Files for BC's New Minister of Labour on Jul 18, 2017

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Files for BC's New Minister of Labour on Jul 18, 2017

Reinstate a card check system.

Weaver is wrong about the secret ballot and union certification, says SFU professor


Get rid of tipping! 

Minimum Wage $15 for everyone including alcohol servers.



Trudeau governments record no better than the dismal record of the Harper government


True to his / their word Labour Minister Harry Bains and the BC NDP deliver on another election promise in an appropriate mannner.

B.C. NDP commits to raising minimum wage to $15 by 2021

Labour Minister Harry Bains says a fair wages commission will be established to plan how to raise the rate without hurting businesses.

A 50-cent increase announced by the previous Liberal government was already slated to bring the wage to $11.35 per hour as of Sept. 15.

Bains says that increase will go ahead as planned, benefiting about 94,000 minimum-wage workers.

Alberta will be the first province to offer $15 per hour when the rate increases next year, while Ontario plans to reach that rate in 2019.


B.C. to raise minimum wage by 50 cents an hour

Labour Minister Harry Bains said the fall increase that’ll put the minimum hourly wage at $11.35 was a

commitment by the previous Liberal government that the NDP will honour and implement, but that it’s just a “stepping stone” towards the goal of $15 an hour. 

“Raising the minimum wage is only one way the new government will make life more affordable for British Columbians, but it’s an important start,” said Bains.

The government will also raise the liquor servers’ wage by $0.50 to $10.10 an hour.

The Sept. 15 increase will bump B.C. from the seventh-highest rate in Canada to the third-highest among provinces. 

“We’ve listened to business owners and workers, and we recognize the need for a gradual strategy for increasing minimum wage, a timeline to allow employers to adapt,” said Bains. 

He also announced a plan to establish a Fair Wages Commission that will consult with stakeholders to “find a pathway” to a $15 an hour wage and produce recommendations on how to continue on from 2021, including strategies to bridge the gap between the minimum wage and a living wage, pegged at $20.62 an hour in Metro Vancouver.

The NDP promised in the election campaign to move towards a $15 an hour minimum wage by 2021, with increases each year. Once it reaches $15 an hour, the NDP has said it would index the rate to inflation so it will keep rising with the economy.

The government announcement Tuesday did not specify the timeline of the gradual implementation over the next four years to $15 an hour.

Bains said the government is still working on the commission’s terms of reference, as well as its staffing and budget. He expects the commission to be established in the coming weeks. The commission’s first report will be within 90 days.


Kudos to Bains and the NDP for including BC citizens as opposed to the Liberals approach which was always kowtowing to the big corporate interests only.  

How refreshing to have Labour back at the decision-making table after having been cut out of the loop for such a long time by the likes of Stephen Harper and Christy Clark. 

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It would appear, from what you've posted, that the BCNDP is simply doing what the Liberals promised to do, and anything more is just new promises.

But even so, you criticize the previous government who made that promise in the first place, while hero-worshipping the new government who's doing absolutely NOTHING more.