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Trouble in Lotusland



BC Jobs Growing Half as Fast Since Clark's Plan Launched

Jobs Plan a failure: NDP

The report made an easy target for Shane Simpson, the NDP's critic for economic development, jobs, labour and skills. "Today was an attempt on the part of the minister to mask the dismal failure of the Jobs Plan," he said. "It's been a failure no matter how you look at it."

Since the plan was launched, B.C. has been the second worst in the country for job growth in the private sector, and the third worst for wage growth, he said.

He noted that in various sections the government's report picks different starting dates, at times measuring from 2001, 2009 or 2011. "You have them putting out a plan that can't pick a date," he said. "I think it's trying to mask the reality this plan has failed."

Several sections discuss economic growth rather than job creation, Simpson noted. "There was a time when they were pretty closely linked," he said. Investment in the province no longer automatically translates into jobs, he said. "We're seeing a whole lot of economic growth now without jobs attached to it."

With the legislature returning Oct. 6, Simpson said there's need for a discussion about how to make the Jobs Plan successful. He pointed to the need for more skills training and requirements to have more apprentices on publicly funded projects.


No we don't.

Immigrants yes, but TFW, no.

It's time to shut this TFW scam down now.

Premier says B.C. needs temporary foreign workers


Perhaps the premier should dine out on fish from Likely, BC tonite.

Fish near B.C. mine spill exceed guidelines but still safe to eat: government


Why do (some) people still kill (other) people in this day and age?

Surrey 6 murders: Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston found guilty


Time to put up or shut up, 'deadbeats'!

'Deadbeats' in B.C. owe $538M in support


Fakers gonna fake.

OxyContin lookalike pills prompt warning in Surrey, B.C.


And what were the other three supposed to do?

Galiano Island rescue: Family of 7 had 4 life-jackets


Isn't it time that we as a society accepted bikes as vehicles?

NW Marine Drive cycling crackdown is dangerous, say riders


The great charter school rip-off: Finally, the truth catches up to education “reform” phonies

Fraud, financial mismanagement, lousy results: Reports highlight awful charter schools and people are catching on


oda, are you protesting something here? Smile


Who me? I'm just enjoying 945,000 square kilometres of freedom. Innocent


So what's the skinny on this mess?

Sad decline of B.C. Cancer Agency must be addressed


In defence of the B.C. Cancer Agency 

B.C. cancer mortality rates are lowest in Canada due to work of Agency