BC Pre May 14, 2013 Election Call

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theleftyinvestor wrote:

To their credit, many political parties in Canada have built up into very multicultural coalitions. But when it reeks of tokenism, that coalition falls apart.

All the parties reach out to the various communities in their ridings.  In Burnaby when I was involved in the federal campaigns we ran two separate phone banks most the time. The largest one was in English and the other in Mandarin and Cantonese.  A few times during the campaign we would also organize a Punjabi and Urdu phone bank.  The lists we phoned from however were not compiled from government lists but from a process where our main phone bank callers would identify voters whose first language was not English and they would get a call back in their own language. Also the staff of our sitting MP were hired partially based on their language skills so that people walking into the MP's office could be served in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu and French.

IMO that is not pandering for votes that is just providing quality service to the residents of the riding. Frankly no party would deserve to win with out reach to all the voters. When around 50% of the population of the riding are immigrants from various parts of Asia a party that ignores them will lose and for good reason.


The BC Liberals are all about packaging and not about content.

They seem to think that all they have to do is change their leader and all their problems are going to go away.

Good luck!



What's that I hear?


Oh, it's Kevin Falcon saying that his recently born child is all grown up now, and is going to university, so because of that he doesn't have to stay home any more, and he is available to come back into politics and save the BC Liberals now. Laughing





While Falcon could easily have the ego to think he could save the Liberals and return them to power, he is taking a big risk. If the Liberals do loose big after his replacing Clark, then a lot of the blame would fall on him, fairly or unfairly. From his point in view, it could well be safer to let Clark go down in flames during the election and then to come to the rescue of the Liberals or whatever the reconstituted party is called.


What actually would make Clark leave?

More scandals coming but which is also a problem for any prospective replacements?

Her old job back at NW?

Another job offer?

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If he gets back into the game Kevin will be a federal MP come 2015.  He will definitely be taken care of by Howe Street no matter what.


Clark has already agreed to leave in principle, by choosing to run again in Point Grey. She knows that if she loses the election anyway, she's gonna lose her seat. If she had any intention of staying to lead the opposition, she'd have moved next door to Vancouver-Quilchena.


Maybe Kash Heed should take over as Leader of the BC Liberals as he is totally appropriate for the job! Laughing


There is no more question that this enthnic  "quick win" crisis is seriously escalating within the BC Liberals.

Regardless of whether she stays or goes now, she will be a lame-duck Premier from here on in.

Hogg is correct about one thing - the BC Liberals are not divided, that is, in their negative opinions about their Leader.

B.C. Liberals grapple with resignations amid 'ethnic vote' conflict

Liberal Caucus Chair Gordon Hogg insists party is not divided





Do the Liberals even have the votes any more to switch the election date?

And how would the public react to such a move? Or does that ever matter in these schemers' minds?


I know this is BC politics, and anything can happen,  but my hunch is that Christy Clark will remain as Premier and sink like the Titanic with most of her team on May 14.

Some members of the B.C. Liberals are publicly calling for Christy Clark to resign





Clark only has a prayer of a chance. 

"B.C. Liberals In Damage Control - Premier And Cabinet To Hold Emergency Cabinet Meeting Sunday"







Clark never stood a chance. Combined with the mess she was left by Campbell, and her own sleazy backroom antics, she now finds herself in deep do-do. But it is far from just Christy Clark which is the problem here with the BC Liberals. It has spread like a cancer and is all over the place. For example, what do you think the real reason Pat Bell is not running again?

Documents contradict B.C. ministers' claims about Prince George contract bid



Clark never stood a chance. Combined with the mess she was left by Campbell, and her own sleazy backroom antics, she now finds herself in deep do-do. But it is far from just Christy Clark which is the problem here with the BC Liberals. It has spread like a cancer and is all over the place. For example, what do you think the real reason is Pat Bell is not running again?

Documents contradict B.C. ministers' claims about Prince George contract bid



Christy Clark never stood a chance. Combined with the mess she was left by Campbell, and her own sleazy backroom antics, she now finds herself in deep do-do, and soon to face the BC electorate for the 1st time. But it is far from just Christy Clark that is the problem here. It is the whole stinking party. It has spread like a cancer and is all over the place. For example, what do you think the real reason is that Pat Bell is not running again?

Documents contradict B.C. ministers' claims about Prince George contract bid



And what  about another BC Liberal backroom boy, Martyn Brown up to?

He seems to be meeting frequently with the press to lambast the Premier these days.

What is Brown up to here?


What is it about Liberals?

Christy Clark losing control of BC Liberals over ethnic voter scandal

“Ethnic manipulation” scandal turns party against Christy Clark against her 72 days before election

The day the whole issue broke, it had been business as usual. Shouting across the aisle: the opposition NDP MLAs’ questions being responded to with history lessons about the last time the NDP were in government (that would be pre-2001) or bold claims about how good things would be in BC thirty years from now thanks to Liberal policies.

