No thread yet about Joe Keithley for NDP Coquitlam - Burke Mountain?

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No thread yet about Joe Keithley for NDP Coquitlam - Burke Mountain?

Anyway, here's my opinion: cool.

But hey, Joe, "Something Better Change", okay? ;)

Is anyone else seeking that nomination?


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Yes he is being opposed but my sources say he has signed up a lot of new members so it might come down to which candidate gets the vote out.  He is not the preferred candidate of the powers that be in the party and given the parties track record in nominations that means he is still a long shot. 


Although Joe may have had some signups, there is a good local candidate, Chris Wilson, running against him who is gaining a lot of momentum and support from people who live in Coquitlam. Check out [url=] Chris Wilson's website [/url].


Word of advice: in that picture on his webpage, Joe is the one person who looks like he doesnt belong there.

Needs another picture. [or photoshop his hands]

In nomination battles, a person well known for working in the community is hard to beat.


Oh ya, the hands, now that you point it out. Unfortunate. It's a poorly designed website that includes a link to a website designer based somewhere in southern Ontario - should have had that done locally. Don't know if that matters though.

It's interesting [url=] he doesn't mention running twice as a candidate with the Green Party [/url] a few years back and why he's "returned" to the BC NDP. Some traditional NDPers don't like that, leaving the fold and joining another party and then when that didn't work out, come back and go straight into getting a nomination without doing any of the traditional constituency work. And coming in from Burnaby could prove very difficult for Keithley too. Local constituency activists can get a bit "perturbed" when an "outsider" sticks their nose into their neighbourhood. But I don't think this region hasn't had much success in electing provincial BC NDP candidates anyway. Coquitlam seems to lean towards electing civic and federal politicians who are members of the NDP.

I think Keithley's band has some name recognition, but when you look at the [url=] demographics of the Coquitlam-Burke Mountain constituency [/url], it would be hard to know if that has any resonance as I don't recall Coquitlam being a hotbed of punk rock. And that demographic isn't listed in the constituency profile! Maybe the fans in the band's heyday have moved there as adults to raise their families and fondly remember the good old days of mosh pitting (is there such a word???).

I'd look forward to reading opinions on his stage name, "Joey Shithead", and how you think that plays in current politics - is it a plus or a negative? In the entertainment world I think it's a huge positive - any attention is good in the entertainment world. But in politics? Does being so well known as Joey Shithead hurt or help?

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Burnabybob, thanks for confirming that Chris is the candidate preferred on Kingsway.  You sound like you are working on Chris's campaign or for the central office.  I hope you would tell us if that was the case.

Seems to me that the members in the riding will decide and I don't have a vote.  The BC NDP is tightly controlled from the central office and there is no doubt who the head office supports.  I personally find mini smear campaigns inside a nomination process to be cheap politics and when done by the central office to be undemocratic.


Pretty wild accusation there kropotkin that I find kind of offensive buddy. I have nothing to do with any "central office" or anybody's campaigns. I'm not even a member of the NDP. I was posting nothing more than an opinion generated from conversation this weekend with family who happen to live in Coquitlam, combined with and a bit of research on the net. I have an interest in politics but rarely participate in any discussion forums as I find they can be very negative and full of insulting coments. It appears some posters have overly active imaginations stemming from very narrow viewpoints. As this thread appeared to be inviting and asking a question, I thought I'd throw in my two cents. Clearly, I was wrong.

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I was careful to ask you and not accuse you of anything.  I guess since you are new to the game you have never seen the insidious little tricks that are endemic within BC NDP nomination battles.  I am happy to help you see the bigger picture.  What you asked about around Joey Shithead is campaign spin that is obviously getting some traction since you as a newbie to politics have heard and are repeating.  

Sorry to have offended you since you obviously did not know that you were using the spin lines of people involved in the campaign.


burnabybob wrote:
It's interesting [url=] he doesn't mention running twice as a candidate with the Green Party [/url] a few years back and why he's "returned" to the BC NDP. Some traditional NDPers don't like that,  

Not sure if I was aware of that, or if I'd just forgotten. But hard to say whether that would run as a liability. Many Green-leaning leftists who feel the NDP falls short in terms of rethinking economics based on sustainability may see that as a plus. 

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Pretty much every main stream article mentions it and he has spoken to it head on when asked.  He was an NDP supporter then got pissed at them and went into the Green's and then after seeing them up close and personal he decided that the NDP was better after all.  It is a transition that many people in this province have gone through over the last decade or two.