Files for BC's New Seniors Minister Jul 18, 2017

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Files for BC's New Seniors Minister Jul 18, 2017

So what are you actually going to do for Seniors in BC?

And I am not talking the usual right-wing bullshit about the poor seniors living in million dollar homes who can't pay their taxes. 

MSP Premiums - what the plan to shift the cost to a payroll tax, and what is the schedule for it to happen?

 Pharmacare - how will it work, when will it take place, and I realize the feds have something to say on this issue as well.

Dentacare - when are we gonna stop dicking around and bring teeth, which last time I looked is part of the human body, and once again of course the feds have to be involved but as BC's Senior Minister , what are you going to do about it?

Taxation - of course the Minister of Finance has a role in this, but what's your position as Minister for Seniors on these massive taxation rip-offs by the wealthy in BC, eh! What are you going to do to even the financial playing field?