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I dont know whether she should resign.

But if she resigned, Clark would be cannonized as a martyr.

"Christy died for your sins."



And well she might be resigning, as apparently Global TV had the beginning of another possible scandal on their BC TV News tonite.


B.C. Liberal ethnic vote scandal claims minsiter, Premier says she's not immune




oh please don't go!


et tu, Rich !?



Liberal caucus members leaving a meeting with Clark Monday at the legislature said they were united behind her, but were also awaiting the outcome of Dyble's review.

In this space under that news quotation draw cartoon:

Side view of Christy at podium, smiling away.

Behind her, the arrayed ministers, with their modest smiles. Hands behind thie backs, holding knives.

Awaiting review.


Now that would such a tawdry finale.


With each passing day with Christy Clark as their Leader, the BC Liberals are digging a bigger and bigger hole for themselves. Maybe it is in their best interests to put her out of her misery tomorrow on the budget vote.

B.C. Liberal majority vulnerable in budget vote






 Andrew Coyne: Outrage over B.C. Liberals’ ethnic outreach is just political theatre



John Yap, Minister of Multiculturism and Advanced Education, Innovation and Technology, resigned Monday at least until the completion of the inquiry into the 'ethnicgate' scandal is complete according to Chrisity Clark. In a CBC Radio interview, Vaughn Palmer, the so-called 'dean' of BC political columnists, said this did not seem to be the appropriate person that should resign as he was not Miinister of Multiculturalism when the 'ethnic' vote-getting strategy was created just over a year ago and honestly did not seem to have any knowledge of the plan when it first came to light publicly. Palmer suggests that the Yap resignation was meant to protect people who were much closer to Clark both as political advisors and personally. 


Or maybe Yap really resigned in personal disgust, but agreed to make it look like he was resigning for the stated reasons :P

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I know that 8:00 in the morning is too early to be expecting something fresh....

But it is another day, and I'm awaiting another dose of high farce entertainment.


As Michael Smyth said in the Province today - that was a shaky performance by Clark yesterday in the Legislature.

He also said the NDP may hold off with other dasmaging scandals for now as they want to ensure she is in the driver's seat for the Liberals when the elction is called.


Not to mention spreading out releasing the memos so that the knife is always turning.

They'll wait until the Liberals are finshed turning on each other, and the end of the media assistance.

I dont think they will hold back to make sure Clark is still around. The deeper the spiral goes down, the less it matters whether she quits.


The apology: Humbling, genuine, but most of all too late



The apology: Humbling, genuine, but most of all too late







When winning is all that matters for B.C. politicians



Who is going to, or more importantly, not going to show up for the budget vote today?

B.C. Liberals face budget vote amid 'ethnic-vote' scandal Premier Christy Clark doesn’t rule out possibility of scandal forcing her out



Christy Clark's failed gamble was to ignore the Glen Clark strategy



More and more BCers appear to be leaning towards the 2nd option.

Which pollster will be first out of the gate after this latest Christy Clark-led BC Liberal debacle?

Christy Clark: Year One

A year into office, Christy Clark is leading the B.C. Liberals toward a 2013 election that will either rejuvenate her party or destroy it 




Excellent overview of the BC Liberal crisis


Ethnic Memo Investigator's Hands Tied

inister Yap resigns, Clark apologizes, opposition slams scope of probe.







Holy Smokes!

David Eby I'm sure is taking meticulious notes, and when it is all said and done, Christy Clark personally is going to be looking for a job on May 15th.

Christy Clark still thinks it’s a game she can win

Wrong sacrifice made to put “Ethnicgate” behind Christy Clark and her party


If, as Christy Clark asserts, it came out of the office of the minister for multiculturalism, then the minister at the time was Harry Bloy (Burnaby-Lougheed), an MLA with a long and distinguished track record of only opening his mouth to change feet, and who, as a minister, whether that be social development or multiculturalism, went from self-made crisis to self-made crisis. That’s who should be hung out to dry.

Of course Bloy was the only MLA, back in 2011, who thought Clark was the best candidate to lead the BC Liberal Party. Clark has stood by Bloy ever since.

Monday saw Christy Clark contrite after a stormy caucus meeting in the morning. She gave no fewer than seventeen apologies in the Legislature and to the media Monday afternoon.

Mind you, these were done with a twinkle in her eye. The game’s afoot!

Christy Christy is nothing if not a player of the great game of politics. It is, indeed, her passion.

In Clark’s world, the past week has been nothing but a few bad rolls. The game, however, is still being played, and a few good rolls will put her in the lead.

