Files for BC's New Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Michelle Mongall Jul 19 ' 17

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You have to start wondering if Hydro has a clue about electricity demands or even about managing this massive dam project.


Canadians lucky to dodge Pacific Northwest LNG project, just ask Australia


But it's not just gas producers paying for this enormous miscalculation. Every Australian energy consumer is also paying. Unlike Canada, gas exporters don't have to prove that exports are surplus to domestic needs. Hence domestic prices more than doubled with the diversion of so much supply to exports; electricity prices also skyrocketed (because of gas-fired generation costs). Government isn't reaping any benefit, since the sweet royalty deals inked to accelerate LNG projects require virtually no royalty payments until capital investments have been paid off. That will likely never happen -- meaning Australians effectively gave away this gas (without royalties) to Asian consumers, many of whom now pay less for it than Aussies do.

In fact, it's hard to find anyone who benefited from this fiasco. And Australia's pro-development mindset greased the wheels. Taking more time to review the costs and benefits of major projects; empowering Indigenous communities to negotiate fair deals; and establishing a fiscal regime that's fair to both taxpayers and the climate, would have put enough sand in the wheels to at least slow down the bandwagon, and possibly stop it altogether. Canadians should thank our lucky stars we did it better.

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well, there's one nice thing about that Straight article. It encapsulates almost all of the hilariously wrong ideas about Site C in one place. Written by someone who wouldn't know an electron if it jumped up and bit them in the ass. 


Site C: Read here Deloitte's unredacted bombshell report to the B.C. Utilities Commission


Do Energy Industry Activities Threaten Dams? BC Hydro Now Says Yes

Oil and gas tribunal decision upholds shutdown of waste water disposal due to earthquake risk to Peace Canyon Dam.


The Facts Are Piling Up Against the Site C Dam

This is our chance to finally make the right decision.


Scrapping Site C and developing wind and solar could save billions, analyst says

Says B.C. doesn't need all Site C's power, other options cheaper, export market will not materialize


If the BC NDP do decide to go ahead with Site C hopefully they could at least name it after Dave Barrett

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Exhibition Place wind turbine hasn't produced power since March

Offline for over half a year because one day, it rained.

I know that's Ontario news, not BC news, but I would think anyone who believes in BC wind power should be interested anyway.  What if they fix it and then it rains again?