The next day, silence. Questions were answered — actually answered — tersely. No partisan jibes or digs were given. Not one reference to the horror of the NDP days or pat-on-the-back promotion of the Liberal party was made by the government benches. Government MLAs sat in silence throughout.

The BC Liberal party is ashamed of its leader.

If they thought they could replace Christy Clark today they’d do it. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time before the general election (the party is now hoist on the petard of its own fixed election date legislation) to schedule the leadership race, even if they could get her to resign on the spot this afternoon.

Unfortunately, the BC Liberal Party, like all the other political parties in Canada, did away with “quaint” traditions of Westminster politics like “the caucus can fire the leader” and “the caucus chooses the new leader”.

For today, if the Liberal caucus could, they’d have a public execution.

Saturday, Clark’s ministers made it clear to her: you shall face your Cabinet. You shall sit there and be raked over the coals for this. (Christy Clark has called a Cabinet meeting for Sunday.)

Implicit in that was “and for the party’s sake do the honourable thing”, not that Christy Clark would have a clue what that is.

There is a tradition as well in Westminster parliamentary systems that ministers are responsible for the actions of their staff and resign when the staff goes wrong.

That applies just as much to the staff of first ministers as it does to the staff of junior ministers of state.

Unfortunately, Christy Clark is as tone-deaf on this as she is on the fact that the whole plan Haakstad had authored was an immoral mixing of party needs with government resources.

You’d think that a member of the federal Liberal Party of Canada, as Clark has been for years, would, in this post-Gomery world, know what the price for that is.



Liberals call for B.C. Premier Christy Clark to resign over ethnic vote scandal

Bajwa said his group also voted in favour of calling on Clark to scrap the Times of India awards, a lavish international event that's set to bring Indian film stars to Vancouver in April.

He said the group fears the $11 million event, coupled with the ethnic vote scandal, will create a backlash for the Indo-Canadian community because it's a major expenditure of taxpayer dollars.

"We won't stand for that. There are more important major issues concerning our communities — our children, our education and other discrimination we feel here accordingly that should be addressed," he said.

Bajwa said the scandal was the major topic of discussion today at the temples in Surrey, and while his fellow party members are not angry they believe the "buck" stops with the premier.

"It is important to all ethnic communities in B.C., not to Indo-Canadians only," he said. "Because during the elections and after the elections, no matter whatever the results are, this is going to be a discussion topic for everybody.

"We don't want to be discriminated against and disrespected for this reason."

Bajwa has been a member of the B.C. Liberals for one year and a member of the federal Liberal Party for a decade. In 2011 he unsuccessfully ran for mayor in Surrey, B.C.





Indo-Canadian B.C. Liberals say Clark made ethnic vote 'a joke', call for resignation




Less than 1/2 hour to go for the BC Liberals Cabinet Meeting in Vancouver


Cabinet meets amid pressure on Clark



Who does Chan think he is kidding?


Community waits to see how Christy Clark, B.C. Liberals, handle ethnic voters scandal

Tung Chan, past-president of SUCCESS immigrant services society and Vancouver’s Non-Partisan Association, said the Liberals can bounce back from the scandal if they admit fault.

“It really depends on how the party handles it,” Chan said Sunday. “If the party pulls together and if everyone falls in line and says ‘OK, mistakes were made, we lost a bit in term of separation of duties, let’s move on,” then the Liberals may successfully quell the brewing controversy, Chan said.

- See more at: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Community+waits+Christy+Clark+Liberals+...


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As much as the ethnic vote scandal stinks, I hope we don't get a scenario where this alone makes the BC Liberals unelectable. I want the media to be forced to concede that the BC Liberals made themselves unelectable through the cumulation of their bad policies over the last 12 years. And I want Dix to actually have to campaign against the BC Liberals record and for what he will do as premier. I don't want the electipon to become all about the ethnic vote scandal to the exclusion of other issues. I don't think it's in the long-term interests of the workers of this province if the BC Libs are turfed from office without substantial numbers of former BC Liberal voters realizing what was fundamentally wrong about the BC Liberals in the first place.


She's staying. Whew! Laughing


Ethnic vote scandal ‘dashes’ B.C. Liberals May election hopes



Christy Clark in for a rough ride as fallout from memo tests leadership



Could Clark Quitting Revive Liberal Chances?

Realistically no. Only the NDP can make the NDP lose now.




MLA Simpson on an October election: 'Not until 2017'



Clark appointed all the Cabinet members. Of course they will be supportive of her or they will lose all their perks. Any cabinet minister who opposes the Premier, would have to immediately resign, so Clark saying they are all united behind her is disingenous.


