Wildrose caucus to meet to discuss merging with provincial Conservatives

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Hurtin Albertan

Can't seem to copy and paste now for some reason, but from the latest article on CBC about this whole shitshow, it basically says "in her resignation letter as Wildrose leader, Smith asked the party to hold a membership meeting and pass a reunification resolution".  Same thing she said in the news conference.  No timelines given as to how or when this would happen.

At least when the Progressives and the Conservatives got together in the 20's (I think), or even more recently with Reform and the fed Conservatives, they at least had the common decency to call it a merger and give the offspring a new name.

Nope, nope and nope.  Reunification under the PC name.

I think the punchline goes something like this:

"So, basically, we were hardcore Conservatives who felt the Conservatives weren't Conservative enough, so we started up our own Conservative party, but hey, they got this wicked way cool new Conservative leader who is as Conservative as it gets, so now that the Conservatives are back to being Conservatives we are too, and we want everybody who followed us to this new party to follow us back to the old party, because reasons".

I somehow doubt this argument is going to win over many of the southern Albertans who have been the stronghold and backbone of the Wildrose party, but I guess after recent events anything is possible in this province.

Hurtin Albertan

Also should have added that Smith's performance in the news conference is quite possibly the smarmiest display I have ever seen out of a politician.

Truly a good day to be an Albertan, at least if you are Diamond Jim.  That fucking guy has got to be the best salesman in history to pull this one off.  Can't wait to see how the PC party nominations for the next election are going to go.

"Well, gee Bob, you stood by us thick and thin for all these years while everybody was jumping ship to the Wildrose, but hey, these former Conservatives came back to the big tent and we'd like you to step down as a candidate so this former Conservative can run as a Conservative again."

Oh God, maybe all the disgruntled PC's will run as Wildrose, and the now-not-so-disgruntled Wildrose will be running as PC's.....

Don Macfarlane

It's been a long time, Rabblers.  But this was too much to keep silent about.

The PCAA is broke.  WRP has a huge war chest.  If they don't eventually get the WRP money and the lists, Jim Prentice is going to feel mighty ripped off in this deal.  Certainly, getting MPs that are going to drag you to the right is not a path to electoral success, no matter what Alberta's reputation is.  The provincial Tories won the last election by evoking the WRP boogeyman and gathering strategic votes to the seemingly progressive alternative.

I have one lifelong PC friend who definitely comes from the Progressive side of that name.  Until today (well, yesterday), he thought there was room in the tent for people like him.  He's just declared he's ready to join the NDP and will be making a donation.

I can't imagine he's alone.  I think the AB NDP (and probably the Liberals and Alberta Party as well) should be ready for an influx.  I think we may be asking ourselves how to make those PCs welcome without changing who we fundamentally are.  I can think of worse problems to have.

Don Macfarlane

Double post








Many people have responded with bewilderment to the news that the Wildrose Party, until lately Alberta’s Official Opposition, has decided instead to join the government. Or at least, that a substantial part of its caucus has. Particular scorn has attached to the party’s leader, Danielle Smith, for being among them. It has been strongly if not universally suggested that the purpose of an opposition party is to oppose, and that an opposition leader ought on most occasions to be found leading the opposition.

Fair enough. But isn’t it possible that Alberta, that pioneer province, is blazing the trail to a new form of government? Having enjoyed the blessings of one-party rule these past 43 years, the province seems now to be progressing towards a still more enlightened despotism, one-party politics. (I pass lightly here over the presence in the Alberta legislature of the Liberal and New Democratic parties, which must be put down to sampling error.)


It is not wholly unprecedented for the official opposition to head en masse for the government benches. George Brown led his Clear Grits across the floor to join Sir. John A. Macdonald’s Great Coalition in 1864, in the momentous business of creating a country. In the same way, Ms. Smith has led her party across the floor, in the momentous business of sustaining a 43-year-old dynasty in power and maybe picking up a couple of cabinet seats.



