Files for BC's New Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena on Jul 18, 2017

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Files for BC's New Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Claire Trevena on Jul 18, 2017

For starters how 'bout bringing back Photo Radar, eh!

And he gets his car back because.........

Penalties expanded for Ferrari driver clocked at 210 km/h on bridge


We have Brian Mulroney's abandonment of the railway to thank for all the big trucks on the road now.

Those trucks are probably here to stay, but they need to be restricted to the right lane, unless turning left, and they need to be kept off the roads during rush hour traffic times. As a matter of fact all slower drivers need to stay in the right lane unless turning left. Enact this simple little change and car commuters would get home in half the time they do now.


Immediately stop all government support for gas guzzlers, and increase subdizies for electric cars. 


Stop increasing, and start reducing public transit fares.

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Is public transit (and I assume you mean buses and LRTs and such) a provincial bailiwick in BC, rather than a municipal one?


Yup bc transit

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Interesting.  Here in Ontario, transit in Toronto is covered by the TTC, transit in Hamilton by the HSR, and so on.  The provincial government does provide some funding, but they don't set the fares.

What's Translink though?

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It's awesome that we now have ships to carry cars.



It's time to give this anti-worker Jan Grude creep the boot, and the sooner the better, eh!


What impeccible timing!

Richmond city council asks NDP government to twin George Massey Tunnel and cancel planned bridge



What's it gonna take to get the trucks completely off the roads during rush hours, and mandatory use of right lane when on the road

What's stopping it from happening?

The automobile and or trucking industry associations which lobby the shit out of our, repeat our, not their, governments


The Lower Mainland transportation system has gone from bad to worse

Unelected Translink has failed the citizens of BC!

Why are big trucks allowed to travel during rush hour blocking every line of traffic at the same time?

Remove the big trucks (5 or + tons) from rush hour, force big trucks to drive only in the right lane unless turning left, forcing all drivers to drive in the slow lanes unless passing, and fine them severely for driving in the fast lanes if blocking or slowing down traffic, and we will cut down our traveling times by 50%

ICBC also could be used to play a big part in improving the Lower Mainland traffic perhaps by using mobility pricing


And come to think of it why don't we end privatization of not only car insurance but home insurance as well



The Massey Bridge: A boondoggle bought by big money?


Why does Greyhound hate BC?


Now is the time to have an elected Translink body that will include a provincially run bus service in BC.

Come on NDP let's do some exciting citizen-oriented things as opposed to the right-wing status quo!


What's it gonna take to keep the truck drivers, mobile homes, and other slow moving vehicles in the right lane, eh!


Woo! Hoo!

Nice to see this non-union project killed, at least until a proper technical review and real consultations have been completed.

NDP cancels construction on George Massey bridge project

B.C.'s new NDP government has cancelled the current construction schedule for a new George Massey bridge, and is sending the project to a technical review.


The Liberals are the political morons of BC

Home in Sweden tells Massey Tunnel secrets



Ending tolls snarls traffic on Port Mann, Golden Ears bridges

'It now takes me approximately two and a half hours to get to work," says one regular commuter


And therein lies the problem.

The trucks needed need to be restricted to off-commuter times, and they need to use the right lane only unless turning of course. What's not to understand about that, apart from the massive lobbying against common sense by the trucking industry?


Expect more semi-trucks on Port Mann, Golden Ears due to toll removal

Experts say owner-operator truck drivers have been dodging tolls since their inception

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Undarraga’s daily commute used to include a very stressful five to seven minutes of sitting in traffic on McBride Boulevard or Columbia Street, both feeder routes to the Patullo Bridge.



As a TTC rider, I've stood outside in a snowstorm longer than that.  I've been booted off a streetcar in bucketing rain, so it could "short turn" to pick up someone else.  I've literally given up after 25 minutes of pointless waiting, and just walked home.

But some BC woman had to sit in her comfy car, listening to the radio and catching up on Facebook for five minutes???


Mulroney crippled our railway transportation system because of the trucking lobby The result is our roads are no longer safe for commuters and cars. When is someone going to address the carnage on our roads and crack down on these trucks and drivers that continually break the law?


How do we get Word Court banned SNC Lavalin out of BC?