Never mind that her party is acutely aware that it’s trapped going into an election where they can’t make the move they want to and dump her.

Never mind that that, out on the streets, some of the volunteers won’t be there, while others will just be going through the motions.

Never mind the sheer number of big names for the Liberals that have chosen to stand down in this election. They might come out once or twice for the candidate in their personal riding. They’re not going to be touring the province to get Christy Clark re-elected.

Never mind that the business community is opening its wallets to the NDP, figuring the time has come to get “on side” with the winner.

Never mind that, at the Election Prediction Project, a long running effort of the University of British Columbia, all the predictions for Clark’s own seat of Vancouver-Point Grey show her losing the seat — something that multiple polls in the province also strongly suggest.

Never mind the fudge-it budget that’s pseudo-balanced (just like 2009, and voters haven’t forgotten that con-job), never mind the turmoil about to erupt with the lack of preparation for the return to the PST on April 1, in Clark’s mind none of it matters.

A few good ads, a couple of feel good announcements, some athlete’s tongue on the part of Adrian Dix, the NDP leader, and Clark sees herself back in the Premier’s chair for another four years.



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I had forgotten that Bloy was the Multicultural Minister at the time.  He was also up to his ears in the Burnaby hospital e-mail fiasco.


I was wondering why he didnt come up. Thought maybe he had resigned his seat last year after his second [at least] disgrace in months

I see he is still an MLA. How has he stayed out of sight during this? I can see why Clark doesnt ring him up, but what aout the media?

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He is one of the rats leaving the sinking ship and he has just kept his mouth shut since the hospital scandal.


Just love Christy's rationale! Laughing


Staff created ethnic plan, but weren’t responsible for it, Clark argues






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I suspect not many on Bay street will be voting but all of Howe Street supports her party.


More devastating news for Christy Clark.

So are there any communities left, apart from Howe Street, that will actually vote for the BC Liberals any more?

Arrogant B.C. Ethnic Vote Plan Smells Of 'Trapos'



k - tks for the correction 



Here they come again - I was wondering what was taking them so long. Laughing

BC Conservatives promise to abolish carbon tax, avoid labour strife





So Premier Clark is staying, come hell or high water. 


Barring any last minute miracle, Christy Clark and the BC Liberals will lose the election.

And that's a good thing.  When one party has been in power for so long, voters want a change.  It's also healthy for democracy to have a changeover in parties and new blood from time to time.  The BC Liberals have been in power for too long.

And of course, it will help improve the federal Liberal brand in BC in the next federal election not to have the dead weight of the BC Liberals in office.


David Young

Debater wrote:

And of course, it will help improve the federal Liberal brand in BC in the next federal election not to have the dead weight of the BC Liberals in office.


Oh really, Debater?

How often was Ontario's NDP government under Bob Rae used by both the Liberals and the Conservatives as a reason for Canadians not to vote for the federal NDP?  I lost count.

Every chance I get, I'm going to tell people...

'Remember the B.C. Liberals and what they did?  Just imagine that happening on the federal scene!'

How does that sound, Debater?



Federal Liberal Party members are involved in these Liberals scandals in BC up to their eyeballs.

NDP’s John Horgan compares B.C. Liberals to Supertramp album “Crisis”

With several high-profile MLA’s planning on retiring this summer, you begin to wonder how many have already checked out and are content to watch the B.C. Liberal Party crumble around them.





I don't know if people will be criminially charged before this is all over, but you have to read the current Vaughn Palmer's column in the V Sun about how there are basically no records in the Premier's office.

It seems that everything of any importance and consequence was done through personal emails and then shredded when any investigation got too close. 

There are no records about the previous Premier's office staff member who was let go for inappropriate behaviour with a female - give us a break! 

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It means less to shred when the government falls.  I lived in Saskatchewan when the Devine crooks fell.  They spent days with those big mobile shredding trucks after the election.  Many of them still went to jail and there still is no provincial Conservative party.  These crooks have already had their offices raided during the BC Rail investigation so they must be wary that if they lose government they will go to jail.


kropotkin1951 wrote:
and there still is no provincial Conservative party.

The SK Party doesn't count?

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I can also say there is no Socred party in BC despite the fact that they morphed into the Liberals. The difference is the the Sask Conservatives actually dissolved the party legally unlike the Socreds that merely died from "lack of voters" disease.


B.C. Liberals leave no paper trail on key decisions to avoid public scrutiny, says info boss



Ex-B.C. Liberal speculates we may never know who was ultimately responsible for the "quick wins" plan





Clark’s response to all questions about the ethnic memo scandal is ‘Wait for Dyble’


But I’ve left the day’s most cynical gesture to the end, namely the announcement that cabinet minister John Yap, whose bailiwick includes responsibility for multiculturalism, was stepping down pending the outcome of the Dyble review.

