Files for BC's New Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Selina Robinson Jul 18, 2017

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Almost half of Metro Vancouverites considering leaving due to affordability concerns


NDP Promise of $400 Rent Rebate Turns Into 4.5% Rent Hike


George Banes Once again the NDP are left dealing with the consequences of 16 years of Liberals running things. Hopefully once the fall session ( yes we are having a fall session unlike Christy Clark who spent as little time in Victoria as possible)the NDP will now come to some sensible fixes to help turn things around. 

Maximum allowable rent increases under review by B.C. task force

The chair of the province’s Rental Housing Task Force said it’s assessing the formula for the maximum allowable rent increase, after a 4.5-per-cent hike for 2019, announced on Friday, left many Vancouverites reeling.

Spencer Chandra Herbert, MLA for Vancouver-West End, said it’s been looking at the maximum rental increase formulas of other provinces and assessing their policies.


Vancouver’s in a Lather about Duplexes. Come to My Neighbourhood

The city upzoned a small pocket called Norquay six years ago. Here’s what happened.