Montreal and Madrid giants were left on shortlist for scrapped bridge


Louis-Antoine Paquin, SNC-Lavalin’s media relations manager, told theBreaker “Pacific Skyway Partners will collect the $2 million, which is partial compensation for the consortium’s bidding costs.” PSP also included Fluor Canada Ltd., John Laing Investment Ltd., and American Bridge Company.

Kiewit Inrastructure Group vice-president and area manager Ross Gilmour told theBreaker that his company was “bound by confidentiality requirements in the proponent agreement,” and referred questions to the provincial government. 

Kiewit was partnered with Macquarie Corporate Holdings Pty Ltd., VINCI Concessions, Janin Atlas Inc., and BA Blacktop under the Lower Mainland Connectors banner. 

A source told theBreaker that Kiewit dropped out of bidding, which means the Gateway Mobility Solutions group led by Spain’s Grupo ACS was the only other bidder. ACS executive chairman and CEO Florentino Pérez Rodríguez is president of Real Madrid FC. 

Like SNC-Lavalin, it is eligible to receive $2 million compensation. ACS’s partners were Aecon Concessions, Hochtief PPP Solutions North America Inc., Star America Infrastructure Partners, Flatiron Constructors Canada and Dragados Canada Inc. ACS has not immediately responded for comment. 

SNC-Lavalin, coincidentally, successfully teamed-up with Gateway’s ACS, Dragados, Flatiron and Hochtief in the Signature on the Saint Lawrence group to build the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal. Kiewit and Flatiron built the $3 billion Port Mann Bridge. On Sept. 7, CBC revealed they were paid $572 million more than what was called for in the original fixed-price contract. 

It is common for friends on one megaproject to be foes on another. The phenomenon has raised the eyebrows of anti-corruption experts concerned about the risks of bid-rigging. (There is no direct evidence of bid-rigging on the Massey project.) According to volume 3 of the Charbonneau Commission of Inquiry, which investigated corruption in Quebec’s construction industry, “Colluding companies seek to eliminate competition and obtain as many contracts and as much profit as possible, while preserving the appearance of a competitive market.” 


In Question Period on Sept. 13, ex-Transportation Minister Todd Stone revealed the project’s low bid was $2.6 billion, which was $900 million less than the government-announced $3.5 billion budget. (During the election, the NDP released leaked documents that showed $8 billion in debt servicing costs over 50 years.) A source close to the project told theBreaker that the low bid was submitted by the ACS-led group, which proposed fabricating steel for the bridge in Spain. 

The source said ACS is “steaming,” but BC Liberal Stone’s saving grace may be that he spoke about it in the Legislature, where members have privilege. SNC-Lavalin had lost patience in the procurement and remained involved for the sake of the compensation. But neither will get the $2 million payment automatically; they will have to file claims and a legal opinion is likely to ensure that the bids were compliant. 

Stone’s exchange with Trevena, a former BBC reporter, could only be described as bizarre. 

“I have to say that I’m pretty incredulous that this member, of all people, would be asking questions about this project,” Trevena said in the Legislature. “It was under his government that it went ahead as basically a pet political project of the former Premier, Christy Clark. And I would also expect that the member, as a former minister, would know that I cannot divulge information on the bid process.”

To which Stone shot back: “Being a former minister, I certainly know that you can disclose information. In this particular case, the Minister of Transportation should disclose this information.”

Under Stone, the Ministry of Transportation became one of the worst-performing agencies in government, based on complaints and requests for review received by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner in 2015-2016. The 51 complaints against the ministry were just behind the 57 filed against the Insurance Corporation of B.C., which was also Stone’s responsibility, for second-place, government-wide. 

theBreaker was one of the complainants over terminal secrecy by Stone’s staff about the Massey Tunnel Replacement Project and the SNC-Lavalin-built Evergreen Line Rapid Transit project.

Only after the NDP replaced the Liberals in July did the government relent on one file and agree with theBreaker that the costs of SNC-Lavalin’s change orders on the Evergreen Line should be released. SNC-Lavalin submitted no evidence to support its opposition to disclosure. An OIPC adjudicator is expected to rule this fall.

In 2013, the World Bank banned SNC-Lavalin from bidding on its projects for 10 years, over bribery at a Bangladesh bridge project. That was just one of many scandals involving a company that has deep relationships with the B.C. government. The troubled Montreal company also has contracts with BC Hydro for the Site C dam and John Hart Generating Station, maintains BC Ferries terminals and operates the Canada Line for TransLink and Bill Bennett toll bridge in Kelowna.