Biblical creationist joins Chilliwack school board race

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Biblical creationist joins Chilliwack school board race

The latest candidate to step forward to run for the Chilliwack school board on Oct. 20 said he wants to see “inclusivity for all” and a “quality, fact-based curriculum.”

This despite several social media posts expressing homophobic and transphobic views, and a belief in Bibilical creationism, often referred to as Young Earth creationism.

Darrell Furgason who has a PhD in religious studies and who has lectured at Trinity Western University, said he has been involved in education for 35 years, teaching in Australia, the U.S. and Canada.

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The more of his beliefs that are exposed to the light, the more home-schoolin', Quiverfull types will make a point to vote for him.  No idea if there are enough such voters in the area to make a go of this, though.

At any rate, regardless of what his campaign manager tells him to say he wants to see, the people that vote for him are going to expect something different.

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"With a knick knack, Chiliwack, give the Right a bone..."

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Ken Burch,

Yuk Yuk Yuk!

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