Uh-oh! Poor Molly the Pet Pig

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Uh-oh! Poor Molly the Pet Pig
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That was a disgusting story. I wish there was recourse to the law. The owners should be shot and pissed on. What kimd of despicable,loathsome bag of garbage would do such a sickening thing? 

I regret reading the story. It bothered me very much.


There is. They signed a contract. Though I doubt a small local SPCA is going to have the resources to do anything about it.

I don't have a problem with this in principle, but doing it in this way after having signed that agreement is a real abuse  of people's efforts. They have a right to be mad.


Individual who ate adopted pig banned from future adoptions




That is vile.

Here is another sad animal story from Vancouver Island, about Snoop the cat and above all, her owner.