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Dana Larsen
Join the Sensible BC campaign for a marijuana referendum

Hi folks,

It's been a long while since my last post here, but I wanted to reach out to the Babble crew and make sure people were aware of this unique opportunity to help change the marijuana laws here in BC.

Has anyone on the forum already registered as a canvasser to help collect signatures? We have 2500 people signed up as canvassers so far, and more applications are pouring in. Don't miss this chance to make a difference and make marijuana reform a reality.


Our proposed legislation, the Sensible Policing Act, does 4 things, all within BC jurisdiction.

1) Stops all police searches and arrests for cannabis possession.

2) Treats a minor in possession of cannabis as if it was alcohol.

3) Demands the federal government repeal cannabis prohibition.

4) Creates a commission to figure out the details for legalization.


We're now just over 3 weeks into the 90-day period for collecting signatures, and we have tens of thousands of signatures flowing in from all across the province. But we need consistent growth and expanding support for this to succeed.

So if you've always wanted to see BC adopt a progressive marijuana policy, then now is your chance to get involved!

Whether you can collect ten signatures, or a thousand, the first step is to sign up as a canvasser.


This explains how to register and help collect signatures:

This is a list of local organizers you can contact to get involved:

And this is a list of about 170 places in BC where you can sign the petition:

We're also very active on Facebook at


I will come back over the next few days to check in and answer any questions that may be raised.

Thanks in advance for your support! I hope to see you on the campaign trail.

Catchfire Catchfire's picture

Dana, this is great to see! Thanks for dropping by! rabble has been trying to get in contact with you over this campaign. Have you heard from an editor recently?


Good luck Dana.

Dana Larsen

Hey Catchfire, I was slow to get back to the editor, but I submitted a campaign update to Rabble today. That is partly what spurred me to come here as well and make the post.


Really good to see you here Dana!



Dana was here a few weeks ago :) i've signed...have no time to canvas. it was at our curling club meeting last night getting more signatures.

etd not here at rabble but here where i live

Dana Larsen

Anyone here from BC who has registered as a canvasser? We have almost 3000 people volunteering for this campaign, are any of them on Babble?

Dana Larsen

I bet some of you would be able to collect a few signatures from your friends and family.


I know you support marijuana reform, so why not get involved and make a difference?


Join our team at


Cannabis Smoke and Cancer: Assessing the Risk

not much of one esp comparing to alcohol consumption though stupid people spouting lies would say differently