Who has experienced racism?

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On reflection, I think I'm at least partially lost in this, again.

I think I understand what Makwa and Michelle are saying. I'm just trying to explain a bit to the poster why he's asked to leave, without getting into another endless discussion. Hence the statement- 'this quickly leads to [another] what is racism discussion.

As to the opening post- I thought it was being ironic only. I can see I'm likely to have been wrong. And even if he was being ironic- irony is 'awrany' on-line... so people will take it as a literal invitation.

So maybe it should be withdrawn?

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I think the thread should be moved.


You're probably right. I just read through the whole thread now for the first time. Although I understand the intent of the opening post, I think I'm going to move this to Body and Soul, and change the title to "discrimination/oppression" since that's what we're talking about and not racism.

"What I meant to say" can continue to participate once the thread is moved, although you need to realize, WIMTS, that your fantasies of "slapping" women will not be indulged in this or any other thread.


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