One percenter Realtor threatens violence against NDP

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One percenter Realtor threatens violence against NDP

I hope the RCMP investigate and lay charges. 

West Vancouverites revolt as school tax looms

Concerned residents pack Kay Meek


Noting the flagging real estate market and the plethora of homes selling for less than assessed value, Realtor Allan Angell dubbed the situation: “a nightmare.”


“The NDP should be shot,” he said, before being interrupted by applause and shouts of “hear, hear!”

“We’re losing money galore,” Angell continued. “My house has dropped $1.5 million in five months.”


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Grateful to those who've expressed concern regarding recent reports that a prominent Realtor stated we "should be shot" for our efforts to moderate . Debate is part of a healthy democracy; violence is not.

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Mental note:  West Vancouver is definitely a part of town I'll stay the hell out of next time I visit.


North Shore MLAs take exception to prominent realtor's statement that NDP should be shot over property surtax


It is time for a government investigation or inquiry into the real estate industry and its agents?

West Van real estate agent handed year-long suspension, immediately appeals

Prominent realtor also ordered to pay Real Estate Council of B.C. costs of almost $59,000


 - dated Jun 27 '16

Is it time for a crackdown on B.C.'s real estate industry?

Crucial report to be released this week by Independent Advisory Group on Real Estate Regulation


Realtor alleges 'blatantly unethical' practice in New Coast Realty lawsuit