Jackie Mason in trouble for calling Obama "Schvartze"

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Maysie wrote:

I moved the thread from the AR forum, where it was originally posted by Star Spangled (no ally of anti-racism if his history here means anything), to  the culture forum.

Since the majority in the thread had deemed (and still do) that the word is  "not racist" I saw no point in keeping it in the AR forum. The debate was over, the majority had ruled. Isn't that now the rule on babble of whether something is racist? 

But I still like the AR forum and feel it has positive potential. I felt that it was not appropriate for this thread to remain there.

How about just deleting it.




I thought Babble didn't delete threads, Cueball?


I think Obama hired Mason to do this. Evidently, Limbaugh is also on the DLC payroll.

How perfect is it for these things to keep popping up to give the OLAs (Outraged Liberal Americans) something banal on which to focus their rage, rather than the actual policies of the Obushma administration.

It must be so uncomfortable for them to realize they've been fooled again, so they instead concentrate on stupid distractions. Otherwise, they'd be forced into the awkward postition of *gasp* criticizing their President!

Skinny Dipper

"D'Fra ass grouss."

Sorry, wrong Germanic language.

"D'Fra ass grouss" is in Luxembourgish.  It does not mean "The woman is gross" or "The woman has a big ass."  It means "The woman is tall/big."

About 390,000 people speak Luxembourgish.  That's more than speak Icelandic at 340,000.

Yiddish understanding and usage varies between 500,000 and 3 million.  It's difficult to get accurate numbers.

The word "schvartze" may not be offensive if used alone.  How Jackie Mason used it is offensive in my opinion.  If I referred to someone in English as a Zid, Zhid, or Yid, I would probably offend that person as much as Mason using the word, "schvartze" for Obama.

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The same character who used the word "schvartze" in Mel Brooks Bazing Saddles (Mel Brooks actually), uses it as an aside, in private so to speak. In public discourse with non-Jews he uses the word Nigger. It may not have as much baggage as Nigger, but it is perjorative clearly.


Good thing he didn't call him a "hok guay".

 That's a term Chinese people used for African-Americans.  it is non-complimentary.

I've also been told that "bok guay", as a term for Caucasian Americans, is non-complimentary, but some Chinese Americans say it's not a big deal. 

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Lovely, I get to about learn racism in a second, third and fourth language on babble.