How's Andrew Weaver?

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How's Andrew Weaver?

It's been well over a year since the first Green MLA was elected in BC. How's he stacking up? What's his voter record like? I know he's just one MLA, but his performance may very well give us a window into how a larger Green Party would act in BC.

North Shore

As a constituent of his, I'm pretty happy.  He seems to take a reasoned, pragmatic approach to every issue - liked his work on the recent teachers' strike. I can't speak to his voting record as I haven't looked it up.

Would I vote for him again? Yes.  (E.May, as well!)


From a partisan viewpoint, I frankly wish that he was not elected back in `13. That said, an honest and objective viewpoint?

Weaver has stated that he is enjoying himself immensely in his new role and will definitely run again in 2017. A few tidbits:

1. Back in March, Weaver introduced an amendment to the provincial Throne Speech to follow coastal U.S. states to halt the expansion of U.S. thermal coal exports through BC ports to Asia as a climate change matter. Both the entire BC Lib and BC NDP caucuses voted against his motion. Not a wise move by the BC NDP IMHO.

2. During the March `balanced`budget, Weaver voted with the gov`t with certian caveats. Ind. Vicki Huntington also voted with the gov`t and former BC NDP MLA turned Ind. Bob Simpson had also voted with the gov`t on same prior to 2013. The BC NDP lambasted Weaver for doing so. Yet, the auditor-general recently confirmed that last year`s budget was `balanced`. The BC NDP needs to be careful about same for the BC Libs might cast them again as `tax and spend`and `fiscally incompetent` in 2017.

3. Weaver was the first to propose that the recent BCTF teacher`s strike impasse should head to binding arbitration. In fact, the BCTF themselves later took that stance and the membership voted 99% in favour.

4. Last week during the UBCM convention, it seemed that Weaver received more media attention, esp. on the highly watched 6 pm Global News, than BC NDP leader John Horgan. Funny, unlike former BC NDP leaders Carole James and Adrian Dix, Horgan doesn`t receive much media attantion. Seems like Weaver sometimes even surpasses Horgan in media coverage. Don`t get that.

BC NDP. Watch out for your back.


The last comment shows what the Greens are all about in BC.  The media will always make sure the Greens get a high profile so that they split the opposition--and the free enterprise coalition continues their grasp on our public purse.

As a reminder, during the last election, the Liberals paid for  two full page ads in the Times Colonist promoting the Greens.