So instead of Clark "walking the plank" everyone is going down with the good Liberal ship.


Michael Smyth is hosting the Bill good show today on CKNW where Christy used to work.

So far at least it has been a brutal show for the Premier.



Michael Smyth is hosting the Bill Good show today on CKNW where Christy used to work.

So far at least it has been a brutal show for the Premier.



B.C. Premier Christy Clark facing party uprising over blunders




What's significant it that meeting has been moved up to Noon instead of 1 PM, to allow for more time to attempt to diffuse the situation. Ledge sits at 1:30 PM

Premier faces another challenge




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My favourite possible scenario is the Liberals getting defeated on a non confidence motion tied to their budget. It only takes a handful of Liberal MLA's to not show up for that to happen. I think that is a real possibility and I would relish it since it would make all their balanced budget ads that are already in the can waiting to be rolled out totally irrelevant.


That would indeed be the icing on the cake, for sure.


Probe Details How Clark, Aides Erased Communications Trail

Info commissioner's investigation highlights BC gov't high-level record-keeping gaps.

Denham said that over the past four years, "no responsive records" replies by government to FOI requesters nearly doubled from 13 per cent in 2008-2009 to 25 per cent in 2011-2012. She said contributing factors include the centralization of FOI processing and the high percentage of no records claims by the Office of the Premier.

"Although the Office of the Premier has been above the government average in no responsive records in each of the last three years, its percentage increased dramatically last year from 30 per cent to 45 per cent. The effect that this increase had on government's overall percentage is significant.

"My investigators did not discern any overt cause for the sudden increase in the Office of the Premier's percentage of no records responses. However, the Office of the Premier's admitted practice of communicating verbally and in person rather than using email and other communication that produces records may help to explain some aspect of this increase."

Denham found 49 per cent of the 149 media requests to the Office of the Premier in 2011-2012 resulted in a no records response, up from 37 per cent a year earlier.

Six recommendations

Key among Denham's six recommendations is for government to enact a "duty to document" law, for the sake of good governance, historical legacy of government decisions and protection of privacy and access to information rights.

"Without a legislated duty to document, government can effectively avoid public scrutiny of the rationale for its actions," Denham wrote.

"I recommend that government create a legislative duty within FIPPA to document key decisions as a clear indication that it does not endorse 'oral government' and that it is committed to be accountable to citizens by creating an accurate record of its actions."

Denham found government to be generally in compliance with the duty to assist requirement of the Act, but still has room to improve.

"Government should not interpret its duty to assist narrowly. Government can and should do a better job of its internal documentation of files and its communication with applicants. This would assist in explaining to an applicant why a particular request generated no responsive records."

The genesis of the report was a complaint by the B.C. Freedom of Information and Privacy Association's Sept. 12, 2012 complaint about the no records trend. The investigation was conducted by policy analysts Troy Taillefer and Tlell Raffard and included investigation of complaints by journalists.  [Tyee]





Any reports of smoke coming out from around the doors at that Caucus meeting?

Or sounds of binders being thrown around?


My prediction: a short Caucus meeting.

Behind the scenes, the Clark team takes hostages. Everyone comes out smiling. [With no head counts, it isnt noticed some MLAs are missing.]


Is it over yet?




CKNW, the main radio station in Vancouver, has just had James Plett the BC Surrey riding executive who wrote a blog about why he resigned on for the past hour. What a disaster for for this government.


CC is way, way too arrogant for that. Plus what about her gold-plated pension?