He was not the minister at the time this outrage was concocted. The man in charge was the premier’s hand-picked serial bungler, Harry Bloy. Yap’s name is nowhere in the fatal documentation, unlike those of various Clark staffers who remain at their posts and on the public payroll.

Yap professes to being caught “completely off guard,” when the New Democrats began waving the strategy in the government’s face last week. “It never hit my desk,” he told reporters, adding: “I’m looking forward to being cleared.”

So why did he have to resign? Well, I’m thinking it was because the premier needed to placate an increasingly restless public with a sacrifice and she wasn’t prepared to yield up another member of her inner circle just yet.



The CIA has nothing on our Christy who could teach them a lesson or 2 into how not to leave any paper trails. WTF!!!


Time for a deeper look into why Premier Christy Clark’s office has no records to produce

So, to recap: Nothing of a substantive nature gets written down in the premier’s office in the first place. Business is conducted orally and in person. Email is used only for minor matters and those are sent to the electronic dumpster straightaway.

Such was the story told by Haakstad to the investigators on Feb. 6. Now contrast that with the way of doing business in the premier’s office that was on display three weeks later, when the New Democrats tabled the multicultural strategy.

The 17-page strategy was distributed by Haakstad herself to a number of government insiders via email. It laid out how public servants and Liberal political staff should work together to reach out to various ethnic communities, then bend those efforts to boost the re-election chances of the Liberal party.

In short, it was a detailed and ambitious set of marching orders on a major matter of public policy — precisely the sort of thing that was supposedly never produced in written form in the premier’s office, according to what the investigators were told by Clark’s official representative.

But the strategy does exist, along with a covering note that explains how the inner circle tried to escape public scrutiny for their efforts on behalf of the premier and party. It was distributed outside the government email server via a network of personal accounts maintained by everyone on the premier’s distribution list.

The practice of using personal emails for surreptitious public policy-making has occasionally been revealed through earlier leaks. But the ethnic outreach emails provide the most extensive documentation of the practice in a case linked directly to the office of the premier. They also directly contradict the “nothing in writing” assurances provided by Clark’s office just weeks before the leak.

One can only hope Denham seizes this opportunity to reopen her investigation, this time focusing on the use and abuse of the back channel as a way of making public policy while avoiding public scrutiny.



There is a definite possibility this is going to happen now.

Leaked Liberal Outreach Plan a 'Breach of Trust' for Some South Asians

Clark allies in the community warn fallout could cost swing seats this May






Caption the Political Photo: Christy Clark visits Point Grey secondary schoolThink you can fill the speech bubbles better than us? Give it a shot in the comments section.

Did you read that Multicultural Strategic Outreach Plan? It's no wonder the Christy Clark government has become today's political equivalent of the Titanic, just with its own iceberg-making machine.





Clark's B.C. Liberals are circling the drain

It soon became evident that while Clark was a good communicator, thanks to her days as a CKNW talk radio host, supporters who liked her veneer and style were finding it hard to ignore her lack of substance.

Relatively good news announcements or blips in the polls were quickly followed by problems and concerns. One might think that Christy was going out into a cow pasture at night with a flashlight, finding cow pies to step in. For every possible step forward, there appears to be at least one, and sometimes two, backward.

Clark has been apologizing left, right and centre for the ethnic voter scandal which has already resulted in the resignation of her longtime adviser and deputy chief of staff Kim Haakstad, and Advanced Education Minister and Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism John Yap. They may have taken the fall to this point, but the deed was done on Clark's watch, and thus, it sits at her feet.

Clark has already staunchly defended Pat Bell, Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training, who is embroiled in an ever-widening scandal in Prince George, as two party insiders allege Bell acted in bad faith during the bid process of what was hoped to be the Wood Innovation and Design Centre. The Vancouver Sun and Globe and Mail have uncovered more of the story, and Clark's support of Bell, if allegations are true, will not be viewed as sound judgment.

The ethnic voter scandal may very well be the final pea on the pile for Clark. Meanwhile, NDP leader Adrian Dix recognizes all he has to do is say as little as possible and stay out of trouble. He appears well on his way to fulfilling his pledge of running a positive election campaign. Clark has provided most of the negatives.

It seems the only mystery left is how many opposition seats there will be to face the NDP - the 24 combined Liberal/Socred seats of 1991, or the two NDP seats of 2001.