Resistance in Shawnigan Lake

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Resistance in Shawnigan Lake

Not to be confused with Shawinigan, Quebec, Shawnigan Lake is the site of local resistance to the dumping of toxic soil in the watershed for their local drinking water.

The Christy Clark regime seems to be punshing the people of the Cowichan Valley for voting against the brutal Liberal regime.

A lot of media coverage - W5, helicopter flights, Raffi the musician, etc,. etc. - and it is all falling on deaf Liberal ears.

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who owns South Island Resource Management?

i went to their web site and read this:

South Island Resource Management Ltd. was specifically developed in 2015 to apply decades of collective experience in construction, contaminated site remediation and waste management to the sustainable development of one of BC’s best hard rock resources through sound environmental science and engineering.

As a Vancouver Island based company, we have deep roots in our communities

do people not read what they write? they became a company in 2015 but somehow have deep roots in "our communities"?