberals mantra.

Foes of the B.C. Greens and NDP react to their axis of...



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This leadership race exists solely in your imagination.

@MegB:  can you change the title of this thread to something non-fiction?


Times are a changin'

Let's take a look at the North Vancouver-Seymour results:

Party / Votes '09 / Votes '13 / Cge / Votes '17 / Cge / Total Cge

NDP / 6212 / 8,524 / + 2,312 / 9,808 / + 1,284 / + 3,596

Libs / 13,426 / 13,186 / -240 / 13,194 / +8 / - 232

Grn / 2,116 / 1897 / - 219 / 5,208 / + 3,311 / + 3,092



Party / %  '09 / %  '13 / Cge / %  '17 / Cge / Total Cge

NDP / 27% / 33% / + 6% / 34% / + 1% / + 7%

Libs / 50% / 51% / + 1% / 46% / - 5% / - 4%

Grn / 9% / 7% / - 2% / 18% / + 11% / + 9%

Regardless of whether or not Kevin Falcon lives in this riding, which he does, if they start campaining immediately the NDP stand a reasonable chance of winning North Vancouver-Seymour in the next BC election. Amongst many things though campaigning includes holding highly publicized give-a-way events in the riding for targeted groups, writing letters to the Editor, using social media, but primarily, regardless of whether or not the candidate has been chosen, going door-knocking as soon and as often as possible between now and the next election date.  

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OK, but do you understand there's no Liberal leadership race going on??

Can you separate fantasy from reality, at least here on babble?


oh yes there is magoo. just not in public outside BC.

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So, a "secret" race then?

If you want to say that the Libs are in turmoil following the election, that's fine.  But when we say "Leadership race" we're usually referring to a "Leadership race" that can be seen outside of BC too.


Ha! Ha! Ha!

Liberals must rebuild quickly


But as time passed, discipline turned into rigidity. Iron budget management became an excuse for ignoring other legitimate interests.

And the policy of accepting large corporate donations fed a suspicion that the party was more attached to big business than working-class families.

After 16 years in office, the Liberals appeared increasingly tone-deaf and out of touch. Voters wanted change, and not just in policy, but in style and empathy.

Fairly or not, any such change has to begin with the premier. Christy Clark, for all her strengths, is unavoidably a voice from the past. As long as she remains leader, everything the public has come to dislike about the Liberals lives on.

Then there is the matter of timing. Some in the Liberal caucus might believe there is no hurry. Wait long enough, they might think, and the NDP/Green alliance will self-destruct.

But that would be an error. We have been promised a referendum on electoral reform in October 2018. The Liberals stand to lose if such a reform were made.

Over the past four elections, the party’s share of the vote lagged well behind the NDP/Green total. Had some form of rep by pop been in place, the Liberals would have lost all of those contests.

However, if the party means to dispute the need for change, it must first regain its standing as a government in waiting. That means overhauling its platform.

And it must do this in little more than a year. Time, in other words, is not on the Liberals’ side.

So what might a new platform look like? Certainly, it should continue to emphasize competent management. This is the party’s main claim to govern, and it need not be abandoned.

But in two areas, major changes are needed. First, the Liberals must re-forge a connection with voters on social issues such as child care, support for low-income families and affordable housing.

In the process, several hatchets must be buried, in particular with the teachers’ union, and with the children’s representative. Near-endless warfare on these fronts damaged the Liberals and contributed to their reputation for picking the wrong fights.

Second, a way must be found to articulate a middle ground between protecting the environment, and protecting jobs and the economy.

Tilt too far in the green direction, and you breath life back into the B.C. Conservative party. Fixate on the economy, and you lose support in suburban communities where the environmental movement is strongest. It was here that the Liberals surrendered their majority.

Still, in the end, it all depends on who becomes leader. True, the Liberals have never possessed a particularly strong caucus, and some contenders, such as the outgoing health minister, Terry Lake, retired or lost their seats.

Nevertheless, it is essential that a fresh new face be found. Justin Trudeau’s revival of the federal Liberals comes to mind.

Will any of this happen? To date, Clark has expressed every intention of staying.

Her strength of will is commendable. But if she persists in this view, the Liberals might be consigned to the backbenches for a very long time.

- See more at: http://www.timescolonist.com/opinion/editorials/editorial-liberals-must-...