Clark should emulate Harcourt and fall on political sword

And, this year, we are seeing the stunning dessication of those same B.C. Liberals, being ripped apart by scandals while their leader, Christy Clark, perfects the art of doing all the wrong things in response. The latest scandal to hit the governing Liberals is the one that will seal victory for the NDP in the May 14 election. The Multicultural Ethnic Outreach Plan is a 17-page document obtained by the NDP. It documented a B.C. Liberal plan to use taxpayer funds and staff to secure ethnic voting support. The document is brazen and insulting, citing apologies for past wrongs as “quick wins” with ethnic voters. There is more, much more, and it is so bad even Liberal stalwarts recognized no amount of spin could help. Deputy Leader Rich Coleman read Clark’s apology in the legislature. Clark apparently felt it more important to meet with the Vancouver Sun’s editorial board. “The language in this draft document and some of the recommendations are absolutely inappropriate,” Coleman said. After failing to face the heat in person, Clark flew to Prince George to do some ribbon-cuttings and attend a luncheon. There, she noted the person who drafted the obscene document, her deputy chief of staff and longtime friendKim Haakstad, had resigned. (Haakstad emailed the plan to a number of taxpayer-funded staffers, including Pamela Martin, who gets tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars as outreach director for Clark’s office, a fancy name invented to reward the former TV newsreader for helping with Clark’s leadership campaign and subsequent byelection win. If Martin and others received and read those emails in the past year and did not alert Clark and others, should they not be sacked forthwith?). Clark claimed she knew nothing of the plan and seemed to believe Haakstad’s resignation was appropriate closure. Not even close. As we say in the media, this story has legs and the B.C. Liberals are the ones pumping those limbs Had the NDP not been given the documents, this immoral (and possibly illegal) venture would still be in the works.  If Clark had a shred of integrity, she would resign now. She may have not known about the scandalous plan, but it happened on her watch, in her office.  Would her resignation help the party’s fortunes at the polls?  It might, though the Liberals will be clobbered in any event.  Think back to 1995.  In November of that year, the governing New Democrats were not unlike the current Liberals — a party with a majority with a major scandal making headlines day after day.  The scandal involved former NDP MLA Dave Stupich eventually pleading guilty to fraud for using the Nanaimo Commonwealth Holding Society to take money raised for charity via bingo and send it back to the NDP. Harcourt was not involved and had no clue this was happening in the society, which had been created in the 1950s  Yet, the premier resigned out of principle.  Among those who gave Harcourt kudos for falling on his political sword was then-Liberal leader Campbell, who told Maclean’s magazine: “Mr. Harcourt has done the right thing.”  As Harcourt was stepping down, the prevailing wisdom among pundits and politicians was that the NDP of the early 1990s would emulate the province’s first NDP government — led by Dave Barrett in 1972 — and be a one-term wonder.  Indeed, Jack Weisgerber, the former Socred MLA who became the leader of the fledgling B.C. Reform Party, all but dismissed the New Democrats.  “The NDP is done like dinner,” he told Maclean’s.  “The next election is going to be a two-way contest between us and the Liberals to determine who forms the government and who forms the opposition.”  Kreskin he wasn’t as, only six months after Harcourt stepped down, the NDP, led by the young and brash Glen Clark, won a second successive majority, leaving the Liberals as opposition again and wiping Reform from the political map.  Should Clark resign, would a new leader change party fortunes, with the election two months away?  Not a chance, but a new face, perhaps someone as respected and likeable asGeorge Abbott, could mean a few seats here or there.  And, while Clark emerged from the weekend’s emergency cabinet meeting claiming cabinet and caucus is united behind her and pointed to this week's budget vote as offering proof, happenings among riding associations would indicate anything but global support for the leader.  If, as expected, all Liberal MLAs vote in favour of the budget, it means they support the government, not necessarily their leader.  After all, Harry Bloy stands alone among those who backed Clark in her leadership bid.  Several riding-association presidents are disgusted enough with party shenanigans to have quit.  “My experience with the B.C. Liberal Party is that the people that are involved in the local riding associations are nothing more than procedure,” Cory Cassel, who stepped down as president of the Abbotsford-Mission Liberal riding association, told the CBC.  James Plett quit as vice-president of the Surrey-Tynehead Liberal riding association and terminated his membership, citing the ethnic-voters scandal as the last straw.  “What makes it so repugnant is that the government misused taxpayer dollars to put together a document explaining how the government could misuse taxpayer dollars further and to offer apologies for absolutely horrible things all for a bump in the polls,” Plett wrote on his blog.  “Not to actually apologize for the events, but with the end goal of winning popularity points.”  The fact is, this latest scandal involving a plan to use government resources for partisan purposes is not the first.  Last year, the Province revealed an anti-Adrian Dix website was being worked on by taxpayer-paid government workers.  It really is overwhelming how a political party can plumb such depths of desperation when the end is nigh.  It is overwhelming, but not surprising. Not in B.C. If Dix and the NDP manage to win re-election in 2017, look for another implosion of government about a decade from now.



Adrian has just destroyed Christy Clark with the Opening Question in Oral Questions today.

How can the BC Liberals continue to have such a person as their Leader is beyond me. 


Clark's investigation into the leak is a sham. An Independent investigator is needed but it is never going to happen with the BC Liberals in power.


This is bullshit. All this was hatched and directed out of the Premier's office and it is Clark who should be resigning. 

B.C. Liberals’ multiculturalism minister resigns in wake of ‘ethnic vote’ scandal




Outspoken MLA Heed a no-show at caucus meeting 

The second ready of the budget will be voted on and the Liberals hold only a five seat edge over the NDP and independents.



Martyn Brown, former Chief of Staff for Gordon Campbell is calling on the Premier to resign. Styay tuned.




B.C. Liberals botch the politics of ethnic outreach



Alberta Premier Redford has dropped 25% in popularity in 10 months.


What do you think Christy Clark's popularity is right now in BC?