Large Fire at Squamish Terminals

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Large Fire at Squamish Terminals

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  • Fire has engulfed the docks at Squamish Terminals, causing massive damage to the ports
  • All ships appear to have escaped without serious damage, but the cause is still unknown
  • Noxious fumes, believed to be creosote pilings, are being smelled through Squamish
  • Residents are being asked to stay indoors, but no evacuation order is in place



Chemical fire last month, tanker spill last week, and now a dock fire in Squamish.

Wtf is going on?


Tracey Saxby: Is Woodfibre LNG worth the risk?

On April 8, an estimated 2,800 litres of toxic bunker fuel was spilled in English Bay, and the black tar-like sludge has been washing up on Vancouver’s beaches. A little over a week later a dock fire at Squamish Terminals blazed out of control, with toxic smoke from the burning creosote pilings lingering over town.

The details of the emergency response for these two accidents show that the provincial and federal governments don’t have the capacity to deal with these kinds of accidents.