According to the self-appointed champion of democracy, Elizabeth May, there is nothing wrong with floor crossing.  Voters choose the person, not the Party, so get over it Alberta.  And Sudbury, you get over it too. 

voice of the damned

[url=http://www.edmontonjournal.com/Manning+likes+look+Wildrose+unity/1066317... Manning likes the defections[/url]

IMO, Manning has never been quite the populist wizard that he makes himself out to be, and I have to wonder if he is misreading the public mood on this. I get the impression that there is a lot of push-back against this deal, not least among conservatives themselves.

That said, Albertans are notorious for hollering like mad against the government, and then returning that same government next election with a no-less-impressive majority. So it's possible that this will all blow over.

I'll be curious to see how Don MacFarlane's scenario of a leftward exodus from the PCs plays out as he predicts.

Hurtin Albertan

Yep, we get righteously outraged at the PC's, they change leaders, and the love-in starts all over again.  I can think of a few fitting similes for this but they would probably be considered offensive on this site so I'll keep them to myself.

Guess a lot will depend on how the next few months roll out.  If the Wildrose Party survives they won't be forming a government anytime soon, but I'm sure 110% of their efforts in the next election will be towards defeating Smith.  

I'm not convinced "we" needed to "unite the right" like Manning thought we needed to back in his heyday.  "Oh no, we split the Conservative vote between us and the Wildrose, and the Liberals and NDP stole 3 seats from us!  How will we ever govern with 59 seats instead of 62!  Curse you Wildrose party!".

My personal thoughts, the people with Wildrose party memberships won't be so quick to rush back to the loving arms of the PC party.  I'll be very surprised if Smith wins re-election in High River after this.

The PC's come out the big winner in all of this, but considering they had problems with a balanced budget when oil prices were high I don't have a lot of faith in them now that the oil price is headed down in a burning ring of fire.  Be curious to see how they are going to keep their promises of new schools, new hospitals, new infrastructure etc etc with the spending restraint that is no doubt coming at us. And maybe there is a scandal or 2 still hiding in the shadows of the PC's waiting to be revealed, sure wouldn't surprise me much.

Good chance for the Liberals and NDP to pick up some support out of all of this.  I sure wouldn't be surprised if there is an exodus of Progressives out of the PC's, but in the end I think it would only result in another seat or 2 for whoever picks up their support.



This is one of the biggest betrayals in Canadian political history.  It is almost unprecedented for an Opposition leader to cross over & join the Government.

Danielle Smith has totally betrayed her party and all its members and voters.  I'm not exactly a Wildrose supporter, but I can understand how furious those voters must be.

This goes way beyond a couple of individual MP's crossing the floor as has been happening in the NDP recently.

This would be like Tom Mulcair or Justin Trudeau joining Stephen Harper's government at the federal level.  Smith has betrayed her responsibilities as leader.

Here's an angry column by Don Braid in the Calgary Herald:



How Preston Manning convinced Wildrose MLAs to join mass defection


peterjcassidy peterjcassidy's picture

I thought this funny with some insight into some aspart of Aberta "party "politics.


Alberta’s political culture has always preferred a non-partisan, business government. Business governments are primarily interested in making policy through consensus inside a party, rather than having it emerge from a fight between rivals. In other words, business governments do not want the Legislative Assembly to be the factory where you see the sausages made, but the supermarket where you buy them in a nicely packaged tray.

Democracy in Alberta is about management, not ideology (Paul Fairie, Globe and Mail)



That photo of them was priceless, tho.

Adam T

This should be posted:


Jim Prentice and Danielle Smith "I Got You Babe"

FWIW, I've always loved the song. I've liked most of the Cher I've heard up until the egregious "If I Could Turn Back Time" and the even worse "Life After Love"

Adam T


Damn straight. 

You tell 'em Don, you tell the world! (Or at least Alberta)



[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/alberta/wildrose-closes-door-on-mp-r... sports![/url]


Only hours after Calgary MP Rob Anders said he was mulling a run for the leadership of Alberta’s official opposition, the president of Alberta’s Wildrose Party confirmed Friday that the door was closed to the federal politician.

“This is case closed. We have a six-month membership rule, he isn’t a member and won’t qualify as a leadership candidate,” said Jeff Callaway. While the party can offer a membership waiver, Mr. Anders won’t be getting one.

Ken Burch Ken Burch's picture

Does that mean Anders is going to start showing up at Wildrose rallies wearing a fake Pinnochio nose?