Vancouver cop yells at negligent mom and rightfully so!

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Vancouver cop yells at negligent mom and rightfully so!

After Vancouver cop yells at mom over kids left in SUV, police chief speaks to media

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It's puzzling to me that this still happens.  Not only to (human) children, but also to pets.

"You just stay here locked in this hotbox while I go do a few things..."

What's also puzzling is that often, the response seems to be "well, they were otherwise a great parent" or "well, it's understandable that this could happen" or "well, anyone can make a mistake".

At least when you drive totally drunk you have the excuse of being totally drunk.


Last Friday I went to pick up a pizza. I called in my order ahead of time so I'm only picking up. My oldest son who is 4 wants to come along(all my kids love to go outside). I believe it was warm upper 20's. So I have all 4 windows open and the sunroof open when I park the car. I tell my boy to just wait in the car since I'm parked in front of store and will only be a minute. I get inside the store and these freekin clowns screw up my order and will have to make another pie. I tell them ok I'm getting my boy he's not waiting in the car by himself. I bring in my boy and he's very exited to be in the pizza shop. I start getting real pissed off at the staff for screwing up a simple order and since I'm a regular customer for 10+ years they give me 2 additional pies and extra dipping sauces free of charge. I tell the staff I can't stay angry at them because they treat me good. Best part is my son gets a good lesson in life from just being with me.
Ya that woman deserved to get scolded at! And I have myself yelled at people who had it coming.

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tl;dr version:  "they screwed up my pizza!!!"  :)