BC Pre May 14, 2013 Election Call

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But... Without The HST How Will We Pay For Programs?






This is absolutely sickening for a Canadsian chartered bank executive to be talking to Allan like this. How much gobblygok is out there like this in the corporate media? There seems to be a huge amount of it. I wonder how many Canadian workers have lost their jobs at CIBC due to the TFW program.


Oil Sands 'Money Left on the Table' and More Myths

Economist Robyn Allan on why Canadian petro fortunes aren't hurt by lack of pipelines.






North Report, thanks for always posting all the news related to BCNDP and related political articles. I know I appreciate all the postings.


Your welcome!

I post them because it seems that a whole lot of people are reading them which is good. I think this thread alone now has about 10,000 hits. There is a whole world of communication out there that happily is still not controlled by the corporate press.

Look at the intimidation tactics even against the Globe and Mail from the Premier's office.

I hope the entire BC Liberal Caucus get their collective asses kicked on May 14th, and they take scumbag radio station CKNW down with them. Now if we only knew how to lose the Vancouver Sun as well.

Is The Premier's Flack-Hackery Trying To Muzzle...
...Gary Mason?

Not that we are trying to suggest that the most obvious one has been stealing our stuff or anything, but here is a small chunk of his latest:

...In her speech at the Liberal Party’s annual premier’s dinner (recently), Ms. Clark noted the passing of the iconic politician (Margaret Thatcher), saying she was someone who stuck to her principles and pressed onward in the face of withering criticism and dissent.

While unsaid, it was evident Ms. Clark was certainly trying to establish a comparison between the trials and tribulations of Lady Thatcher and the negative reviews and stinging rebukes she has had to endure. Except, much of the downbeat commentary that has been levelled at the Premier has sprung from a widely held view that she arrived in office with no real plan or vision or firmly held convictions upon which a policy agenda would be based – almost the anti-Thatcher. And the former British prime minister’s death only served to bring that unfortunate distinction into starker relief.

Of course, the other critique to dog Ms. Clark is that she has preferred the public aspects of the position – ribbon cuttings, town hall meetings, representing government at high-profile events – to the more mundane, less visible but vitally important job of identifying priorities and crafting an agenda...

Surprisingly, this most (ron) obvious of mild-mannered analyses, according to Mr. Mason himself, led to a rebuke from Ms. Clark's office:




The only thing they will be coming back for will be to clean out their desks after the election. The people of BC don't want those stinking Liberals any more. It is only Christy and her bunch of losers that don't seem to get it.

Clark’s B.C. Liberals need a comeback for the ages




The corporations, the business elite, have stolen our governments. and guess what, we have let them do it. What a shame.


Alberta Fracking. Jessica Ernst Versus The Corporate/Government Enemy.(A Case For History.)



Isn't nature grand!

My Morning Ride.


10,000 views now -  Woo! Hoo!


They can grandstand all they want - the BC Government-elect has said no way Jose!

What part of No do they not understand?

Northern Gateway panel releases list of pipeline conditions

Northern Gateway panel releases list of pipeline conditions

Douglas Channel, the proposed termination point for an oil pipeline in the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, is pictured in an aerial view in Kitimat, B.C., on January 10, 2012. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck







I'll be reading this with interest, as I very curious to know the details about the media. It's so obvious that our mainstream press is bot and paid for by the BC Liberals. Kind of reminds me about the lock the real estate industry has on our mainstream press as well. houdini would be proud - all smoke and mirrors!


I’m back Tuesday with an analysis and intel on the active twitter campaign by the Christy Clark camp; how her trolls are getting away with lies and spin–until I’m done with them, and much, much more.

Also, prepare for a bombshell report on the state of the media in British Columbia. I have in my possession irrefutable proof of how the BC Liberals have managed to garner such generally fawning praise from the MSM in this province. You will be astounded, trust me.

Well, you should. You’ve paid for every penny of it.

Stay tuned!




I really liked the link to the blog by Ross. The tree story was wonderful.


So I'm curious about this bury the deficit stuff which I suspect the right-wing does on a regular basis to try and hide their reckless spending on the 1 per centers when they get into power. Why are the credit rating agencies not calling them on this shit? I'm beginning to believe credit rating agencies have a political agenda and are not the neutral financial analysts they profess to be. What do organizations like CCPA say about them?

BC Liberals Using ICBC As Cash Cow, Says Consumer Group






Are Ms. Clark's Wizards Going All In Against The Lotusdandian ProMedia Punditry?



Christy Clark, Canada`s Newest Federal Conservative



Who knows where Atmon is?


The First Day Of Spring In Atmon. It'sTheEndOfWinter






Poor Liberal election predictor supporters just can't bear to admit the truth. Oh well!